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Huge anti-Mubarak demo in Egypt

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Huge anti-Mubarak demo in Egypt


About 1,000 Egyptians took off the streets in Cairo on Monday, calling for an end to Hosni Mubarak's 23-year presidency.


Protesters, holding banners reading "Enough" and "No more extensions", gathered downtown late Sunday, with their mouths covered by yellow stickers, protesting against the possibility that President Hosni Mubarak might run for a fifth term or that his son, Gamal, might succeed him.


Other banners said "No heredity, no succession" and "No to Mubarak, his party and his son".


Organizers described the demonstration as Egypt's first purely anti-Mubarak protest, believed by many to be preparing his son to take over next year after his term ends.


However, Mr. Mubarak has not made his plans for the October 2005 elections clear yet, but he ruled out hereditary succession.


Hosni Mubarak, 75, has been Egypt’s President since 1981, when the late Anwar Sadat was assassinated. His current six-year term is to end in October.


After the demonstration, hundreds of security forces surrounded the offices of veteran opposition activist Kamal Khalil, who gave a speech against Mr. Mubarak at the demonstration. The police stayed four hours, however, without making any arrests.


"Leave, enough," he was quoted as saying. "this silent protest is against inheriting the ruling regime by Gamal Mubarak [his son] and against Mubarak's fifth term."


"I'm not worried or afraid", Khalil said by telephone from inside the center. "I really don't care if they arrest me after the seminar. I will continue to defend my ideas and principles, even if surrounded by a million tanks."


Khalil has been arrested more than 15 times since 1968.


The demonstration drew Islamists, nationalists, leftists and liberals. The Egyptian Movement for Change, a group of political parties and intellectuals, organized the protest demanding a constitutional change to allow more candidates to run for the Egyptian presidency.


Magdi Ahmed Hussein, an Islamist activist, described the demonstration as a "historic" protest whose significance was greater than the number of participants.


"This is the first protest demanding ending his rule... We've entered a new phase," he said.


Also feminist novelist Nawal Saadawi - who says she will run for the Egyptian presidency, joined the demonstration.


"I'm happy to see that at least 1,000 men and women have the courage to take it to the street to say no to heredity, no to extensions, no to dictatorship and repression," she told reporters.


Under the current constitution, Egypt does not hold direct presidential elections.


The Egyptian Parliament - dominated by Mr. Mubarak's National Democratic Party - nominates only one candidate, whose name then goes to a national referendum.


Over the past two years, Egyptians organised rallies of support for Palestinians and Iraqis, where they also chanted anti- Mubarak slogans.

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:D that's so nice to hear! al Hamdulillah some people haven't forgotten about the traitors in the governments seats.



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