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any idea

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Salam sister Saira,


I think you are confused as well. It is best that you make dua for yourself before making dua for a unknown brother. Of course you can make dua for all muslims where he is included. You dont need to guide any one Allah has givens us enough guidance to do it our selves. We need to guide our selves before moving on to some one else.


The Quran the hadiths and other major books are available if he is interested to be guided.


I always thought that Ishthikara is a Salah that people with Taqwa will benefit from, as thy are the true beleivers of Islam, and what the see or feel is the true feelings they will have. I my self who prays and always makes dua for my slef and every one still do get influnced by the Shaitan so sometimes I feel my Ishthikara is not probably the right feeling. Reasons can be because I feel what i want to feel not what Allah has wanted me to feel. Get the idea  :D


Seeing a dream and white clothes isnt any out come of Isthikara. I hope i make senses in what i have said.



Well the thing is.. He is someone.. who doesnt think of anything.. he is immature..


and thats why i am very worried for him.. because i love him.. I love him more than anything.. and as you asked before.. if its for his looks.. No its not.. because i didnt have any pictures of him when i fell for him..


i did the Istikhara when i was just started to have feelings for him.. and i didnt know if it was rigth or wrong..


and I did it 7 times.. i donno how it could be Shaytan's msg


I guess Allah has chosen me to try and put him in the right path.. because, he is a type who doesnt read books..

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Allah has chosen you to show him the right path? Hmmm…now to me it seems you have been in contact for awhile now. So from your first contact till now has he changed any at all? To me it seems NO because you say he still has girl friends and that he is not practising at all.


Why would Allah choose you to guide him sister? There are brothers out there to do that, and if he really wanted to be guided then he would make an effort as well. It is quite clear from what you say is that he is having a two fling, a real life girlfriend and an online friend who talks to him in the name of Islam. When he has finished with the other girl he talks to you to pass time. That’s what it sounds like to me “TIME PASS� sister do not be disheartened by what I say but I can see from here that you are ruining your self. You have committed your self to something that is totally unacceptable.


We are not here to guide any one, it is a duty for a Muslim to help another but we are not any prophet. Allah has sent enough guidance for the past centuries for us to be guided and it is only a true believer has taken advantage of that guidance.


I find my self very weak. I need guidance. I have to have the interest to be guided. I have to search for it. If I need I will have to find a local Masjid that I will visit on a regular basis surely I will find some knowledgeable sister who will show me the right way. :D


Sister cant you see he hasn’t got any interest at all. You are his time pass sister. Come on wake up. :P Sometime the dreams you have can come from shaitan. I think you need to find some one to guide you also. I am not being nasty to you, let him find some one else to guide him.


Any way this really bugs me but how come while you’re guiding him to Islam you have developed and interest to marry him? :D Shouldn’t guiding some one be a neutral feeling and just do it out of good will to help a Muslim be it a man or a woman? :P

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Subhan Allah, we can see why the Prophet (SAW) told us it is obligatory to gain knowledge. If people actually bothered to do this, there wouldn't be none of this "Ya Latifu" 1000 times or "Ya-Sin" 41 times bid'ah nonsense. I don't mean to have a go at anyone but where in the world is the authentic evidence from the sunnah to support either one of these. Nor would people blindly pick up ignorant practices from their parents which supposedly have something to do with Islam. I've only been on this forum for one day and already I am surprised at the ignorance displayed. How are we supposed to get anywhere when the blind lead the blind?????


The religion of Islam is complete, you can't pick out a surah or word and say alot of times (normally a number chosen by yourself) and expect it to make a difference.


Subhan Allah brothers and sisters......make an effort to gain knowledge of the deen!!!!!!!

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If people want to preach/teach the correct way they should do so with kindness in their tone, not harsness.


As for marriage, isthakara should be done before anything.

With isthakara alone Allah opens ways.


Also pray two rakat salat-ul-hajjat and beg Allah to bring the person to you with ease if he/she is good for you, if not remove what you feel for him/her from your heart and your life. You don't want to marry someone who will not be good for you later which could result in an unhappy marriage.


Also, recite the following:


[baqarah 2:117] The Originator of the heavens and the earth - and when He commands a thing, He only says to it, "Be", and it thereupon happens.


[Yaa-Seen 36:36] Purity is to Him Who created all pairs, from what the earth grows, and of themselves, and from the things they do not know.


Of course recite the above in Arabic after Isha, each 21 times. With three times Darood before and after. Thereafter make dua. Ask Allah to bring the person (name) to you with ease if he is good for you and to bless your union.


May Allah help you.

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