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H.z Mumammed Mustafa(s.a.v)

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To deal with this subject in the framework of logic, there is one obvious question which arises first: why the message of Prophet Muhammad(pbuh), and none other? Why, in particular, that of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and not that of any other Prophets or the founders of other religions? We must deal with this question at the outset. So that our minds may be fully satisfied that we can, in fact, obtain guidance not from any other ancient or modern personality, but from the character and personality of a Messenger of God alone. And of all the Messengers of God and the leaders of religion, it is the life of Muhammad (pbuh) alone which offers true and comprehensive guidance. Guidance of which we stand in dire need today. [using large font size is not allowed]


ın near time ı will post some beneficial writings

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