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Aaqib Ahmed

My Disabled Friend . . . . .

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Salaam Brother,


It is a very touching poem, i almost cry reading it :sl:


It's an excellent reminder that we all have to look beyond ones appearance, to never ever judge a person without even trying to know him/her.


Well done my friend, you are as always, a magnificent poet...mashallah.



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Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Brother Aaqib,


Wow... that is Masha-Allah soooo amazing!!! It made me cry... it was so touching, Im lost for words!!!!


Im really looking forward to reading more of your poems Insha-Allah.


Jazak Allah Khair for sharing with us.



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:no: wr wb sisters :D


:j: for reading and your comments. :D


Should have a warning sign before people read the poem-Warning,keep tissue ready as you may need it once you've read the poem. :sl:


:sl: wr wb

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that was amazing Mashallah Subhanallah that made methink



Allah has gave you the mind to write Mashallah dont let this talent go to waste Inshallah

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Salam Alaikum brother


A well written poem, easily understandable and a strong meaning.


May Allah bless you and reward you with teh best.


I am myself disabled, i know how it feels, but yes, nothing has ever stopped me or slowed me down.. Alhamdulillah Ala kull e haal


i think my disability and deformity is a blessing form Allah as i feel much of what others feel than a normal person..


I have been looked down and laughed upon by family and frnds alike, But yes i am still very much at peace, as i have been still out performing the normal people...

Alhamdulillah ala kull e haal


When my x husband wanted to divorce me he aslo said who would marry a girl so sick :sl:


trust me i was hurt then but today i dunt care... coz i dunt need any1 but Allah,

Alhamdulillah Ala kull e haal

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:sl: wr wb Dear sister, :D


:j: for your comments.


Subhanallah you see life as a test. :D


What is "normal" though?


Allah tests us in different ways so :no: we'll pass the tests.


Really sorry to hear you were looked down upon. :D


May Allah show those people the light,ameen.


May Allah bless you immensely and give you lots of reward for what you've been through,ameen.


Fe AmanAllah


Deen is the key to the Hereafter. :sl:

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Heres an improved version,inshallah you like it. :sl:


My Disabled Friend . . . . .


I deeply hated him,his sight always felt repulsive!


He never had a word to say.

The stalker,why won't he leave me alone?

Go away,

gave him 2 black eyes during the month of May.


I abused him week in and week out. In school and out school.

I used him like tissue,what a bloody fool.

I even pushed him into a swimming pool

He was used and abused,I felt kool.


I cursed his family to Hell,

laughed and smiled when he was unwell,

dare he tell,

in the hospital there he would swell,



I don't!


He was blind in one eye and deaf in one ear,

a bit like my scrappy old teddy bear,


he went round in a wheelchair cause one leg was missing,

I threwing darts at pics of him instead of kissing,


I suffered a severe accident playing footie, stupid slippery ball,

no one bothered to see how I was or even to call,

I hear someone coming down the hall,


Its my disabled friend.

I shout at the top of my voice

“Go away!”

He gives me his best wishes then walks off with a tear,

and says 'I'll never bother u again as I was never wanted by U'


Few days later


I see a letter on the table beside me,it was from the freak my disabled friend.


It read,


Asalaam Alaikum bro,

my number 1 pro,

I pray your in good health,

I pray for your wealth,

I always loved U for the sake of Allah even when;

U deeply abused me,

U tortured me,

U hurt me,

and U made my life a living hell.


I only asked for as little as a smile,

not even a fone call for you to dial

U couldn't even give me that.


Seeing U brang endless pleasure to my lonely heart.

U meant the world to me even when I fell wide apart.


5 Years ago you were involved in a horrible accident,you nearly died.

I gave you my








as a prizeless gift just so you


see the world,


hear the world,


walk the world,


like I used to do.


Still U always called me,








I couldn't bear any more tears from your parents.

I gave up my happiness and dreams just for you.

I didn't like others calling you the Disabled One.


Your Disabled friend always and forever



I was bursting into tears,why o why did I treat him so bad,

why o why did I be impatient and mad,

now I'll pay the price,regret it and be sad,


I rushed to my disabled friend's house with passions of love,passions of forgiveness.

Sparkles of strong emotion ran down my sweating skin as deep as an ocean,

the melody within me blossomed my stubborn heart to a soft butter like rose.


As I reached his home.

I heard his mother crying. She said,

“Our son is dead,he passed away last night during prayer.”


I stood there with intense regret running through my veins frozen like a snowman. . .


Writer-Aaqib K. Ahmed

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:sl: :sl: :no: :j: splendid work .....


Keep it up

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Once again ... hats off

JAzak Allah khair

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Assalamu Alaikum. We all learn from our experiences. At least you realized your mistake brother. Thanks for sharing your experience Aaqib! :sl:


Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raji'un

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Assalamu alaikum bro aaqib!



A poem full of emotion and very sad ending, truly a reminder - jazak Allahu khair!


It's a blessing to be able to put ourselves in the others shoes and to treat all others well, regardless of how they appear and what their issues are.


This poem reminded me of the hadith:


"Allah looks not at your figures, nor at your possessions, but He looks at your hearts and deeds." Muslim


Çä Çááå áÇ íäÙÑ Çáì ÕæÑßã æ ÃãæÇáßã æ áßä íäÙÑ Çáì ÞáæÈßã æ ÃÚãÇáßã

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