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How To Perform Ablution (wudu) Before Praying

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Assalamo alaikum


Here are some points to remember regarding ablution:


What nullifies ablution:

You can skip abultion for the next prayer as long as your last ablution is still valid. Here is what nullifies it and so requires you to do a fresh ablution:

  • using the toilet
  • passing wind
  • sleeping
  • touching genital parts

And remember, if in doubt, you can always do a fresh ablution.



Whenever you go to the restroom/toilet, make sure you use water to cleanse yourself. Dry toilet paper is not enough. In public toilets, you can moisten some toilet papers with water, or take some water in a plastic cup. At home, its advised that you fix some water facility near the toilet, like a hand-held bidet sprayer.


There are cases when you need to take a full bath, not just ablution. This is called (ghusl), and it is required after any of the following:

  • after sexual intercourse
  • after a wet dream or masturbation
  • after menstruation period
  • after post natal bleeding

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