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Brothers Problem

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saalllaaam alllekom wa ra7mat Allah ( SWT ) wa barakatu




i have a smaller brother who always loved me and respected me , i was angry i dont know how bythe shaytan i dont know i lost control i was shouting at him giving him examples i feel myself an extremist because i have been like this since 9 months now and this month hes patience got out of nerve after i released hes high pressure , he told me about a mistake i did long ago in a topic that wasnt corresponding to the sayings so i hold him and shouted at him with evil when then he just pushed me and went and never talked to me the whole day , inthe end i went to him hugged him and said do u forgive me he says yes but next time giving me Islamic disccussions that has deffinitions i dont want ur samples , what is this ? does it mean i got hes love back

or did he change prespective and the love that he had in hes heart broke ?


give me tips please.

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Sorry for the problems you are facing and going through.


first thing is first - Brother - i think you guys need to control your anger...once that has been put into prospective - things can be dealt better, and inshallah with peace.


I know controlling anger is easier said than done....but once you the knack of it - it becomes very simple and easy to do.


When you feel tension and feel the anger arising then the best thing to do is leave the room, take five minutes or more out...to calm yourself down and contemplate the situation rather than escelating into a huge argument.


If still you feel your anger is still raging inside you - do whudu - remember Allah swt, read tasbeeh, nafl salah - anything beneficial to you and Allah swt but argue!


Obviously its human nature to have anger - its a natural thing - but measures have been put in place to fight it.


Your brother is just probably confused and hurt inside - im not saying that you might not be - because after an arguemnt things can be unusual to say the least with tension around but remember when things are said in anger - that can hurt the most to anyone...its like nails in the wall - if we take them out - the wholes remain...right?


anyway i hope i have made sense inshallah.


Take care


sis Sunshinez

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