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Someone Plz Answer Some Questions About Istikhara

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Asalam alikum , recently i study a lot about Istikhara Prayer , in my life i did Istikhara few times and by Grace of

Allah i was rightly guided in those issues

Now i am facing one of the most critical issue of my life

I did Istikhara many many times ,

normally i studied that Dreams are not the signs of Istikhara Prayer and if someone Can't have clear Guidance

as a Istikhara Prayer ,he/she should make decision from logic and wisdom and then leave the results to

Allah because Istikhara is a DAWA of guidance

i did istikhara many times on the issue and it was positive (as far i understand it ) few times and one time it was

negative and few times i didn't have any clear indications

my question is if dreams as a result of istikhara is not the proper Sunnah then

why everytime i see dreams related with my issue when i make istikhara prayer

second if there is a confusion as a result of istikhara prayer what a person should do



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Salam alaykum,

to your first question, it is exactly a proper sunnah. do not ever think of that it is not. That's why you see dreams related to the issues that you have.

to second question i advice you that you can want from a bro or sis to make istikhara for you. :sl:

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Why are posting that question in the counselling room? Please post here only if you have a sensitive problem that you would rather hide your identity when posting it for personal reasons.


This topic is now closed. Thanks.

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