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Ahmadiya ( Qadyanis )

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Ahmadiya ( Qadyanis )





Fatwas of Muslim Scholars and Organizations Regarding the Qadiani (Ahmadiyya) Cult


Mirza Ghulam Qadiani His Life at a Glance


Declaration of The World Muslim League


The Problem Of Qadiyanism

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Guest Al Faqueer


(So called, "Ahmadiya Movement in Islam")

The Institute of Islamic Information & Education

Brochure No. 27

Beginning: Begun in India, inspired and actively supported by the British colonial power. In the mid nineteenth century the British thought that Islam as the Deen of Allah was dead, but the War of Independence of 1857 and the leading role of Muslims through the spirit of Jihad, scared the British. They actively sought an alternative to real Islam. Among the many things they did, one was the foundation of a new religion in the name of Islam by the hands of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani. The British gave Mirza full support and an outline; and he filled in the details.


Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani: He said that his name was Ghulam Ahmad, son of Ghulam Murtaza, belonging to the caste of Mughal Barlas who came to India from Samarqand. Later, he changed his origins and claimed to be a Persian. He again had a change of mind and claimed to belong to the progeny of Fatima bint Muhammad(S). He was born in 1839-40 in Qadiyan, District of Gordaspur, Punjab, India in a family who were subservient to the British and played a heroic role in defending the British in the War of 1857. Ghulam remained proud of his and his family's services to the British crown and advised his followers to remain loyal to the British Government and the West. Qadiyanis, the followers of Ghulam Ahmad, established good liaison with the State of israel immediately after its establishment and israel gave them full protection.


Steps to the so called Prophethood: The 1870s was a period of debates between Hindus against Muslims and Christians against Muslims. Muslims did not start those debates but Muslim scholars were winning all of them and winning the hearts of the Muslim masses. Ghulam saw an opening to gain popularity and taught himself the art of debating against Hindus and became popular by 1877. In 1880, he published his first book Baraheen-i-Ahmadiyyah and established himself as a writer. By 1884, he added three more volumes to the same book and in 1885 he claimed himself to be a Mujaddid, a revivalist of Islam. In 1891, he claimed himself to be the Promised Mehdi and a Promised Messiah. During this period he insisted that he was not a prophet declaring that such a claim would make him a kaafir and a liar. Well! In 1901 Ghulam declared, "by Allah in Whose grip is my soul it is He Who commissioned me and named me a prophet" and he declared that Allah gave him "three hundred thousand [miracles]". Note that Allah's true messengers and prophets received their assignment suddenly not step-wise like Ghulam. By Ghulam's own declarations, now he became a Kaafir and a liar.

(Abstract from QADIYANIAT, AN ANALYTICAL SURVEY, by Ehsan Ilahi Zaheer.)


Qadiyaniat in the Contemporary World: Pakistan, the home of the Qadiyani movement, declared the religion of Ghulam Ahmad to be kufr, non-Islam, and other governments followed suit. Saudi Arabia stopped giving visas to Qadianis as Muslims. Recently, a South African court has ruled them to be non-Muslims. However, anti-Islam governments give Qadianis protection and provide facilities for their propagation, among them, the U.S. and the British are major protectors. It is interesting to note that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto helped declare Qadianism as non-Islam but his daughter Benazir Bhutto and Pakistan People's Party (PPP) are actively embracing all enemies of Islam including Qadianis.


Beware of deceptively Islamic looking functions and gatherings like Seeratun-Nabi, Interfaith Dialogues, serve as bait for simplistic and un-informed Muslims. Attending Qadiani functions under any pretext is helping and promoting their kufr.


Hypocrisy of Pacifism: Mirza Ghulam Ahmad declared that "Jihad", as an instrument of war (defensive or offensive), was forbidden by him. His followers, Qadiyanis, continue to present themselves to the West as pacifists, anti-war "Muslims". As recently as Summer, 1996 in their annual convention in Washington, D.C. area, they presented themselves as peaceful "Muslims" who did not believe in war. The national media in the U.S. took note of it and presented "Ahmadiya Muslims" as pacifists. The truth is that Qadiyanis entered the armed forces of Pakistan from the time of the formation of the country and rose to the highest ranks of officers corp in all branches, namely, army, air force and navy . With the blessings of their "Khalifah" they participated in wars against India. When the "Khalifah" was questioned he defended his position and reiterated that his father, Ghulam Qadiyani, the founder of the cult, was not a pacifist.


Beliefs of Ahmadiya Cult (Qadiyanis): Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani disrespects Allah and His messenger Muhammad(S): Read the following quotes from the writings of the founder of, so called, "Ahmadiyah Movement in Islam" which Muslims address them as Qadiyanis or Mirzais because his full name was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Baig Qadiyani. All references are from his Urdu writings; some of the quotes were taken from Qadiyani magazines or newspapers published after the death of Mirza.


"I saw in my dream that I am Allah and I believed, no doubt I am the one who created the heaven."; Aina-e-Kamalat, p.564.


"I have been given the attribute of destruction and giving life; this has been given to me from Allah."; Khutba Ilhamiyah #6.


"Every one can rise to the highest status, he can even surpass the status of Muhammad(S), the Messenger of Allah."; Al-Fadl Qadiyan, 17th July 1922.


"Hadrat Muhammad(S) used to eat cheese made by the Christians even though it was well known that lard (pig fat) was mixed in it."; Al-Fadl Qadiyan, 22nd February, 1924.


"It is evident like daylight that the door of prophethood is open after that Hadrat (Muhammad(S))."; Haqiqat an-Nubuwwah, p.329.


"I swear by that God who owns my life that He has sent me, He named me a prophet and He called me the Promised Messiah."; Closing of Haqiqat Al-Wahy, p. 68.


"Allah Ta'ala gave names, Muhammad and Ahmad and established me as the persona of Muhammad."; Ek Ghalati ka Izalah, p.10.


"True God is the One Who sent His messenger in Qadiyan."; Dafeh Al-Bala', p.11.


"So, is there any doubt that Hadrat Promised Messiah is a prophet according to the Quranic meaning as well as literal meaning."; Haqiqat An-Nubuwah, p.116.


The Character of Qadiani: Mirza received his early education from his father and other teachers of the village. Mirza took a humble job in the office of the Deputy Commissioner. During his employment he took exams for legal positions but failed them. After his failures he returned home to take care of the family land.


There are three parts of Mirza's life:


Period as a Muslim,


period of various claims, and


the period of his claim of prophethood.


During the early period Mirza was an ordinary Muslim; he had the aqeedah of Muslims and believed in the finality of the Prophet Muhammad(S). During the period of 1882 to 1890, in sequence, he claimed to be a mujaddid (a revivalist), musleh (a reformer), mehdi (a divinely guided one) and masih maw'oud (the Promised Messiah). In the year 1900, he declared that Jihad had become unlawful and in 1901 he claimed prophethood for himself. And in 1904, he claimed to be Krishna.


In short Mirza spent his life involved in insulting the Prophets and Messengers of Allah, treason against Muslims, loyalty to the British colonial power, lying, cheating, deceiving simple people, declaring false prophecies, trying to turn Muslims into British slaves, spying on Muslims for the British and trying to obtain the most severe punishments for the Muslims. He tried his best to serve the British most by discouraging and eliminating the concept of Jihad from Islam.


Mirza wrote in his books, "I am God, in my vision I am a women, Allah showed his manly power with me and metaphorically I became pregnant." Mirza died on May 26, 1908 in his own hated disease of cholera while vomiting and discharging feces from both ends of his gastro-intestinal system.


The Corruption of Ghulam Ahmad Qadiyani's Writings: Since the death of Ghulam Qadiyani in 1908, his followers have been editing out some of the material written by him but criticized by the opponents and had become sources of embarrasment. If Ghulam was a true prophet, his followers have no authority to delete anything from the writings of the "prophet". Qadiyanis use more recent but edited publications of Ghulam Qadiyani's writings to deceive people that he never wrote any such things as quoted by his opponents. English translations are even worse and they have been edited very heavily. However, Muslim scholars have collected and keep original publications of Ghulam Qadiyani in their libraries and use them as sources in their writings and to reveal the truth to the world.


Published by

The Institute of Islamic Information & Education

P.O. Box 41129,

Chicago, IL 60641-0129

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Guest Al Faqueer

Fatwas of Muslim Scholars and Organizations Regarding the Qadiani (Ahmadiyya) Cult




The 1974 Declaration of Muslim World League:


Qadianism or Ahmadiyyat: It is a subversive movement against Islam and the Muslim world, which falsely and decietfully claims to be an Islamic sect; who under the guise of Islam and for the sake of mundane interests contrives and plans to damage the very foundations of Islam. Its eminent deviations from the basic Islamic principles are as follows:

1. Its founder claimed that he was a Prophet.

2. They deliberately distort the meanings of the verses of the Holy Quran.

3. They decalred that Jehad has been obolished.


Qadianism was originally fostered by the British imperialism. Hence it has been flourishing under her flag. This movement has completely been disloyal to and dishonest in affairs of the Muslim Ummah. Rather, it has been loyal to Imperialism and Zionism. It has deep associations and cooperation with the anti Islamic forces and teachings especially through the following nefarious methods:


1) Construction of Masjids with the assistance of the anti Islamic forces wherin the misleading Qadiani thoughts are imparted to the people.

2) Opening of schools institutions and orphanages wherein the people are taught and trained as to how they can be more anti Islamic in their activities. They also published the corrupted versions of the Holy Quran in different local and international languages.


In order to combat these dangers, the Conference recommends the following measures:


1. All the Muslim organization in the world must keep a vigilant eye on all the activities of Qadianisin their respective countries; to confine them all strictly to their schools, institutions and orphanages only. Moreover he Muslims of the world be shown the true picture of Qadianism and be briefed of their various tactics so that the Muslims of the world be saved from their designs.

2. They must be declared non Muslims and ousted form the fold of Islam. And be barred to enter the Holy lands.

3. There must be no dealings with the Qadianis. They must be coycotted socially , economically and culturally Nor they be married with or to Nor they be allowed to be buried in the Muslims graveyards. And they be treated like other non Muslims.

4. All the Muslim countries must impose restrictions on the activities of the claimant of Prophethood Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani’s followers; must declare them a non Muslim minority must not etrust them them with any post of responsibility in any Muslim country.

5. The alterations effected by them in the Holy Quran must be made public and the people be briefed of them and all these be prohibited for further publication.

6. All such groups as are deviators from Islam must be treated at par with the Qadianis.








Fatwa of permanent board of Inquiry and Fatwa (Saudi Arabia):


Question: What is the Islamic ruling (fatwa) about this new religion Ahmadiyya and its followers? … In addition, when and where did this religion originate and what is the Islamic ruling (fatwa) about people who are in its favor?

All Praise to Allah who is The One and Blessings and Peace be upon his Messenger, his Followers and Companions … To the Point:


Answer: The Pakistan government has ruled these people outside the fold of Islam; also, the Muslim World League (Rabita A’ailm-e-Islami) in Mecca has passed a similar fatwa. In the gathering of the Muslim Scholars (Rabita A’ailm-e-Islami) in the year 1394 A.H. (1974), a written statement was drafted to explain the true principles of this group, how and when they started, and so on. Very briefly, this group has declare that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, an Indian, is a prophet who has received revelations from Allah and that no one will be correct in his Islam, unless he believes in him (Mirza). He (Mirza) was born in the 13th century, but Allah(SWT) has told us in his Book (Quran) that prophet Muhammad(SAW) is the last of Prophets1; all Muslim scholars have given an unanimous ruling that whoever makes the claim that after him(SAW) there can appear a new prophet is a Kafir (non-Muslim), because he will be lying about Allah’s Book and about the hadith of the Prophet(SAW) which states that he(SAW) is the very last of the Prophets. In addition, this would be contrary to the consensus of the Muslim Ummah.


With Allah is Success and Peace of Allah be upon his Messenger Muhammad and his Followers and Companions.


The Permanent Board for Inquiry and Fatwa (Saudia Arabia):



Member Member Vice Chairman Chairman

Abdullah bin Ghaud Abdullah bin Ghedian Abdulrezagh Afifi Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz


1: Ahmad: 398/2, 412, 79/3, 248, 81/4, 84, 127, 128, 278/5; Al-Bukhari: 3535; Muslim: 2286, 2287


Fatawa al-Lajnah ad-Daimah lil-Buhoth al-'Ilmiyah wal-Ifta., Question 3 of Fatwa No. 1615


Question from the Fatwa No. 4317:

Question: We request your explanation on the Islamic ruling regarding the Qadiani group, and their self-procalimed "prophet" Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. We also request you send us some books which have researched this group since I am concerned in studying them.



Answer: The prophethood was completed by our prophet Muhammad(SAW) so there is no prophet after him, according to what is confirmed in the Book (Quran) and the Sunnah. So whoever claims prophethood after this, then he is a liar. And from amongst these is Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani. So his claim of prophethood is a lie, and what the Qadianis claim regarding his prophethood is false.


The judgement of the Council of Senior Scholars of Saudi Arabia was passed regarding the Qadianis that they are an unbelieving group because of their ideology.


With Allah is Success and Peace of Allah be upon his Messenger Muhammad and his Followers and Companions.


The Permanent Board for Inquiry and Fatwa:



Member Member Vice Chairman Chairman

Abdullah bin Ghaud Abdullah bin Ghedian Abdulrezagh Afifi Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz


Fatawa al-Lajnah ad-Daimah lil-Buhoth al-'Ilmiyah wal-Ifta., Volume 2, Page 313, Fatwa No. 4317


The third question from the Fatwa No. 8536:

Question: What is the difference between the Muslims and the Ahmadis (Qadianis)?

Answer: The difference between the two is:


The Muslims are those who worship Allah alone and follow His messenger Muhammad(SAW) and believe that he is the seal of the prophets, and that there is no prophet after him.


As for the Ahmadis, who are followers of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, they are kuffar and not Muslims, because they claim that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a prophet after Muhammad(SAW), and whoever believes in this ideology then he is an denier of truth, according to all the scholars of Islam, as Allah(SWT) says:


"Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the Messenger of Allaah and the last (seal) of the Prophets" [al-Ahzaab, 40].


And because of what has been authenticated on the authority of the Messenger of Allah(SAW) that he said:


"I am the seal of (all) the prophets, there is no prophet after me", [imam Ahmad - volume 2, page 398 and 412, volume 3 page 79 and 248, volume 4, page 81, 84, 127 and 128, volume 5, page 278; al-Bukhari (Fath al-Bari) number 3535; Muslim - number 2286 and 2287; Abu Dawud - number 4252].


With Allah is Success and Peace of Allah be upon his Messenger Muhammad and his Followers and Companions.


The Permanent Board for Inquiry and Fatwa - :



Member Member Vice Chairman Chairman

Abdullah bin Ghaud Abdullah bin Ghedian Abdulrezagh Afifi Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz


Fatawa al-Lajnah ad-Daimah lil-Buhoth al-'Ilmiyah wal-Ifta., Volume 2, Page 314, Question 3 of Fatwa No. 8536






Fatwa of Islamic Fiqh Academy, Egypt:



Dear scholars, As-Salaam `Alaykum


Would you please shed some light on the Ahmadiyyah or Qadyaniyyah movement? Jazakum Allah khayran.




Wa`alykum As-Salaamu Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh.


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.


Dear sister in Islam, thanks for showing great keenness on understanding the teachings of your religion and we pray to Allah to keep us firm on the Straight Path.


As regards the question you posed, we quote for you the fatwa issued by Islamic Fiqh Academy on Qadyaniyyah, with slight additions from other sources. It goes as follows:




Qadyaniyyah (also known as Ahmadiyyah) is an Indian-based movement that was established under the patronage of the British colonial powers in 1900 for the aim of driving Muslims away from their religion and, most definitely, the religious duty of Jihad, which, they feared, might be used to stage rebellion against the British occupation. The mouthpiece of the movement was Religions, a magazine that was issued in English at that time.


Dogmas and Ideology:


Ghulam Ahmad, the founder of the movement, began his activities as an Islamic caller to attract as many supporters as he could. Later, he claimed himself a reformer and a divinely-inspired man. Afterwards, he said that he was the awaited Mahdi. Later on, he claimed prophethood and even said that his prophethood was much better than that of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.


The followers of this group believe that Allah, Glorified be He, performs some acts befitting the mortals, like fasting, praying, sleeping, and even committing mistakes. But Allah Almighty is Far Exalted above what they say!


A Qadyani believes that his lord is English as he speaks to him in English. He also believes that Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, is not the seal of Prophets and that Allah Almighty sends new prophets according to time and need, and that Ghulam Ahmad is the greatest prophet. The followers of this sect also believe that Angel Gabriel used to come to Ghulam Ahmad and convey revelations to him. In addition, they say that the only accepted book is the book presented by Ghulam Ahmad, his words are the only accepted words and that all prophets stand under his control. Furthermore, they believe that their book, known as Al-Mubeen is a heavenly-revealed one.


They continue spreading their false ideas by saying that they have a new religion totally different from all other religions and that the companions of Ghulam Ahmad are like the Prophet’s Companions. Moreover, they say that Qadyan, their leader’s place of birth, is like, or even better than, Makkah and Madinah, so they take it as their prayer direction and a center of pilgrimage. They call for ignoring Jihad and showing complete obedience to the British empire, because it represents the ruler to whom obedience is due. To them, every Muslim is a Kafir (disbeliever) until he converts to their belief, and that anyone who marries a non-Qadyani is considered an unbeliever. They also allow wine, opium, intoxicants and drugs.


In 1914 the followers of Ghulam Ahmad were divided into two groups. The overwhelming majority of his followers belong to the first group known as Qadyanis and were headed by Bashiruddin Mahmud, the second successor of Ghulam Ahmad. The second group known as Lahori, and founded by Muhammad ‘Ali Lahori, is a minority among the followers of Ghulam Ahmad. The second group have a less striking tone of their principles by claiming that they do not believe in Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet in the real sense of the term but as Mujaddid (a renovator). However, they still believe him to be true in all other claims, which led Muslims to regard them also as outside the pale of Islam.


Qadianiyah in the Eyes of Muslims:


On the month of Rabi` Al-Awwal 1394 A.H. (April 1974 A.C.) a large conference was held in the Muslim World League headquarters in Makkah and was attended by many representatives of international Islamic organizations. The communiqué issued by this conference branded this group as Kafirs (unbelievers). It also recommended that all Muslims should stand to face this group and never deal with its members and not to bury them in Muslim cemeteries.


Moreover, Qadyaniyyah followers have good relations with israel that helped them issue a special magazine (that stands as their mouthpiece) and many other pamphlets that are distributed all over the world.




Based on the above-mentioned facts, we can say that Qadyaniyyah is a deviant group that has nothing to do with Islam. Muslims are to be aware of them especially after they have been branded as Kafirs by all scholars.


For more information, you can read the following:


- Muhammad Iqbal, Islam and Ahmadism, Lahore-Pakistan, 1976.

- Syed Abul Ala Maudoodi, The Qadiani Problem, Karachi, 1956.

- Ehsan Elahi Zaheer, Qadiyaniat: An Analytical Survey, Lahore-Pakistan, 1976.

- Mahmood A. Ghazi, Qadiani Problem and Position of the Lahori Group, Islamic Book Foundation, Islamabad, 1991.

- Bashir Ahmad, Ahamadiyya Movement: British Jewish Connections, Islamabad, 1994.

- Mane`Bin Hammad Al-Juhani, Al-Mawsu`ah Al-Muyassarah fi Al-Adyan wal Madhahib Al-Mu`asirah.


Allah Almighty knows best.







Fatwa of Islamic Fiqh Council, South Africa:


After discussing the question put to the Islamic Fiqh Council in Capetown, South Africa, concerning the ruling on the Qadianis and their off-shoot which is known as Lahoriyyah, and whether they should be counted as Muslims or not, and whether a non-Muslim is qualified to examine an issue of this nature:


In the light of research and documents presented to the members of the council concerning Mirza Ghulam Ahmad al-Qadiani, who emerged in India in the last century and to whom is attributed the Qadiani and Lahori movements, and after pondering the information presented on these two groups, and after confirming that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be a prophet who received revelation, a claim which is documented in his own writings and speeches, some of which he claimed to have received as revelation, a claim which he propagated all his life and asked people to believe in, just as it is also well-known that he denied many other things which are proven to be essential elements of the religion of Islam


In the light of the above, the Council issued the following statement:


Firstly: the claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a prophet or a messenger and to receive revelation are clearly a rejection of proven and essential elements of Islam, which unequivocally states that Prophethood ended with Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and that no revelation will come to anyone after him. This claim made by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad makes him and anyone who agrees with him an apostate who is beyond the pale of Islam. As for the Lahoriyyah, they are like the Qadianiyyah: the same ruling of apostasy applies to them despite the fact that they described Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a shadow and manifestation of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).


Secondly: it is not appropriate for a non-Muslim court or judge to give a ruling on who is a Muslim and who is an apostate, especially when this goes against the consensus of the scholars and organizations of the Muslim Ummah. Rulings of this nature are not acceptable unless they are issued by a Muslim scholar who knows all the requirements for being considered a Muslim, who knows when a person may be deemed to have overstepped the mark and become an apostate, who understands the realities of Islam and kufr, and who has comprehensive knowledge of what is stated in the Qur’aan, Sunnah and scholarly consensus. The ruling of a court of that nature is invalid. And Allaah knows best.


Majma’ al-Fiqh al-Islami, p. 13





Fatwa of Dr Muzammil Siqqiqi, USA:



As-Salamu `Alaykum. What can you tell us about Ahmadis? I think you can give us some insight into their ideology and method and what should our attitude be toward their missionaries.




Wa`alaykum As-Salaamu Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.


In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.


Dear questioner, thank you very much for having confidence in us, and we hope our efforts, which are purely for Allah’s Sake, meet your expectations.


In his response to the question, Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, former president of the Islamic Society of North America, states the following:


Ahmadiyyah is a movement that started in India in the beginning of the 20th century. The founder of this movement, Ghulam Ahmed, from the village of Qadiyan in Punjab, claimed to be the Messenger of Allah.


Because of this claim, the scholars of Islam unanimously consider him as a non-believer. Some of his followers still believe that he was the Messenger although they say that he was not the full Messenger, but a subsidiary Messenger. They misinterpret the verse of Surat Al-Ahzab where Allah Almighty says, " Muhammad is not the father of any man among you, but he is the messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah is Aware of all things." (Al-Ahzab: 40)


They claim that the word Khatam An-nabiyyin doesn't mean the last Prophet, but the best Prophet.


According to them, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was the best Prophet, but it is possible to have lesser or minor Prophets. However, this is obviously a wrong interpretation because there are many other verses and Prophetic Hadiths that indicate that Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, was sent as a Prophet of Allah for all people, and there are many authentic Hadiths, of which the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said that there would be no Prophet after him.


So Ahmadi's have rejected a basic principle of Islamic faith and because of this, they are not considered Muslims. Among them, there is a group that says that Ghulam Ahmad was not a Prophet, but that he was the Messiah or the Madhi or things like that.


However, that is also obviously wrong because the Messiah and the Mahdi will come at the end of the world and the end of the world has not come yet, so that shows that this claim was a false claim.


The Ahmadi missionaries succeed because they are organized and they spread their message all over the world while many of us are lazy and we don't present the authentic message of Islam with the same vigor and enthusiasm. Thus, instead of getting into arguments with Ahmadis or any other group, let us concentrate on presenting the authentic message of Islam and Insha Allah, the truth will prevail."


May Allah guide you to the straight path, and guide you to that which pleases Him, Amen.


Allah Almighty knows best.







Fatwa of Shariah Council, UK:




There has been a local dispute in which a Muslim community has prevented a Qadiani women from burying her husband in a Muslim cemetery. Given that Qadianis are consensually agreed to be outside the fold mainstream of Islam, is this a reasonable stance to take or is religious bigotry?




This is not religious bigotry. We do not have an excommunicating authority in Islam but we do have a set of beliefs which are indisputable. Anybody calling into question these beliefs is considered a Murtadd (an apostate). The finality of Prophethood is established in the Qur'an in Chapter 33 where Allah says that Muhammad was not the father of any man among you, but he is the Messenger of God and the seal of all the Prophets. The Prophet, peace be upon him, himself confirmed this when he said, "I am the last of all the Prophets. There will be no more after me." Thus the finality of Prophethood is an act of faith to which every Muslim must submit.


Those who dispute this belief with arguments, even though they may be couched in Islamic terms, have been declared as non-Muslims by all the scholars and research academies. As such they have no right whatsoever to be buried in a Muslim cemetery.


This is not bigotry. It is part of the Islamic way of life in which only Muslims should be buried in an Islamic cemetery to the extent that where a non-Muslim woman is married to a Muslim man and she passes away during pregnancy she is not to be buried in a Jewish or Christian cemetery because she is conceiving a Muslim child. Nor is she to be buried in a Muslim cemetery because she herself is not a Muslim. She has to be interred somewhere neutral.


(31 - Jana'iz 2)

15th November 1996

Shaykh Syed Mutawalli ad-Darsh

Faqih from Al-Azhar, Cairo

Chairman of the UK Shari'ah Council





Fatwa of Mufti Ebrahim Desai, South Africa:



How should we act toward the Ahmadis or (Qadianis) people who are in Pakistan also, and they belive that Imam mehdi(A) has come to the world? I wanted to know how to treat these people? Now that the government in Afghanistan is western backed, I noticed these people also trying to come for their tabligh to Afghanistan and the dificulty is that these people act like muslims and they try to spread in Afghanistan too, so how could we take steps towards them and I want you to please inform as many muslims as possible about these people and that they could go to Afghanistan to take every step to stop them. may Allah give you the reward wasalaam




Qadianis are not Muslims.


It is incumbent upon every individual to inform his associates about Qadianis and every possible effort should be made to protect and safeguard innocent people from the net of Qadianis.


and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best


Mufti Ebrahim Desai FATWA DEPT.







Fatwa of Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid


I appeal to you to answer the questions that I have previously submitted or to answer the one that follows, as the problem has for months caused me nothing but trouble in my local community. Even if I had the support of a fatwa, it might not help because this local community does not respect the ulama, but at least I would know that I am not erring.


I know that you cannot answer all questions, but surely something as important as this cannot be ignored. It is Ramadan and I hope for your answer.


If someone is not a qadiani but knows that they believe in a false prophet and accepts qadianis as a madhab in Islam, are they out of Islam? I believe that they are out of Islam, and I am acting on that belief in my conduct towards such people.




Praise be to Allah.




Qadianism is a movement that started in 1900 CE as a plot by the British colonialists in the Indian subcontinent, with the aim of diverting Muslims away from their religion and from the obligation of jihad in particular, so that they would not oppose colonialism in the name of Islam. The mouthpiece of this movement was the magazine Majallat Al-Adyaan (Magazine if Religions) which was published in English.


Foundation and prominent personalities:


Mirza Ghulam Ahmad al-Qadiani (1839-1908 CE) was the main tool by means of which Qadianiyyah was founded. He was born in the village of Qadian, in the Punjab, in India, in 1839 CE. He came from a family that was well known for having betrayed its religion and country, so Ghulam Ahmad grew up loyal and obedient to the colonialists in every sense. Thus he was chosen for the role of a so-called prophet, so that the Muslims would gather around him and he would distract them from waging jihaad against the English colonialists. The British government did lots of favours for them, so they were loyal to the British. Ghulam Ahmad was known among his followers to be unstable, with a lot of health problems and dependent on drugs.


Among those who confronted him and his evil da’wah was Shaykh Abu’l-Wafa’ Thana’ al-Amritsari, the leader of Jama’iyyat Ahl al-Hadeeth fi ‘Umoom al-Hind (The All-India Society of Ahl al-Hadeeth). The Shaykh debated with him and refuted his arguments, revealing his ulterior motives and Kufr and the deviation of his way. When Ghulam Ahmad did not come to his senses, Shaykh Abu’l-Wafa’ challenged him to come together and invoke the curse of Allaah, such that the one who was lying would die in the lifetime of the one who was telling the truth. Only a few days passed before Mirza Ghulam Ahmad al-Qadiani died, in 1908 CE, leaving behind more than fifty books, pamphlets and articles, among the most important of which are: Izaalat al-Awhaam (Dispelling illusions), I’jaaz Ahmadi (Ahmadi miracles), Baraaheen Ahmadiyyah (Ahmadi proofs), Anwaar al-Islam (Lights of Islam), I’jaaz al-Maseeh (Miracles of the Messiah), al-Tableegh (Conveying (the message))and Tajalliyyaat Ilaahiyyah (Divine manifestations).


Noor al-Deen (Nuruddin): the first Khaleefah of the Qadianis. The British put the crown of Khilaafah on his head, so the disciples (of Ghulam Ahmad) followed him. Among his books is: Fasl al-Khitaab (Definitive statement).


Muhammad Ali and Khojah Kamaal al-Deen: the two leaders of the Lahore Qadianis. They are the ones who gave the final shape to the movement. The former produced a distorted translation into English of the Qur’aan. His other works include: Haqeeqat al-Ikhtilaaf (The reality of differences), al-Nubuwwah fi’l-Islam (Prophethood in Islam) and al-Deen al-Islami (The Islamic religion). As for Khojah Kamaal al-Deen, he wrote a book called al-Mathal al-A’laa fi’l-Anbiya’ (The highest example of the Prophets), and other books. This Lahore group of Ahmadis are those who think of Ghulam Ahmad as a Mujaddid (renewer or reviver of Islam) only, but both groups are viewed as a single movement because odd ideas that are not seen in the one will surely be found in the other.


Muhammad Ali: the leader of the Lahore Qadianis. He was one of those who gave the final shape to Qadianiyyah, a colonialist spy and the person in charge of the magazine which was the voice of the Qadianiyyah. He also produced a distorted translation into English of the Qur’aan. Among his works are Haqeeqat al-Ikhtilaaf (The reality of differences), and al-Nubuwwah fi’l-Islam (Prophethood in Islam), as stated above.


Muhammad Saadiq, the mufti of the Qadianiyyah. His works include: Khatim al-Nabiyyeen The seal of the Prophets).


Basheer Ahmad ibn Ghulam. His works include: Seerat al-Mahdi (the life of the Mahdi) and Kalimat al-Fasl (Decisive word).


Mahmood Ahmad ibn Ghulam, his second Khaleefah. Among his works are: Anwaar al-Khilaafah (Lights of the caliphate), Tuhfat al-Mulook and Haqeeqat al-Nubuwwah (The reality of prophethood).


The appointment of the Qadiani Zafar-Allaah Khan as the first Foreign Minister of Pakistan had a major effect in supporting this deviant sect, as he gave them a large area in the province of the Punjab to be their world headquarters, which they named Rabwah (high ground) as in the aayah (interpretation of the meaning): "And We gave them refuge on high ground (rabwah), a place of rest, security and flowing streams." [al-Mu’minoon 23:50].


Their thought and beliefs


Ghulam Ahmad began his activities as an Islamic daa’iyah (caller to Islam) so that he could gather followers around him, then he claimed to be a mujaddid inspired by Allaah. Then he took a further step and claimed to be the Awaited Mahdi and the Promised Messiah. Then he claimed to be a Prophet and that his prophethood was higher than that of Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).


The Qadianis believe that Allaah fasts, prays, sleeps, wakes up, writes, makes mistakes and has intercourse - exalted be Allaah far above all that they say.


The Qadiani believes that his god is English because he speaks to him in English.


The Qadianis believe that Prophethood did not end with Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), but that it is ongoing, and that Allaah sends a messenger when there is a need, and that Ghulam Ahmad is the best of all the Prophets.


They believe that Jibreel used to come down to Ghulam Ahmad and that he used to bring revelation to him, and that his inspirations are like the Qur’aan.


They say that there is no Qur’aan other than what the "Promised Messiah" (Ghulam Ahmad) brought, and no hadeeth except what is in accordance with his teachings, and no Prophet except under the leadership of Ghulam Ahmad.


They believe that their book was revealed. Its name is al-Kitaab al-Mubeen and it is different from the Holy Qur’aan.


They believe that they are followers of a new and independent religion and an independent Sharee’ah, and that the friends of Ghulam are like the Sahaabah.


They believe that Qadian is like Madeenah and Makkah, if not better than them, and that its land is sacred. It is their Qiblah and the place they make hajj to.


They called for the abolition of jihaad and blind obedience to the British government because, as they claimed, the British were "those in authority" as stated in the Qur’aan.


In their view every Muslim is a Kaafir unless he becomes a Qadiani, and everyone who married a non-Qadiani is also a kaafir.


They allow alcohol, opium, drugs and intoxicants.


Intellectual and ideological roots:


The westernizing movement of Sir Sayyid Ahmad Khan paved the way for the emergence of the Qadianiyyah, because it had already spread deviant ideas.


The British made the most of this opportunity so they started the Qadiani movement and chose a man from a family that had a history of being agents of the colonialists.


In 1953 CE, there was a popular revolution in Pakistan which demanded the removal of Zafar-Allaah Khan from the position of Foreign Minister and that the Qadiani sect should be regarded as a non-Muslim minority. In this uprising around ten thousand Muslims were martyred, and they succeeded in having the Qadiani minister removed from office.


In Rabee’ al-Awwal 1394 AH (April 1974), a major conference was held by the Muslim World League in Makkah, which was attended by representatives of Muslim organizations from around the world. This conference announced that this sect is Kaafir and is beyond the pale of Islam, and told Muslims to resist its dangers and not to cooperate with the Qadianis or bury their dead in Muslim graveyards.


The Majlis al-Ummah in Pakistan (the central parliament) debated with the Qadiani leader Mirza Naasir Ahmad, and he was refuted by Shaykh Mufti Mahmood (may Allaah have mercy on him). The debate went on for nearly thirty hours but Naasir Ahmad was unable to give answers and the Kufr of this group was exposed, so the Majlis issued a statement that the Qadianis should be regarded as a non-Muslim minority.


Among the factors that make Mirza Ghulam Ahmad an obvious Kaafir are the following:


His claim to be a Prophet


His abolition of the duty of jihaad, to serve the interests of the colonialists.


His saying that people should no longer go on Hajj to Makkah, and his substitution of Qadian as the place of pilgrimage.


His anthropomorphism or likening Allaah to human beings.


His belief in the transmigration of souls and incarnation.


His attributing a son to Allaah and his claim to be the son of God.


His denying that Prophethood ended with Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and his regarding the door of Prophethood to be open to "any Tom, or Harry".


The Qadianis have strong ties with israel. israel has opened centres and schools for them, and helped them to publish a magazine which is their mouthpiece, to print books and publications for distribution worldwide.


The fact that they are influenced by Judaism, Christianity and al-Baatiniyyah is clear from their beliefs and practices, even though they claim to be Muslims.


Their spread and positions of influence


Most of the Qadianis nowadays live in India and Pakistan, with a few in israel and the Arab world. They are trying, with the help of the colonialists, to obtain sensitive positions in all the places where they live.


The Qadianis are very active in Africa and in some western countries. In Africa they have more than 5,000 teachers and dai’yahs working full-time to call people to Qadianiyyah. Their wide-spread activity proves that they have the support of the colonialists.


The British government is also supporting this movement and making it easy for their followers to get positions in world governments, corporate administration and consulates. Some of them are also high-ranking officers in the secret services.


In calling people to their beliefs, the Qadianis use all kinds of methods, especially educational means, because they are highly-educated and there are many scientists, engineers and doctors in their ranks. In Britain there is a satellite TV channel called Islamic TV which is run by the Qadianis.


From the above, it is clear that:


Qadianiyyah is a misguided group, which is not part of Islam at all. Its beliefs are completely contradictory to Islam, so Muslims should beware of their activities, since the ‘Ulama’ (scholars) of Islam have stated that they are Kaafirs.


For more information see: Al-Qadianiyyah by Ihsaan Ilaahi Zaheer.


(Translator’s note: this book is available in English under the title "Qadiyaniat: an analytical survey" by Ehsan Elahi Zaheer)


Reference: Al-Mawsoo’ah al-Muyassarah fi’l-Adyaan al-Madhaahib wa’l-Ahzaab al-Mu’aasirah by Dr. Maani’ Hammad al-Juhani, 1/419-423


The following statement was published by the Islamic Fiqh Council (Majma’ al-Fiqh al-Islami):


After discussing the question put to the Islamic Fiqh Council in Capetown, South Africa, concerning the ruling on the Qadianis and their off-shoot which is known as Lahoriyyah, and whether they should be counted as Muslims or not, and whether a non-Muslim is qualified to examine an issue of this nature:


In the light of research and documents presented to the members of the council concerning Mirza Ghulam Ahmad al-Qadiani, who emerged in India in the last century and to whom is attributed the Qadiani and Lahori movements, and after pondering the information presented on these two groups, and after confirming that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad claimed to be a prophet who received revelation, a claim which is documented in his own writings and speeches, some of which he claimed to have received as revelation, a claim which he propagated all his life and asked people to believe in, just as it is also well-known that he denied many other things which are proven to be essential elements of the religion of Islam


In the light of the above, the Council issued the following statement:


Firstly: the claims of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be a prophet or a messenger and to receive revelation are clearly a rejection of proven and essential elements of Islam, which unequivocally states that Prophethood ended with Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) and that no revelation will come to anyone after him. This claim made by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad makes him and anyone who agrees with him an apostate who is beyond the pale of Islam. As for the Lahoriyyah, they are like the Qadianiyyah: the same ruling of apostasy applies to them despite the fact that they described Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a shadow and manifestation of our Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).


Secondly: it is not appropriate for a non-Muslim court or judge to give a ruling on who is a Muslim and who is an apostate, especially when this goes against the consensus of the scholars and organizations of the Muslim Ummah. Rulings of this nature are not acceptable unless they are issued by a Muslim scholar who knows all the requirements for being considered a Muslim, who knows when a person may be deemed to have overstepped the mark and become an apostate, who understands the realities of Islam and kufr, and who has comprehensive knowledge of what is stated in the Qur’aan, Sunnah and scholarly consensus. The ruling of a court of that nature is invalid. And Allaah knows best.


Majma’ al-Fiqh al-Islami, p. 13


Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid




I understand that it is alright for a Muslim male to marry a woman from the people of the book. But how about if a Muslim male wants to marry a Qadiani girl, who's of a good character and personality?




Praise be to Allaah.


Given that the Qadiani school of thought is a form of major Kufr (disbelief) which puts them beyond the pale of Islam, it is not permissible to marry this woman, because Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):


"They are not lawful (wives) for the disbelievers nor are the disbelievers lawful (husbands) for them" [al-Mumtahinah 60:10]


And Allaah knows best.


Islam Q&A


Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid




Assalaamu 'Alaikum,


I attended a funeral today for my wife's aunt. After the janazah prayer, I found out that the person performing the janazah prayer was not muslim. He was an Ahmadi belonging to the sect who says Mirza Gulam was a prophet. I personally feel that the janazah was not valid, but there were a lot of muslims in the congregation, who paid little attention to the fact that the leader was not muslim. Should my family and I re-pray the janazah?




Praise be to Allaah.


Yes, you have to repeat the funeral prayer, because this imaam behind whom you prayed is a believer in a kaafir doctrine which puts him beyond the pale of Islam. We ask Allaah to show mercy to your deceased loved one..


Islam Q&A


Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid






Fatwa of Sheikh Ahmed Kutty, Canada




My question is about Shi`a and Qadianiyyah. They don’t believe in some pillar of Islam. Are they Muslims?




In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.


All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.


As far as the moderate Shi`ah like Ithna ‘Ashriya or Imamiyyah are concerned, generally they have been accepted as Muslims by the Ijma’ (juristic unanimity) of the Muslim community and that is why they have been permitted to go for hajj while it a recognized fact that non-Muslims are not allowed to perform hajj.


This Ijma’ of the community does not apply to people who have violated the fundamental principles of Islam, such as those who prophesied the divinity of ‘Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, or denied the fact that prophethood has ended with Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.


As for Qadianis, they have violated these principles when they claimed that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is a prophet. Due to this violation, they cannot be called Muslims and this has also been established by the Ijma’ (concensus) of Muslims.





Fatwa of Islamic community of Bosniaks in the U.S.


10 June, 1997

Assalamu Aleikum:


Destroyers of Islam from Bosnia-Herzegovina in the U.S.


Our Bosnia-Herzegovina Muslims, after enduring suffering and harsh circumstances, are now dealing with this equally harmful cult called "Qadianiyyat", or better known in the West as "Ahmadiyyat". This cult is falsely presenting itself to our fellow Muslims as brothers who want to help them. However, they are only interested in increasing the membership of their cult, and as a matter of fact they began as a cult with a hatred for Islam, and especially toward the Prophet Muhammad(SAW). They wish to weaken Islam and destroy it from the inside.


As a legitimate leader of Islam in the U.S., I feel obligated to open the eyes of our people and warn them away from Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the false self-proclaimed prophet, who has been denounced by Muslim scholars as having gone against the religion.


"Whoever wishes to have another religion besides Islam will not be accepted by Allah, the beneficent the Merciful, and he will be of those whom are doomed." [The Holy Quran]


Any Muslim man or woman who joins the "Ahmadiyya Cult" will cease to be Muslims and will be subject to the following conditions:


He cannot be given the Islamic funeral rites, nor can he be buried in an Islamic cemetery;

No Muslim man or woman is allowed to marry a person from this cult;

Meat that is slaughtered by someone in this sect is considered "haram" and, therefore, is prohibited from being consumed by Muslims;

Visiting any of their places of worship, which they falsely call Masjids, is strictly prohibited.

Sadly, there have been quite a few Bosnians who have been recruited by the Ahmadiyya and who are now fallen Muslims and are traitors to our Muslim identity by working for them to recruit more innocent Muslims. Some have been promised apartments and a good wage if they are able to recruit more of our mujahedins. Because of this, my brothers and sisters, beware and do not allow any one to lead you astray. All of your religious needs may be met by visiting us at the address above or by calling our number.


By the word of your highest religious leader,


Senad Agic, Head Imam






Fatwa of Mullah Bashir Rahim



Please give me explanation about Ahmadiyah movement.


Are they right or wrong or possibly right or possibly wrong? And why?




The Ahmadiya sect was founded in Qadian, Punjab in 1889 by one Mirza Gulam Ahmad.


He claimed not only that he was a Mahdi but also a re-incarnation of Krishna and that he was the Prophet of Islam in succession to the Holy Prophet. Some say that he claimed to be the reappearance (burooz) of the Holy Prophet. On the death of Mirza Gulam in 1908 the Ahmadiya community elected Moulvi Nuru-Deen to be the khalifah. When Nuru-Deen died in 1914 the majority of the community continued to believe that Mirza Gulam was a prophet in succession to the Holy Prophet. There was a minority splinter group in Lahore which declared that Mirza Gulam was a reformer (mujaddid).


As the Ahmadiyas believe that Mirza Gulam was a prophet they cannot be accepted within the fold of Islam. The Muslims, the sunnis as well as the shiahs, universally believe that Muhammad (SAWA) was the last of the prophets of Allah (SWT) as attested by the Holy Qur'an, Chapter 33, Verse 40 where Allah says,


"Muhammad............is the messenger of Allah and the last of the prophets".


The expression used literally means the seal of the Prophet "khataman nabiyyin" but there can be absolutely no doubt that even in the context of a seal it has a definite finality.


There are many ahadeeth of the Holy Prophet which leave no doubt that there would be no prophet after him. He is reported as having said : "Bani Israeel had prophets who were leading them. When one died another would succeeded him. But after me there will be no prophet. I am khatiman nabiyyin."


There can be no doubt that as far as the belief of the Ahmadiyas is concerned it is not only un-Islamic but contrary to the Holy Book.


Bashir Rahim




Are Lahori Ahmadis kafirs even though they reject the belief that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was a prophet?


If Lahori Ahmadis are not Muslims, please explain how this is so, since they deny neither the Khatm an-Nabiyeen nor Allah's Tawheed.




To accept as a leader religious, a person who claimed to be a prophet in succession to the Holy Prophet (SAWA) would place one in the same category as a person who accepts his claim to be true.


The splinter group of the Lahori Ahmadiyyas cannot be distinguished from the juridical point of view from the group which accepts Mirza Gulam Ahmad's claim to prophethood. Had they chosen another leader, and had they openly denounced Mirza Gulam Ahmad as someone who had falsely claimed prophethood, it would have been a different case. In that case they would not have called themselves Ahmadiyyas.


Bashir Rahim


Article taken (with Thanks) from Idara Dawat-O-Irshad

Edited by Al Faqueer

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Guest Al Faqueer

Mirza Ghulam Qadiani His Life at a Glance

Chronology of Important Events

Prepared by Dr. Syed Rashid Ali




1839/40 Mirza is born to Chiragh Bibi and Ghulam Murtaza

1846 Formal education of Quran, Hadith etc begins at home by Molvi Fazl Ilahi


1849 Molvi Fazal Ahmad teaches various subjects.


1852/53 1st Marriage with Hurmat Bibi alias Phajje di Maan. She bore two sons, Sultan Ahmad and Fazal Ahmad.


1857/58 Gul Ali Shah teaches Arabic Grammer etc.


1857 War of Independence, the so-called Indian Mutiny.

To prove his loyalty to The British Raj, Mirza's father donates 50 Armed Horsemen to fight against the Muslims in the War of Independence.

Mirza Ghulam Qadir, elder brother of Mirza Ghulam, who served in the 46th Division of the British Army under Gen Nicholson, killed several freedom fighters near Sialkot.


1864 Mirza runs away from home with the yearly pension of his father and spends it in undesirable pursuits.


1864-68 Mirza takes up a clerical post in the British Govt. Court at Sialkot.

Takes up the Law exam but failed.

Mirza befirends a Christian Padre, who later on played a role


1868 A Parliamentary Commision of Inquiry came from England to find out ways and means to control and subdue the spirit of Jihad amongst the Muslims.

Mirza resigns from his job and left for Qadian

Introduces himself as a Debator in Islam.


1870 Report of Parliamentary Commission 'The Arrival of British Empire in India' submitted to the British Parliament. Report recommended creating an Apostolic Prophet to subdue the Spirit of Jihad in Muslims.


1871 Mirza Ghulam selected for the 'post' of Apostolic Prophet.


1877 Criminal case registered against him by postal authorities.


1879 Claims to have been 'Appointed by God' to proves the truthfulness of Islam

Announcement of writing Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya in 50 volumes.

Appeals for financial help and advance payments for publication of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya.


1879-84 Publishes four volumes of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya.



onwards Stops writing Braheen-e-ahmadiyya.

Writes books after books, wrote some 80 books over the next 25 years.

Refers to Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya as the book of God.


1884 Claims to be Revivalist (Mujaddid) of Islam.

2nd Marriage to Shahjehan Begum d/o Mir Nasir Nawab, from whom three sons, Mirza Bashiruddin Mehmood (2nd Khalifa and father of Mirza Tahir, the present Khalifa), Mirza Bashir Ahmad (author of Seerat-ul-Mahdi) and Mirza Sharif Ahmad were born.

Admits being impotent at the time of 2nd Marriage. Prays to God for sexual powers. God sends his Wahi for making a divine potion.

Upon Divine instructions, makes a potion called 'TIRYAQ-e-ILAHI' to regain his 'energy'. Major component is 'OPIUM'.


1888 Start taking oath of allegiance (Peeri-Mureedi) by the people.

Asks for the hand of Mohammadi Begum for his 3rd Marriage.

Advertises that his 3rd Marriage with Mohammadi Begum is a divinely inspired proposal and that any hinderance from any quarter will result in Tragic Consequences for the girl, her family and the person to whom she is married.

Mirza Ghulam announced: This should be clear to people that there can be no bette r criterion to judge my truth or falsehood than my prophecy."(Aina-e-Kamalate Islam, Roohani Khazain vol 5 p.288, by Mirza Ghulam)

Mirza threatens his 1st wife and her sons of dire consequences for not helping in the marriage with Mohammadi Begum.


1891 Claims to be A Maseel Messiah (Like Messiah) and denies that he is the Promised Messiah. Labels those who accused him of it, as Liars


1891 Claims to have become Mariam.

Claims to have become pregnant by the insufflation of the soul of Eisa (Jesus).

Claims to have converted to Eisa after staying for 10 months in his own (Maryam's) womb. Says: "This is how I am Jesus son of Mary."

(Kishtee Nooh, Roohani Khazain vol 19 p. 87-89)


1891 Establishes Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam.


1892 Mohammadi Begum got married to Mirza Sultan Baig.

In retaliation, Mirza:

divorces his first wife.

forces his one son to divorce his wife.

disinherits his second son.

[PS His first wife was related to Mohammadi Begum.]


1893 Challenged Deputy Commissioner Abdullah Khan Atham, a Christian Missionary, for a written debate to prove the truthfulness of either religion.


Feb 1893 Mirza declared: "Everyone has accepted me and affirmed my claims, except Children of Prostitutes, whose hearts have been sealed by God."

(Aina-e-Kamalate Islam, Roohani Khazain vol 5 p.548)

Note: Mirza's own sons from the first marriage had not accepted him as Messiah!!


22nd May -5th June '93 Written debate with Atham.

Mirza recieves humiliating defeat. As a result, many Muslims become Christians!

Unrepentant, Mirza issues the Divine Prophecy of Atham's death within 15 months (by 5th Sept 1894). He said: "I admit that if this prophecy turns out to be false... I am prepared to recieve any punishment, I should be disgraced, my face blackened, put a rope around my neck and hang me... I swear upon God t hat He will definitely fulfilled it, definitely fulfil it, fulfil it. Earth and heavens can move but God's word will not be annulled." (Jang-e-Muqqaddas, Roohani Khazain vol 6 p.293)


Apr 1894 Atham is still alive. Several attempts made on the life of Atham by unknown persons.


4th Sept

1894 Magic Bullet: Mirza recites a wazeefa over gram seeds and throws them in an abandoned well to kill Atham.


6th Sept

1894 Christains celebrated the victory of Abdullah Atham and ridiculed and lampooned Islam - thanks to Mirza Ghulam!!.


1896 Reiterates the divine origin of the Prophecy and Marriage with Mohammdi Begum. He said: "If I am a Liar, my death will come

and this prophecy will not be fulfilled."(Anjame Atham)

He published this revelation:"and they ask thee if this is true? Say: Yes, By my Lord, it is true and you cannot prevent it from taking place. We have wed thee to her. There is none to change my words."

(Asmani Faisla)


27th July

1896 Declares that paternal and maternal grandmothers Jesus Christ were Prostitutes, from whose blood his was born and that was the reason for Jesus' inclination towards prostitutes!!


1897 Petition to the British Govt.

Thanksgiving to Queen Victoria on her Silver Jubilee of Coronation.

Case against Mirza by Income Tax authorities.

House search by police on suspicion of murder of Pundit Lekhram, criminal case agianst him and his acquittal.


1898/99 Petition to Lt Governor of Punjab reminding him that:

His forefathers have always been loyal servants.

He himself is the SELF IMPLANTED & SELF CULTIVATED SEEDLING of the British Raj.

From his early age till now when he is 65 years of age, he has been engaged with his pen and tongue to turn the hearts of Muslims towards true love and goodwill for the British and to remove the concept of Jehad from the hearts of stupid muslims.

Criminal case against Mirz a to keep peace.


1900 Mirza Abrogates Jihad.

Named his followers 'Ahmadis' and instructs them to use the same nomenclature for census.


1900 Claimed prophethood.


25th May

1900 Mirza Ghulam announces that all those who do not accept him as prophet are disobedient of God and His Prophet and will dwell in hellfire.


1901 Mirza has still not forgotten Mohammadi Begum. Issues yet another statement that events will take strange turn and she will inevitably come into his wedlock as these are divinely ordained matters.


1902 Finally to give some reprieve to the poor Mohammadi Begum, some muslims thought of a novel idea. Jaafer Zitly published the following in his newspaper: "I saw in my dream that wife of Mirza Ghulam Qadiani is going to come into my wedlock!!"

Mirza was struck dumb. After that he never said a word about Mohammadi Begum until his death in 1908. Mohammadi Begum lived happily with her husband for the next 40 years.


8th Nov

1902 Mirza announces:"The basis for my claims is not Hadiths but Quran and my own revelation; in support we also cite those Hadiths which do not contradict my revelation. All the rest of Hadiths, I throw them away like a waste paper."(Zamima Nuzoole Maseeh, Roohani Khazain vol 19 p.140)


1903 Constructs Minarat-ul-Maseeh in Qadian, 12 years after becoming the Promised Messiah!!


1904 Claims to be the Lord Krishna of Hindus.


1905 Establishes the Heavenly Graveyard in Qadian.


1906 Admits having been afflicted by Mental Illness and Excessive Urination of upto 100 times per day, since the time of claiming to have been appointed by God (1879)


1907 Prayer Duel with Molvi Sanaullah Amratsari.

Advertises his prayer in Newspapers whereby he prays to God AlMighty to let the Liar die in the lifetime of truthful and that the liar's death should either be from Cholera or Plague, which in his opinion was the sign of Divine Anger.

Claims that God has named him Mohammed and Ahmad 26 years ago in Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya. (Haqeeqatul Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol 22 p.502)

Claims that God has revealed 300,000 signs to substantiate his claims.


15th May

1907 Claims that following verses of Holy Quran, revealed in the Honour nad Glory of Holy Prophet Mohammed SAAW, have now been revealed in Mirza's honour:

Verse 7:17

Verse 55:1

Verse 9:33

Verse 53:9

Verse 17:1

Verse 3:31

Verse 48:10

Verse 48:1

Verse 73:15

Verse 107:1

Verse 36:3

(Haqeeqat-ul-Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol 22)

Claims that God has named him after every prophet. Therefore, he said:

"I am Adam, I am Noah, I am Abraham, I am Isaac, I am Jacob, I am Ishmael, I am Moses, I am David, I am Eisa son of Maryam, I am Mohammed...(Peace be upon Them)."

(Haqeeqatul Wahi, Roohani Khazain vol 22 p. 521)


1908 Publishes the fifth volume of Braheen-e-Ahmadiyya. In its preface he wrote: "Initially I had promised to write it in 50 volumes. Since the difference between 5 and 50 is only ZERO, my promised is now fulfilled after writing the 5th volume.


1908 Mirza gives a reception to the Financial Commissioner Punjab

DEATH: Mirza suddenly develops Cholera. With remorse and disappointment he uttered his last words to his father in law:

"Mir Sahib! I have developed Epidemic Cholera." He could not utter any words after that and died within a short time.

Mohammadi Begum lived happily with her husband for next 35 years.

Molvi Sanaullah Amratsari lived for the next 40 years.


1908 Hakeem Nuruddin becomes the 1st Successor.


1914 Hakeem Nuruddin fell from the horse and died.

Mirza Basheeruddin Mehmood, s/o Mirza Ghulam, becomes the 2nd Khalifa.


Coming soon Evolution of Ahmadiyya Movement

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Declaration of The World Muslim League




Qadianism is one of the subversive sects which claims to be Islamic. Its main contradictions with Islam are:


(1) Its leader (MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD QADIANI) pretended that he was a prophet and messenger from God.

(2) Falsification of certain Qur'anic texts.

(3) Abolishing Jihad


Qadianism if the founding of British Imperialism which does not show up except under its protection. Qadianism is traitorous to the main issues of Islam. It consolidates Imperialism and Zionism. Moreover, its co-operation with anti-Islamic forces makes it a force for destruction or falsification of Islam by following these methods:


(1) Constructing Masjids which are used by anti-Islamic forces as a place for Qadiani false preaching.

(2) Opening of schools or colleges or even orphanages in which the subversive activities of Qadianis are performed for the consolidation of anti-Islamic forces.


Qadianism published FALSIFIED TRANSLATIONS of the meanings of the Qur'anic texts. These translations are rendered in ALL INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES and into ALL LOCAL DIALECTS, depending on the resources of anti-Islamic forces. To stop this subversive activity against Islam, the Conference adopts the following resolutions:


(1) Islamic organizations should take full account of all Qadiani activities in their schools, institutes, and Orphanages, and in all other locations in which Qadianis practice their subversive activities. They should expose Qadianis and teach people how to avoid their tricky traps.

(2) Declaring the disbelief of this (Qadiani) sect and that it has gone far astray from the path of Islam.

(3) Complete boycott of Qadianis by Muslims in all social, cultural and economic dealings. Marriage with Qadianis and burying them in Muslim cemeteries should be prohibited because they are considered disbelievers.

(4) Calling upon Muslim states to ban all Qadiani activities in the realms of Islamic work and culture and for them to hand over Qadiani premises to true Muslims. Qadianis should not be employed as state officials in Muslim countries.

(5) Publishing photocopies of all Qadiani falsifications of Glorious Qur'an and keeping Qadiani translations of the Qur'an away from Muslims, as well as drawing attention to its dangers. Circulation of these translations should be banned.


Bill declaring Qadianis as NON-MUSLIM minority: PAKISTAN

The Muslim World has always considered that Mirza, his successors and his followers are unbelievers.


After the establishment of Pakistan, successors of Mirza continued their hateful attitude and behaviour towards Muslims which resulted in two bloody encounters with Muslims. Their movement of 1953 and 1974 were movements of hatred and malice. On common and forceful demand of the people of Pakistan, the Government passed the following Bill in the National Assembly declaring the followers of Mirza as a NON-MUSLIM minority: (here are the actual words)


Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan


Further amendment to the Constitution.

Whereas it is expedient further to amend the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan for the Purposes hereinafter appearing;

It is hereby enacted as follows :


1. Short title commencement.

(i) This Act may be called the Constitution (Second Amendment) Act, 1974.

(ii) it shall come into force at once

2. Amendment of Article 106 of the Constitution -

In the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, hereinafter referred to as the Constitution, in Article 106, in clause (3), after the word "communities", the words and brackets "and persons of the Qadiani group or the Lahori group (who call themselves Ahmadis)" shall be inserted.

3. Amendment of Article 260 of the Constitution

In the Constitution, in Article 260, after clause (2), the following new clause shall be added, namely :-



Statement of Objects and Reasons


As resolved by the National Assembly following the recommendation of the Special Committee of the Whole House, this Bill seeks to amend the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan so as to declare a non-Muslim any person who does not believe in the absolute unqualified finality of the Prophethood of Muhammad (peace be upon him) or claims to be a prophet after Muhammad (peace be upon him) or recognizes such a claimant as a prophet or a religious reformer.




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The Problem Of Qadiyanism


by Sayid Abu'l Ala Mawdudi

(may Allah have mercy upon him)




Muslims scholars representing various Muslim organizations and parties from all parts of East and West Pakistan held a conference in Karachi to discuss government suggestions and recommendations for the new constitution presented to parliament. The meeting ended with many suggestions and reforms one of which was "... we demand that the government should consider all those who believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a religious leader a minority equal to many non-Muslim minorities in the country and give them one seat in Punjab's parliament".


Other suggestions were so reasonable and clear that enemies were unable to attack them, and when some invective writers did, their influence was null among the educated.


A great number of educated Pakistanis were not convinced that the suggestion which demanded the separation of Qadiyanis was reasonable and necessary. But here I am going to explain quite clearly why all Muslim scholars agreed to stand by this suggestion.


Being an independent non-Muslim minority is a natural and reasonable result of all that Qadiyanis chose for themselves. They caused and urged everything that result in making them a non-Muslim community.


The first of which is their fabrication of the meaning of "the Last of Allah's apostles" by which they differed from all Muslims who believe in Mohammad (peace be upon him) as the Last Apostle and that there will be no apostles after him until the day of judgment takes place. This is the meaning which the Apostle's companions understood and derived from the following verse "Mohammad in not the father of any of your men, but the Apostle of Allah and the Last Apostle" (Sura Al-Ahzab verse 40). The Apostle's companions fought all those who pretended being apostles after the death of Mohammad (peace be upon him). And this was the meaning which Muslims understood from all the sources, and thus they did not and do not accept any one who pretends to be an apostle.


Qadiyanis only, and for the first time in the history of Muslims, interpreted the Quranic phrase "The Last of the Apostles" (*Malfuzal Ahmadiya by M.Manzur Ilahi pp.290*) to mean that Mohammad is the Apostle's stamp which certifies and signs other Apostle's Messages. What we have said can be proved by the texts quoted here from Qadiyanis books and essays. Here are three quotations.


--"The promised Christ (peace be upon him) said in his interpretation of `Khatamu Nabiyeen': what is meant is that no Prophet's message can be authorized and certified except by Mohammad's stamp. As every document is not accepted unless affirmed or confirmed by stamp and signature, so every message that is not confirmed by Mohammad's stamp is not true. (Malfuzal Ahmadiya edited by M.Manzur Ilahi pp.290)

--"We do not deny that Mohammad (peace be upon him) was the seal of prophets, but what the majority of people understand contradicts the greatness of the prophet (peace be upon him) since it leads to the conviction that the prophet had bereft his nation from Allah's greatest favour - prophets. What is meant by this phrase is that the prophet is the seal which confirms messages after his, so there will be no prophet if not affirmed by the holy prophet Mohammad. In this meaning only we do believe". (Al-Fadl, 22 Sept 1939)


--"The seal is the stamp, and if the holy prophet is the stamp, how can he be a stamp and no prophets to be confirmed". (Al-Fadl, 22 Sept 1923)


The differences between all Muslim and Qadiyanis are not limited to the explanation or the fabrication of one word "Khatem", but differences went to extremes since Qadiyanism claimed openly and frankly that not only one prophet is likely to appear after Mohammad (peace be upon him) but thousands of prophets. This is to be found in Qadiyani texts, some of which are the following "The rise of many new prophets is as clear a fact as the sun in midday". (The Reality Of Qadiyanism by Mirza Bashir Mahmud pp.228)


--"Muslims falsely claim that the sources of Allah ran out and no more prophets will appear. They do not justly estimate God. As for me, I say that not only one prophet may appear but thousands". (Anwar Khilafat by Mirza Bashir Mahmud pp. 62)


--"If a man sharpened swords close by my neck threateningly asking me to say that no prophet will appear after Mohammad(peace be upon him) I would say to him, you are a liar, it is right, there must be prophets after him". (Ibid. pp.65)


After Ghulam Ahmad had opened the way of messages and prophets, he pretended he was a prophet. Qadiyanis believed his pretense and accepted it completely. We quote here some of their declarations and sayings to witness to their deviations and fabrications as well as can be.


--"The promised Christ declared his claim to a Message and to be a prophet, as he wrote `I am a prophet and an apostle' (Al-Badr 5 Mar 1908), or as he also wrote `I am a prophet according to Allah's orders. If I deny this I am sinful. And If Allah calls me thus how can I deny it. I will stand by this claim until my death' (Letter to Akhbar Am by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad written three days before his death and published on his date of death i.e., 26 May 1908).


--"The characteristics Islam gives of the promised Christ means that is truly a prophet". (The Reality Of The Message by Mirza Bashir pp.174)

An essential element in all the persons who pretend to be prophets, is to charge those who do not believe in him with disbelief and refection of faith. This is exactly what Qadiyanis do in their congregational speeches and publications against Muslims who deny their pretense. I quote the following from their speeches:


--"All Muslims who do not swear fealty to Ghulam Ahmad are disbelievers, even if they have not heard his name". (Ayina Sadakat by Mirza Bashir Eddin pp. 35)


--"Every man who believes in Moses but not in Jesus Christ, in Mohammad but not in Ghulam Ahmad is not only a disbeliever, but in the deepest levels of rejection of faith". (Word Of Demarcation by Bashir Ahmad pp 110).


--"Since we believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet, and all non-Ahmadis diebelieve in him, we consider non-Ahmadis disbelievers according to the Quranic verse which says that in one prophet is a rejection of the whole prophets".(Mirza Bashir Ahmad's article in Al-Fadl, 26 May 1922).


Qadiyanis not only say they are anti_muslim in Ghulam Ahmad's message but say that there are nothing to connect them with Muslims since their God, Islam, Quran prayer and fasting are unlike the Muslims.

Qadiyani caliph's speech published in Al-Fadl on 21 Aug 1927, under the title of `Advice for Students' explains to his followers the differences between Ahmadis and non-Ahmadis. He says "... Since the promised Christ said that their Islam, their God, and their pilgrimage are unlike ours, we always differ from them in every thing".


In Jul 30, 1931 Al-Fadl published another speech by the Qadiyani caliph in which he mentioned a dispute that ensued between two groups of Qadiyanis. One reasoned that since differences between Qadiyanis and Muslims are known, and the promised Christ has clarified them there is no need to establish independent Qadiyani schools: we can learn all undisputed matters in Muslim schools. The other group disagreed. While they were still arguing, the promised Christ himself entered and listened to their dispute. Then he gave his judgment saying: "It is wrong to say that we differ from Muslims only in the matter of Christ's death. We disagree with them in the wholeness of God, in the prophet, (peace be upon him), in the Quran, in prayer, in pilgrimage and in Al-Zakat. In short, he explained to them that we disagree quite completely with Muslims concerning all religious matters".


Qadiyanis themselves broke relations with Muslims in accordance with the great gap they had dug between them and Muslims. They organized themselves independently as if they were a non-Muslim minority as affirmed by their own writings.


--"The promised Christ made it clear that Ahmadis should not be led in prayer by a Muslim. Many letters come questioning this matter. My answer to them all is that no matter how many times you repeat the question I will answer that it is not right, not right, not right to be led in prayer by a non-Ahmadiyan". (Anwar Khilafat by Mirza Bashir Mahmud pp. 89)


--"We must neither believe in non-Ahmadiyan Islam, nor be led by them in prayer because in our opinion they are disbelievers in one of Allah's prophets". (Ibid. pp. 90)


--"If a non-Ahmadi's son died why we do not pray for him though he does not disbelieve in Ghulam Ahmad as the promised Christ! I myself ask those who have questioned me why we do not pray for the son of a Hindu or a Christian when they die....The non-Ahmadi's son is one of the non-Ahmadis and for this reason prayer for them is not right". (Ibid. pp.93)


--"The promised Christ was loathsome of an Ahmadiyan who wanted to let his daughter a non-Ahmadiyan. The man asked him many times but the promised Christ ordered him not to do so. Then the man allowed his daughter marriage after the death of the promised Christ so the caliph drove him away from his religious position and did not accept his penitence though the man repeated it many times until six years elapsed". (Ibid. pp. 93-94)


--"The promised Christ did not allow any transaction with Muslims except those permitted to be so with Christians and Jews. He distinguished us from Muslims in prayer, prohibited intermarriage with them, and prayer for their dead, so what is left to connect us with them? Interactions between people depend on two things and have two forms; a religious and a worldly transactions. The greatest means of religious transactions is to pray together and to intermarry. These two kinds are prohibited in our religion, and if you say that we are allowed to marry Muslim girls, I say that this applies to Christians, too. And if you question me why it is right to greet non-Ahmadis, my answer will be that according to a true prophet's Hadith he returned the greetings of Jews". (Word Of Demarcation published in Rioy av Religinter, pp. 69)

Not only did Qadiyanis broke relations and transactions with Muslims in their speeches and writings, but they did so in practice as hundreds of thousands of Muslims had reported. They made an independent nation of themselves refusing to pray or intermarry with Muslims.

The problem being so, it is unreasonable that Qadiyanis remain a part of the Muslim community. It is not necessary that their independence should be legally enacted since this had been a fact during the last fifty years.


By their attitude, Qadiyanis have proved what was difficult to prove before this time concerning the wisdom and practical benefits of the cessation of Allah's messages. In the past one used to wonder why Allah's revelation and inspiration and Apostles cease to come.

Nowadays, experience has proved the great wisdom and beautiful benefits of this good favor from Allah. The belief that Mohammad was the last prophet united all monotheists in following only one prophet, and thus endowed them with what strengthened and ensured their unity and interactions. The renewal of a doctrine by many prophets separate the nation into many communities. If we expel Qadiyanis none will dare to rise among us and pretend a new message to destroy our unity and solidarity. But if we overlook Qadiyanism we will help and encourage many pretenders to rise and feign, and thus we participate in harming Muslim solidarity. And if we neglect this danger, our example will be followed by our sons, and thus the destruction will not stop and our society will face a new kind of danger everyday; dangers which split the Muslim nation.


This is our true argument on which we base our demands of making Qadiyanis a minority which has the rights of any non-Muslims minority. In fact, the argument that reaches home is with us and no other reasonable argument can be brought against our demand. Those who oppose our demand want to divert people from it with pretexts and objections that have nothing to do with the matter under question. They say, for instance, that various Muslim groups are still charging each other with disbelief. And if we go on separating group after another the nation will vanish. Moreover, they say there are independent Muslim sects, as Qadiyanism, though they do not differ with Muslims in doctrines. Thus they ask us whether we still intend to break relations with them or whether we chose to treat Qadiyanis a such out of hatred and wrath.


Many others were deceived by Qadiyanis' call to Islam. "Qadiyanis are defending Islam against Christian and Aryan attacks, and spreading it all over the world so, it is right to treat them as you do" they used to say. But we are going to discuss each of these points to answer any possible question.


1. It is lamentable true that Muslims' various groups are still charging each other with disbelief but it is wrong to make this a pretext for Qadiyanism as a true Muslim sect; that is because:


a- It is unreasonable to give examples of bad charges and judge that any charge is unacceptable, and that charging anyone with disbelief is not right. In fact, it is as wrong to charge people with disbelief for trivial differences as to accept clear and certified deviations from the fundamental principles of Islam. Those who conclude from false charges against some scholars that all kinds of charges are not right are requested to answer whether a Muslim remains a believer if he pretends to be God or a prophet, or if he deviates from Islam's fundamental doctrines.


b- Muslim groups and sects whose charges against each other are being utilized held a conference in Karachi and agreed on the fundamental principles of the Muslim state. They agreed on the same principles because each considers the other a Muslim group or sect. None of them charged the other of being out of pale though there were minor differences among them. Thus to think that separating Qadiyanism from the Muslim nation will be a cause for separating many others is an illusion.


c- The Muslim nation's charge of Qadiyanis with disbelief is unlike any charge against others. Qadiyanis falsely pretended the existence of a new prophet who considers those who believe in him a separate nation and those who do not as disbelievers. Thus all Qadiyanis agree on charging Muslims with rejection of faith, and Muslims have judged Qadiyanis as disbelievers, too.


Thus it becomes quite clear that this is a fundamental difference that cannot be considered as trivial as minor differences - among various Muslim sects.


2. No doubt there are some sects other than Qadiyani who have withstood Muslims and broken their relationship with them, and organized their sects independently, but the wrong these have done is quite different from that done by Qadiyanis in many respects.


a- These sects have completely separated themselves from the Muslim nation to the extent that they have become like slag lying by the road which is neither harmful nor harmed. Their existence is bearable. Qadiyanis mix with Muslims, pretending to believe in their doctrines, discuss them with others, and to argue in the name of Islam seeding, in fact, to split members off the Muslim community and win them to their side. A great tumult, disgraceful disunity, and oppressive occupations befell Muslims from Qadiyanis agency to foreign countries. For this and many other reasons we cannot abide with them.


b- The sects that have differences with the Muslim community are judged by Islamic jurisprudence. It decides whether their private beliefs drive them out of pale. And even if we suppose that they are not followers of Islam, their beliefs will not endanger Muslims and will not cause any social, economic, and political problems. But Qadiyanis' fabrication do endanger the faith of hundreds of thousands of Muslims and cause a social problem in every Muslim family that is influenced by them to the extent that husband forsakes his wife, and father abandons his son, and an enmity rises between two brothers. Moreover, other non-Qadiyani sects do not have any political trends that can be considered a danger to our national life. Qadiyanis do have some dangerous political tendencies that cannot be overlooked.


Qadiyanis were quite certain that in an independent free Muslim society, a pretended message could not grow up or achieve its aims. They know that the Muslim nation abhors such pretenses as these which disperse Muslims, destroy Islamic laws, and split Muslim society.


Being aware of the attitude of the prophet's companions towards pretenders of holy messages, and of the fact that whenever Muslims take power in any country they will never admit new and false pretenses, Qadiyanis chose to connect themselves with disbeliever government because under no other shelter they can destroy Islam by feigning it.


They have made the Muslim nation their prey since they call to their doctrines in the name of Islam. They know so well that it is in their interest to support foreign occupation because it suffocates Muslims and helps them to achieve gains an to destroy Islam. An independent and free Muslim nation is a hateful unfruitful land which they abhor greatly.

We can quote many texts taken from Mirza Ghulam {Ahmad's assertions and from his followers' declarations, but it suffices us to quote some and without commentary.


--"The English Government has bountifully rewarded, helped, and favored us to the extent that if we leave this country neither Mecca, nor Istanbul would shelter us. So how came you to doubt its goodness". (Ahmadiyan Talks, vol 1 pp.146)


--"I am unable to perform what I wish in Mecca, Medina, Domascus, Persia, Kabul or Rome except under this government's protection for whose glory and victory I do pray God". (Conveying the Message by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, vol VI pp. 69)


--"Oh, just think a little which land all over the world will shelter you if you leave this country. Mention one government that will welcome and shelter you. All Muslim countries detest you and wish to kill you because, in their opinion, you are disbelievers. So estimate well the heavenly favor (the favor of British occupation) and be aware that Allah had not brought the British into this country except for your welfare and interests. If catastrophes befall the British you will not escape their dire effect. And if you demand a proof of what I say, go and find shelter under any other regime and when you do this you will see what happens to you. The British are Allah's mercy and blessing, and a citadel for your protection. Estimate the British well and love them dearly because they are a thousand times better than Muslims who oppose you. It is sufficient to convince you with only one thing: the British do not wish to humiliate or slaughter you". (Ghulam Ahmad's valuable advice in conveying the message vol 1, pp. 123)


--"It is well known to all those who study the history of nations how the persian government maltreated Merza Ali Mohammad Bab, the founder of Babism and his followers. It destroyed Babism for nothing else than religious disputes. It is as well known how the Turkish government ill-treated Bhah'Allah, the founder of Baha'ism and his followers between 1863-1893. It imprisoned them in Istanbul first then in Edranovel and Acca. We also not know any other three countries which demonstrated religious fanaticism and narrowness and which do not cope with the age of civilization and culture. Our knowledge of these three countries leads us to the conviction that the freedom of Ahmadis is closely related to the British throne.


All true Ahmadis who believe in Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a holy prophet sent by Allah to people do believe, without any little bit of flattery, that the British Government is Allah's favor and the shade of His mercy. They also believe that the life of the British Government is theirs". (Al Fadl 13 Sept 1914)


These above mentioned assertions quite clearly certify to the fact that this gang of pretenders are aware of the benefits of disbelievers' occupation of Muslim counties because under the protection of occupation they can achieve their aims. If Muslim got power into their hands, these pretenders will be crashed because free Muslims will not abide with those who destroy their religion and split their society.

More dangerous still is Qadiyanis tendencies to establish an independent state in Pakistan. One year after the rise of Pakistan the Qadiyani caliph made a speech in Ku'ta in Jul 23, 1948, published in Al Fadl in Aug 13, 1948. He said "British Plukhistan is allotted to you. (Now part of Pakistani Plukhistan). Its population is five or six hundred thousand inhabitants. Though less populated than other districts, it has a great importance. As individuals are valuable in our world, this district is as valuable as any part of Pakistan. An example from the American constitution will clarify its importance. Each state has an equal number of representatives no matter how big or populated it is. Now if we add British Plukhistan to Blukhistan district, the inhabitants will number a million. I think you realize the difficulty of converting the people of a big district. But don't you see that we can convert the people of a small district? If we take care we will spread Ahmadiyan banners over it all. Our doctrine will not succeed unless its roots are deep in the ground. Thus work and spread your doctrines and make them solidly rooted. Establish it in a place first and then if we succeed in converting people we will be proud of our district. As for converting people it is not an easy matter".


After all this talk I wish to ask those who want us to abide with Qadiyanis and their deeds and who cling to the pretext that there are many sects in Islam whether there are such dangerous tendencies and policies as those of Qadiyanis. Does any sect find Islam harmful, and anti Islamic system beneficial? Is any sect going to abhor Muslims and prepare to establish an independent state in the heart of an Islamic regime? It appears that there is no sect that behaves as Qadiyanism and thus we ask why they want us to treat Qadiyanism as other sects?

This minor sect faces with another problem; it demands independence from us. Is it not right that we should expel it out of pale?


It has been said that necessity drives man to demand anything. The truthfulness of his demand depends on the acuteness of his necessity. Qadiyanis' existence among the Muslim majority harms Muslims greatly, for this the majority demands the legal separation of this harmful minority from its community. Qadiyanis are, in practice, independent from the Muslim majority and utilize their independence to organize their sect and destroy Islam's principles according to a pre-plotted methods. They also hide behind Islam and throw the seeds of split and differences among Muslims. By their cunning method of pretending Islam they gain more administrative positions and employments. This harms the community and thus what pretext remains for any to let the minority persecute the majority or to refuse our demand of legal separation of Qadiyanis from the Muslim nation.


The majority did not create cause for separation but the minority did when they established independent societies and broke social and religious relations with Muslims. This refusal to be legally separated from Muslims makes Qadiyanis utterly responsible for their refusal.

Allah had endowed you, readers, with mind and insight so look how they refuse to accept the results of their deeds. If they want to deceive, harm, and mar the unity of Muslims how do you let the majority, while you are its representatives, fall a prey to the cunning of this deceitful minority.


Let us deal with the last problem which claims that since Qadiyanis defend Islam and spread it, it is not right to treat them as we do.

In fact, this is a groundless argument which tempted some newly educated people. We ask them to study and contemplate what we are going to quote from the writings from Ghulam Ahmad himself which will strip the aims of this pretender's defense of Islam. He says "I have been publishing books in English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu, out of my own enthusiasm to convince Muslims that their duty is to be faithful to the British Government that they should leave the notion of the holy strive and shun waiting for the Mehdi who sheds blood and all other trivial illusions which cannot be verified by the Quran. If they still adhere to these mistakes they must not, at least, deny the favors of this generous government or they will be sinners of disloyalty by Allah's laws". (Tiryak Al Kuloub 28 Oct 1902 pp.307)


In this same petition to the British Government he writes "It is time I proudly say to my charitable government that this is my twenty year service to you. No Muslim family in British India can do as mine did. It is quite clear that twenty-year-long continuos effort to convince people with the above mentioned teachings cannot possible be the work of a hypocrite. It is the work of a man who feels faithfulness and sincerity towards this government. I confess that I discuss religious matters with other priests but with honest intentions. I have published many arguments about Christianity, but I also confess that when some missionaries wrote invective against Islam like the impolite wording of the mischievous argument in Nur Afshan in which the missionary charged our prophet with robbery, lust, adultry with his daughter, lies, and bloodshed, I feared lest these writings irritate Muslims who are quickly angered so I found it a good policy to write against these books in order to extinguish the fire of Muslims' wrath and lessen the consequent general abhorrence and to deaden the anger of people who may react and cause disturbances that threaten the national security. It is clear that I only wrote against these invective books because I found that writing was the only way to extinguish the flame of wrath among Muslim enthusiasts". (pp. 308-309) Then he goes on to say "All I wrote against missionaries was motivated by a wish to control Muslims with wisdom and entertain them and deaden their monstrous rebellious minds. I declare I am the most faithful and the most helpful Muslim to the British Government. There are three causes which brought me up to this first rate loyalty to the British; the first is my father's influence, the second is the great favors of this government, Allah's revelation". (pp. 309-310)


Mirza also wrote the same in the annex of his book Shahadatu'l Quran entitled a request worthy of the government's favor "My religion which I declare once and again is that Islam is divided into two parts. The first is to obey God, the second is to obey the government which ensures the nation's security, shelters us, and protects us from oppressors. This government that we should all obey is the British government".

We also find in his Conveying The Message vol. VII; a petition to his majesty the district ruler in which he assured the ruler of his family's sincerity to the British Government. He reported the letters Mirza Ghulam Murat Khan had received from Lahore's ruler and Punjabi financial advisor as well as other British rulers who witnessed to his great services which denote his sincerity, faithfulness, loyalty, and love to the British, and enumerated the most important members of his family who served the British. Then he said "The most important work to which I was and still devoted to is to divert the hearts of Muslims from Islam towards sincerity, love, loyalty and truthful gratitude to the British government, and to get rid of wrong illusions such as the holy war and other silly beliefs which impair sincere relations with the British (pp. 10).


I did not only concentrate on filling the hearts of Indian Muslims with sincere obedience to the British, but also wrote many books in Arabic, Persian and Urdu in which I clarified to the inhabitants of Muslim countries how we spend the days of our life in security, happiness, prosperity, and freedom under the British Government's sheltering care". (pp. 10) Then he gave a long list of his books which certify to his sincere love and great loyalty to the British. Then he wrote "The government should verify whether those thousands of Muslims who call me a disbeliever, swear at me and at my followers, and harm us because I wrote thousands of declarations which were full of my grateful thanks to the government dictated by myself and out of my conscience, heart, and utter conviction and published them in all the Arab countries. Are not these matters clear? I assert that my sect has a first-rate loyalty to the British government and that it is the most sincere, faithful and loyal Muslim sect because it declares its readiness to sacrifice everything for the British. The principles of the British do not, in any sense, endanger ours". Then he wrote "I am certain that so long as my followers increase, those who believe in the holy war against occupation decrease. Belief in me is a denial of the existence of a holy war". (pp. 17)


Disregarding whether this language and these expressions are worthy of a prophet, we wish to attract the reader's attention to the fact that these are the aims of the founder of this religion and these are the purposes for which he exerted himself, defended Islam, and spread its teachings. Is this service to 'Islam' still worthy of thanks and respect after all that we have seen of its stimuli and aims? And if it is still difficult for some people to know the reality of this service to Islam, we ask them to contemplate what we are going to quote from Qadiyanis' confessions.


-- "We came across a book by an Italian engineer who held an important position in Afghanistan. The book was once published and by mere chance only that we got this rare copy. In it the author says that Sahib Zadeh Abdullatif, a Qadiyani, was killed in Afghanistan because he was urging people to shun 'the holy war'. The government feared lest his call weakens the passion for freedom in the hearts of Afghanis and thus enslave them to the British. We deduce from this fact that Afghanistani regime did not kill that Qadiyani except because he called people to shun 'the holy war'. (Mirza Bashir's speech on a Friday Al-Fadl 6 Aug 1935).


-- Afghanistan's Minister of Foreign Affairs issued the following declaration. "After Mulla Abdulhalim Jihar Asiyanis and Mulla Nur Ali Hanuti had become Qadiyanis, they began to teach their fabricated doctrines in the name of reform.....After some time they were arrested for another matter and tried. Letters from some foreigners were confiscated which prove their agency and conspiracy against the interests of Afghanistan. The letters reveal quite clearly how far they went in selling themselves up to the enemies of Afghanistan". (Al-Fadl, 3 Mar 1925)


-- "Though I went to Russia to call people to Qadiyanism, I always did and served the British Government at the same time because our interests and British Government's are in complete harmony with each other". (Mohammad Amin, a Qadiyani preacher in his essay published in Al-Fadl 28 Sep 1922)


--"The world considers us British agents. When a German minister participated in the opening of Ahmadiyan center in Germany, his government blamed him and asked him 'why did you participate in a special occasion related to people who are British agents'". (A speech by Qadiyani's caliph Nov 1934)


--"We hope that with the increase of British empire, the chances for more converts from Muslims and non-Muslims will increase". (Opinions concerning Lord Harding's tour in Iraq published in Al-Fadl, 11 Feb 1910)


--"The British Government is like paradise to us. Ahmadis are going on well under the shelter of this paradise. If you leave it you will see what frightening shower of poisonous arrows will come down upon you heads. So why don't you thank this government's favors when you all know what its interests are united with ours, its desolation means ours, and its prosperity affects ours. Wherever this government wins a new country to its domain we win a new field for our doctrines". (Al-Fadl 19 Oct 1915)


--"The relations between Qadiyanis and the British Government are unlike any other; that is because our interested demand this. What benefits the British Government enriches us, and as the British empire increases our chances for progress increase, if it is harmed - God forbid - we will not be able to live safely. (Qadiyanis caliph's declaration Al-Fadl 27 Jul 1918)


Thus we have clarified the reality of Qadiyanism, uncovering its doctrines, trends, and deeds. And now we are going to explain the rise of this sect.


1. Half a century elapsed and Muslims were still living the worst kind of life under British occupation. Then suddenly a man pretended he was a prophet. He claimed that it was insufficient for Muslims to believe in Muhammad (PBUH), but they should, if they wanted true faith and the right Islam, believe in him, too. Disbelievers in him are out of the Islamic pale. Thus, a pretender rises among the unified Muslim nation to say he is a prophet.


2. According to his false pretense, this man established a new community and an independent society which opposed Muslims as Hindus and Christians do, and disagreed with Muslim beliefs, habits, hopes, and sufferings.


3. The founder of this new community felt, since the beginning of his pretense, that Muslims society cannot bear to be destroyed, so he and his gang chose to be loyal, sincere, and loving servants of the British occupation. This was not only a practical policy, but also in awareness of the fact that his interest are consistent with the victory of the British not only in India but also in the other Muslim countries in order to spread his poison and fabrications.


4. This sect, according to a conspiracy with the British disappointed all Muslims' efforts during the past fifty years to separate it from the Muslim community. The government continued to insist on the sect being considered part and parcel of Muslims despite all differences. Muslims were harmed greatly by these measures while Qadiyanism won great benefits.


The government, despite all scholars' efforts, continued to convince Muslims that Qadiyanis are one of the sects of Islam to enable Qadiyanis to spread their doctrines among Muslims. A Muslim will not abstain from following Qadiyanism if it is legally considered a Muslim sect, and this benefits Qadiyanis greatly because they are increasing their numbers and power. Muslims are harmed because a new community which opposed them was growing up like cancer in their body.



The plight of Qadiyanism appeared in Punjab; harmed and destroyed it so it was natural that the most wrathful Muslims against Qadiyanis are the Punjabis.


This sect won all the favors of the British Government and the most army, police, justice, and administrative posts in the country. It is strange that this sect won all these posts from those assigned to Muslims because the government considers it one of the Muslim sects and continues to convince Muslims that these posts are assigned to them only. Muslims are treated as such in economy, trade, industry, and agriculture.

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Their founder is the same as that of their former organisation, the Qadianiyyah. However, their interpretation of his significance and just how far reaching his claims of prophethood were are causes of deep contention between them and their mother group in Qadian.


Key beliefs


1. The Ahmadiyyah deny the Virgin Birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ of Nazareth as well as the Annunciation of his virtuous mother, Mary.


2. The Sunna is not an accurate repository of knowledge to return to but must always be seen through the interpretation and eyes of ‘the Mujaddid (Renewer)’, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad.


3. Adherence to any of the four orthodox schools is neither mentioned, suggested or encouraged.


4. Both the Second Advent of Christ and the arrival of the Mahdi are interpreted to mean the actual reference and prophecy of ‘the Mujaddid.’ Therefore, for this reason, they deny the historicity of the Mahdi as well as the real event of the Second Advent of Christ.


5. It is the longstanding belief of the Ahmadiyyah that Christ was crucified on the cross, that he fainted and was taken down, then escaped to Saringar in India and was laid to rest there.


6. As far as they are concerned, the historical Christ is dead. As a warning, it should be known that this is the belief of the famous polemist Ahmad Deedat.


7. The actual person of the False Messiah as well as his coming is denied.




There are no precise statistics detailing the level of membership of the Ahmadiyyah Movement, but estimates have not put them above10 ,000, 000worldwide in number.



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