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Just one or two things.

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On the sign up page,I noticed you have to state your marital staus - why? This is a forum,not a dating site what business is it of anybodys whether the people who post on this forum are married,divorced,in a relationship or single. I realise that marriage is very important in Islam and that Muslims can not have relationships without being married, but asking for a persons marital status is invasion of privacy - would you ask the same of a stranger in the street,before you entered into a conversation with them? I think not,it would be incredibley rude.


Secondly, can you not re-introduce replying to messages,from newer members.It is a waste of webspace with all these new topics being started each time somebody new to the forum wants to say something. I know that you do this,to stop people upping their quota of messages by just replying to posts, but in that case just delete the stupid replies and leave the ones taht are actually sticking to the topic.


Thirdly and finally - I have come across some hatred for Christianity,Judasim and other Religions. If you want respect for Islam then surely you must realise that it works both ways.It doesn't matter if one religion is right and one is wrong,NOBODY knows for sure.People only think they know because of what they believe.So respect for us Non-Muslims please, we are not the scum of the earth - we are human beings who just happen to have a different faith and a different Holy Book from yourselves. I think all posts that even suggest religious hatred should be deleted, from BOTH sides.


That's all Thank You.

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Peace Julie1981


Thanks for your comments...

    * First, the marital status is optional in the reg. form, so its ok to leave it blank. I've added this particular entry after recieving complaints from sisters here that they recieve marriage proposals from male members sometimes. So it was introduced so as to end the embarrasment on both sides even before someone starts a contact, as they can look in your profile and know, for example that you're 'marred' or 'not available'. IF is not to be confused with street environment, this is a friendly Muslim community, and many members consider it to be like a second large family to them. More than once marriage happily happened between IF members, and there is no reason to belive that it will not happen again on IF pages. Again, no one is forcing you to reveal your marital status, either in reg. form or your profile.
    * If you mean the 'have a welcome drink' forum: newbies can reply to their topics if their post count is still less than 10.
    * This is exactly IF policy, and I'd like all IF members to read your comment here and abide by it. Every Muslim knows that It is required in Islam that all muslims must believe in the 3 heavenly messages of Judiasm, Christianity and Islam, as well as their 3 messengers, and belive in all the messengers that God (Allah in Arabic) sent to man from Adam to Muhammad :D . Failing to do so does not make one a tue muslim. We try hard in IF to prevent any such violating posts, and we continually expand our staff of moderators to cope with the rising rate of daily poting, and to help make sure this place continues to be more friendly towards all faithes.


Thanks for your comments, and please do keep us posted of any further issues you may have in mind. They really help us improve the forum.

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