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Lost Sprit

God Has Left Me….

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God has left me….


I feel as I have been abandoned by the almighty god himself… I don’t know what to do I feel as the whole world is now against me and also at time I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore…. I have stopped praying for some time now… as I just don’t see why anymore…. As everything in my life is truing into rubbish… at times I really stop and think is my life really worth living anymore… as the people I love I cant stand them anymore and avoid all contact with them as much as possible… I don’t have anything in my life that is worth living for… Islam is not applying to me anymore… I know this is wrong way of thinking an I have tried to change but I cant seem to… I have felt this along time ago… an I suppressed it but its back again… an seems like it wont go away this time….



I don’t know who to talk to about this… as my father was the one to make the first Masjid in… (not going to say where as that might give away who I might be) so people assume I am a strong follower of Islam… and I want to be as I want to live up to his name, but each time it think about it I feel as I am failing him miserably, as he passed away almost 11 year ago… so I realty want to change for him… as I want to do him proud so that he wont be assumed to call me his son.


My mother is also important person in the community here, so I cant really talk to anyone as they will wonder what kind of parents I have… and I don’t want people to think anything like this……



So I though I might post this an see if anyone has felt this before and has a answer to this….



Thank you for reading this… I just need someone to talk to….


Lost Sprit.~

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brother, you seem to have many underlying buried issues other than the "God has left me" statement.


tell us more ... please.




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Sadly I am not a new Muslim, I have been a Muslim from birth... its just that life is getting very tough an I turn to god time after time an nothing ... i look for answer but find none... so I just don’t know what to do anymore... everything seems to be getting worse.. then i think to myself god my be trying to test be.... but to test me like this for so many year... i don’t know... am i that much of a lost soul that i feel i must distant myself from everyone as i am meant to be alone forever..... I just get so irritated as I know people will not understands me how I am feeling....I got to all the functions at the Masjid and try to participate in everything, but still I feel nothing no satisfaction for my efforts, so I have also given up on trying…. My family is very religious, well my parents so they try to do the best for us…. But I don’t know anymore… I feel so alone and lost in this world.. An all people say is turn to god…for your answer……………………………………



Where is my answer……….

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:sl: dear muslims


Bro, is it okay you tell us what your age is ?


Sometimes bro, as we grow older, we are exposed to more demands, burdens, requirements etc. From then on, we are pushed to work more and achieve more, sometimes, due to various circumstances, things may not end up the way you want them to, no matter how you much you deserve them. This can result in depression.


Bro, at this point, you should remember that Allah (SWT) Will not place a burden on a Muslim that which he/she cannot Handle.


One key thing to remember is to have patience. Your Problem/s may be solved instantly, overnight, after a week or even after a few years. Important thing is to keep reminding yourself of what blessings you DO have, rather than what you don't have. Such as looking at those people without the needs you have, be the people from your community, or from a poor country in Africa etc.


I myself have been through tough times, when i cannot understand what i have done do deserve things. Im sure, many other muslims here have gone through turbulent times.


Best thing to pray with sincerity, ask Allah (SWT) in your du'as for forgivness, guidance, help and answers. Especially in this Month. One should not feel abandoned by Allah (SWT), since Allah (SWT) loves us 70 Times more than our own mothers love us.


Remind yourself of the troubles other muslims must go through daily, and the troubles muslims had to go through. Think of the Sahaba's, the trials and tests they had to face each day, Alhamdulillah they succeeded through patience and effort, and they went from a level of oppression, to the level of Just rulers. These are not people from some fairy book or tale, the Sahaba were real people just like you and me.


We should try to Model our lives like the Sahabas, and try to live our life like them and how Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) taught us. I'm sure you must going through some dark times, but brother, i promise you, insha'Allah with the aid of Ibadah (Worship) and Effort, you will be in a much more better position.




Insha'Allah, if there is anything you need help directly on, im sure the Brothers/Sisters here are more than willing to help/advise you, so please, don't suffer in silence.


Take care Bro

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this may not make sense right now

but Allah tests us in ways we, as humans, cannot comprehend

but rest assured, Allah never places a burden on someone who cannot handle it

i promise you, it is darkest before dawn, and your dawn is coming.



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It's normal to feel sad and dejected, it happens to many of us at one point or another in our lifetime. I can reflect precisely what you're going through. If and when you've dug to the root of this problem, and have plenty of ways in front of you to overcome this downcast experience, you'll feel a whole lot better and happier.


Having said that, begin by finding the motivation to seek what's the matter that's causing such perplexities and complications in your current phase of life. This is the time to reflect and understand some things that you need to know. It's hard for me to judge what is the best course of action for your situation as I don't know in detail the situations by which you're bogged down - but generally this experience can prove to be beneficial as you make the choice of understanding your feelings. Should you feel negative, your negativity can cause you to become unproductive. On the other hand, try to build positive blocks through a gradual process, since a positive attitude will enable you to see many opportunities and, possibly, solutions. Hence, I advice you to find a chance in this experience to understand a few important things about life as well as your emotions, as it will contribute to valuable growth.


The world is not in favour of, or against you. People can be very self-involved at times and surroundings can appear depressing, but beyond your expectations there is more to life, a larger reality. Make your belief in God a personal journey, rather than what others expect from you. If you believe you're sincere and true to yourself then you'll find a way of properly honouring a relationship with Him.


Since in reality there is more to life than what your expectations are, you have to form the habit of knowing things. Seeking knowledge and an understanding of things will let you move forward and develop a spiritual initiative. To stop this will not allow you to move forward toward resolution, knowledge, clarity and a sense of wholeness. The most important thing, however, is to make good use of your brain by seeking knowledge and understanding in order to think and search for yourself an answer from God. If this wasn't a requisite, we'd be given the answers too easily - are you expecting them to fall on your lap? Utilizing your brain and other blessings of God wisely and productively will make you more alert of an answer by God, which mind you, can come in many ways. If you ask Him, He hears your call, and He will answer - question is, will you see it, dodge it, walk straight past it?


Finally, try to enjoy life with the simple things. This phase will also pass by. We all tread on it. To make it a valuable experience, take it as an opportunity to search yourself and strengthening your belief. Additionally, think of those less fortunate than yourself - read an article or watch the news, reality hits home - you'll notice that you've plenty of opportunities to be happy in life than some people out there. Last but not least, I second what br. crystal sword said above.


I hope it goes well for you,


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I thank yo for all your replayes, and it makes sense waht you are saying, though i do watch the news and read the paper (time to time :sl:) though it jst makes me feel even worse as here im sitting at home with my family and have many opertunites to do many things where i am taking it for granted... i want to become more into my fateWsalaam,


I thank you for all your replays, and it makes sense what you are saying, though i do watch the news and read the paper (time to time ha-ha) though it just makes me feel even worse as here im sitting at home with my family and have many opportunities to do many things where i am taking it for granted... i want to become more into my religion, but the biggest hurdle is where to start, I myself don’t know truly know what my true problem is.


I am only 19 (brother crystal_sword asked) I study architecture an currently in my 2nd year…. I have though it may be my work which is casein all this, but I cant do much about this… as there is no real way around it… just last year this course was changed from 5 year into 3 year so the work load has doubled…. But seem to manage some how… then I look at my family… nothing seems to be the problem there… then my friends nothing there too… so I am truly lost…


I really do want to change but as I said before I do not know where to start…

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Assalaamu Alaykum


Suffering and pain in this worldly life is a blessing for the believers, because it removes their sins completely or partially.

The world is like a prison and the believers are strangers in this world. We are wayfarers on a journey towards a final destination.

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1) Do it for Allah.. not to make your father proud of you

2) Ask Allah to help you and guide you

3) Bro.. trust me i know how you feel.. really ...no joke... just hold on.. no matter what.. hang in there.. your a soldier.. soldiers bear the brunt of everything bad and come out shining no matter how long it takes... Your 19!!! mashAllah ... same as me...i'm 20.. bruuuvv!! Ask Allah and know Islam is the truth... and hold on... and follow Islam with only intention to please Allah.. not your community... nor anyone else... Bruv.. we Muslim youth are Soldiers.. and like Soldiers we must live.. bear the pain.. bear the stress.. and all the while.. hold on to the rope of Allah .. never let go.. no matter what


See my signature.. go to it.. listen to some lectures on the Lives of the Sahaba(ra).. or the life of Muhamad(saw).. listen to it.. inshAllah..

Edited by Abu Hafsa

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Lost Spirit, Allah never leaves us, but sometimes we leave him. Here's a very profound quote to contemplate on:


If someone says, "I feel far from Allah", ask them, "Who Moved?" (Imam Safi Khan)


Start with the faraid, if you haven't already. Then, work on perfecting them and not leaving them. Strengthen your relationship with the Quran. Make it your companion, esp. but not just in solitude. That is the one friend that never turns its back on you unless you give it your back. Read the tafseer. Listen to lectures on it.


Take the shaytan as an enemy and don't let him take the better of you. Sometimes he makes us feel this way so that we feel far from our deen and eventually accomplish his goal. Make sure you don't let him do that or you will only blame yourself, maadhAllah (Allah forbid). Look, you're still young, masha' Allah.


I am not trying to demean your problems, but never ever think that you have it the worst or no one has gone through anything you have gone through or are going through. Think about it:

Is someone bombing your family or village?

Do you have to hide underground for your life and to practice Islam?

Are you incarcerated?

Are you being tortured? Did anyone put menstrual blood on your face and sodomize you, take pictures of you, and spread feces all over you just because you are a muslim guy? Did anyone shave your beard (if you have one)? Did anyone force you to shower in a cage in the cold while other guys watch you? Did anyone point a gun at you? Did anyone pull your sister's or mother's hijab and rape her right in front of you and then even murdered her like a butcher? Did anyone throw rocks at you and make you bleed from head to toe like what the Prophet (sws) went through? Did anyone throw camel's intestines on you while you were praying? Did anyone stand in front of you and force you to make sajda to them and ask you, "Now, where is your Allah?" Did anyone point a gun at your family or move a bulldozer towards you and yours? Did anyone mutilate and burn your deceased? Did anyone put you on house arrest for speaking the haqq? Did anyone put you in solitary confinement and put hard rock music on as many speakers as they could fine on full volume.. that too in complete darkness? Did anyone put your hands and feets in chains and shackles were you are binded to the ground in extreme cold and you have to urinate and defecate on yourself? Did anyone deny you medical attention? Were you denied a lawyer? Were you extradited from your own country of origin or citizenship?


Tell me...did you lose your sight? Your hearing? Your ability to talk? Are you unlettered? Did Allah deprive you in every possible way? Subhanahu wa ta ala.

Are you an orphan who was oppressed? Have you spend each day of your life without smiling and laughing at all? Were it is as if there is no reason to smile? Do you not have two eyes, two ears, two hands, two arms, two legs and two feet? Do you have cancer?


Do you not see that there are so many that are less fortunate, compared to us, and they live happily and are still able to thank Allah? Do you see them getting depressed and focusing on their problems?


And what of my sisters who are not of child bearing age anymore but no one ever married them even once? Do you see them crying about being alone? Were you a baby that was thrown in the dumpster after birth, unwanted? No, right! What about those innocent stray cats whom kids throw rocks on, who no one stands up for?


Life goes on....with or without us. It is a train that keeps on moving and it is up to us to stay on track.


I suggest if you are around people who are negative, you stay away from them. Their just going to pull you down as they pull themselves downhill. As Umar (ra) advised, surround yourself with those that have sabr!


Allahul Mustaan. May Allah do whatever is best for your deen and dunya, and help you accept His Qadr with sabr, ameen.

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