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Islam in Jordan

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ÇáÓáÇã Úáíßã æ Ñ�ãå Çááå


i think that my country is considered to be a country with strong Islam .....


most of the population here is muslim including our government of course alhamdulillah

of course there are many wrong behaviors that misuse our religion but i guess we find it everywhere

inshalla we will become more and more strong in Islam and inshalla we will be a great example to all other countries

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muslim including our government of course alhamdulillah!!!






And their far grandfather Shareef Hussain who collaborated with Britain to destory the Ottoman Caliphate


Here is news from Jordan





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harsh much?

i think it would be intersting to read more about jordan & Islam practiced there, it seems like a country in a battle between religion & modernization.

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Assalaamu Alaikaum,


In Jordan there are some some scholars / students of knowledge wjo hold regular duroos, such as:


Shaykh Muhammad Musa Nasr

Shaykh Alee Hasan al-Halaabee

Shaykh Saleem al-Hilaalee

Shaykh Mashoor Hasan Salman

Shaykh Husayn al-Awaishayh


I hope that very little helps inshallaah!


Was-Salaamu Alaikum,


Abu Suhaylah.

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asalamu alaikum


When I was in Jordan a few years ago, I saw some pretty nice things. Now, I was in Amman so it might be different there but from what I saw, I didn't see any women in hijab, rather knee length skirts and tops.


They could've been christian arabs for all I know, but I'm just saying what I saw. Insha Allah I'm going to go back again one day, Jordan is a BEAUTIFUL country.

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Oh please...Jordan...one of the America's key allies in the Mid East.

Ruled by a kind and queen who always hog the spot light.

My unc and aunts went to hajj and they went on a Jordanian Airline, and what they saw on the menu to drink? ALCOHOL!

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i've been to jordan 5 times.

alot of their income is from tourism, so of course you get alot of tourists on planes and in hotels. they drink alcohol, and so it is provided. jordan is not a dry state, but it does have rules you know. if the muslims there want to commit sin that is their fault.

i agree with the poster who said that jordan is struggling between Islam and modernisation. poverty is rife, and so they do what they can, and of course it is not always halal.

in amman, you will see women dressed in the western way, but i think the majority are Islamically dressed. if you travel further down to petra, then Islamic dress is the norm, except a few university girls from amman. in aqaba the dress is very Islamic, burkas, niqab, eyes covered, gloves and socks etc. and aqaba is seriously hot, don't know how they do it.

jordan may well be an american ally, why? because jordan is not stupid. they have no oil, therefore no money. they live on american aid, without which they would all starve to death. i've lived there i know how poor people are (not all of them but the huge majority). they also know that with no oil they will not be illegally invaded by america, and as half their country is now in israeli territory, they don't really have any choice.

i think queen rania does many good things, and i have alot of respect for the late king hussein and his son king abdullah.

sadly there are still honour killings in the kingdom, but at least this has been acknowledged, and steps are being taken to stop this.

try going on the jordan times website and reading the daily paper like i do, and if you haven't been there go. it is the most wonderful country, and insha'Allah one day i will be able to live there.

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I am an American living in Jordan for the past 11 years in a small city one half hour outside of Amman and I am sorry to say it is difficult to find anyone who is really following the sunnah of our most beloved Prophet Mohammad, Sallahu wa salam. The majority of the people do cover their heads but you see more and more women wearing hijab that is haram not covering their breast. They wear them in the latest styles. They are wearing more and more body clinging jilbabs to show their beauty, wearing many jewels on their hands and arms bringing attention to themself. Even many of the women wearing Khimar wear big rings. Which is all haram.


I am very sad to see the community has very little fear of Allah. It is pretty normal here as their is little entertainment to go from neighbor to neighbor gossiping. So they wear hijab, pray but they talk and talk and talk. They have no knowledege of the blessings of giving sadakah and tend to mainly give at Ramadan. What money we have belongs to Allah. There are a few really good Muslims but they are very hard pressed to find.


I know how it is to be poor, as I am very poor. My husband died 7 years ago and I live a lone. I have no family and I have enough to live on but it should never be a day when I should want of anything. Sadakah is required on all of us, even the poor.


Jordan is a very ugly country compared to America. They have a few beautiful spots but most of Jordan is white and desolate. The town I live in has no grass, the only trees are basically olive and fruit. The fact that we are so poor does not allow for entertainment of such. The big celebration here is weddings and engagements but 90 percent of all weddings have switched from following the sunnah to having music at their celebrations. As the country falls more and more into haram, I can see no good ending.


Death and disease are everywhere. Cancer is extremely high due to the depleted uranium from the israel bombings that spreads everywhere. After the Gaza bombings, hundreds of children had to be hospitalized in Aqaba and tons of fish lay dead on the beaches. So our soil is tainted, our air is full of toxins and our water contaminated. So what do we eat and drink. So needless to say many die young of cancer, stroke and sugar problems.


I stay here because I made hijrah for the sake of Allah, but in America we study Islam and we learn to love our God more than our life and it is so sad for me to see the nation deterioriate to the point of haram. I hate America and will never return and I find more and more of what Abu Dhar said to be true.


Blessed be the one who worships in silent.


My friends tell me that people don't like me cause I am always talking religion, angels and hadiths. As most people dont want to know when they are wrong but this is my life. Anyone who is a true Muslim cannot live a life of pleasure without remembering our creator.


I wish I had something good to say about Jordan other than we are a huge community of Muslims and surrounded on all sides with Muslims. The Christians are a very tiny percent. It is blessed on Ramadan to go to the Masjid and be together. during Ramadan the people are very good to me. They give me lots of money then too. But the real religion should be to practice love and giving as we do in Ramadan.


Al humdililah I am good and survive. I use to live in a store when my husband died and my husband family kicked me on the street, I had no where to go and a family gave me a room. Then from there I have lived in place after place and al humdililah some people are helping me have my own house now. I have it furnished and I have food. It is a struggle but if I was in America, I would not have anything as I am 56 and not qualify for social security and with no children no food stamps or money. Jordan does give me welfare each month of 60 dollars. as my rent is 100 dollars and elec and water it is difficult.


I fear that Jordan is not the only state that has switched to modernization. More and more women wearing haram to beautify theirself. I wear Khimar. The sad part is the haram talking as it destroys lives. In Islam we must remain quiet. I think if people could see the hellfire they would be afraid more.

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