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Iraq Occupation Illegal, Declaration Says

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Iraq occupation illegal, declaration says


Published: September 29, 2008


LE FEYT, France, Sept. 29 (United Press International) -- A declaration signed by interested parties from 10 nations, including the United States, declared the U.S. presence in Iraq illegal and illegitimate.


"Peace, stability and democracy in Iraq are impossible under occupation," said the Le Feyt declaration signed by parties from Belgium, Britain, Egypt, France, Iraq, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the United States.


The parties to the declaration convened in August to form the International Anti-Occupation Network in Le Feyt, France.


The declaration says foreign occupation runs counter to the interests of the people and the presence of coalition forces has resulted in millions of dead and displaced Iraqis.


The vast majority of the Iraqi population opposes the occupation while Western supporters of the Iraqi campaign justify the continued presence in the country as sanctioned by the so-called war on terror, something that criminalizes legitimate resistance, the declaration says.


"Recognition of the Iraqi resistance is consequently a right, not an option," the statement said. "The international community has the right to withdraw recognition from the U.S.-imposed government in Iraq and recognize the Iraqi resistance."


Those signing the measure called for the establishment of an interim Iraqi administration to oversee new elections and reconstitute the national army. Further decisions would be left to a new government in Iraq.


Source: Middle East Times, Egypt - 8 minutes ago


Note: Thank you brother Freeboy for the news.

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