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Need Help Concerning Unhealthy Lifetsyle

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salaam bro's and sisters, I have a little dilemma lool hence the name.


There actually is no reason for any laughter because im not finding my situation very funny and i really need some good advice from an Islamic percespective and a health perspective. And as I have exhausted trying to deal with my problems alone I have decided to seek confidence and help from the muslim ummah.


Basically this is the first time I have spoken or written, shall i say, to anyone about my weight problems. it started over two years ago when my aunty was told she had a rise in glucose level and the doctors feared she may have diabetes. At that time i went with my aunty to the doctors to help give her support. the doctors told my aunty she had to lose weight if she ever wanted to live a healthy life or risk being wheel chair bound forever. at this time i took the doctors advice very personally and therefore for the firstime i realised how important healthy eating was. up until that point i never really ever counted calories, i didnt even know they existed loool, i didnt ever exercise and mostly sat on the couch like a couch potato and yet i was never every really chubby. my biggest weight has been 56 1/2 kilos, approc 9st 3llb at 5ft 7/5 ft 8. However, this all changed after realising about caloric intake and exercise and i started cutting down on the unneccessary bad food groups. Whilst growing up i was always a very thin person, however, when i was 18-19 i started eating more due to very limited exercise and could see my weight going up tp 9st.


To cut a long story short, my aunty started losing weight and i also joined because i wanted to feel good about myself and since i have very small bones I knew the excess weight i had gained over the years did not feel right and basically i wanted to change all that. unlike my aunty i took the extreme and short way of exercising by limiting myself to one meal a day, which was one ceral bowl. and i started doing regular exercise, approx 30 minutes a day, plus long walking distance. I saw the reuslts sooo quickly it was astonishing, within a month i already dropped a jean size, but i felt that although i was very good at controlling my hunger, for example, at times i would wake up 8 in the morning and not eat till 11pm, i saw the longterm affects. Unfrotunately i encountered a very bad habit of overretaing. and when i mean overeating i mean eating two meals within 30 minutes, eating every chocalate bar i could find, eating three crisps a day, finishing a whole rich tea biscuits in one day, basically eating to the point where i felt ill and since i cant really vomit nor did i want to i felt very ill. At one time i had a small pizza, with 6 slices, then ceral straight after. I felt ashamed, confused and completely shocked by my new eating habits. it was like nothing i had ever seen before. I was always the type to skip a meal because i still felt full with just one ceral bowl, or the type who'd rarely eat, to my friends i was to slim girl who rarely eat, and now i was thin uncontrollable monster eating everything in her cupboard, even though i really didnt want to.


Since that happened a year ago, i am now still in the same position. Everyday i pray to Allah that he gives me the strength to fight this disease, but i keep losing. I start a few weeks of dieting, get down to a good weight and i guess the expected weight for my small bones but then i fall again, and the same senario over again. I hate this feeling. And what i realise is that i can beat this physically, i have great physical endurance when it comes to food as i explained earlier, i do have the will to go without food a whole day and the next, i have done this before. However, its negative thoughts that stop me. When im doing well to change my habits, these reoccurring thoughts come that say that there is no need for me to be on a diet, that since im not overweight and still slim that theres no need for me to change, that i cant lose the weight, that i cant eat healthily, that i cant live a good life with a caloric intake of 1,400-1,500 as it will not be sufficient and modertae exercise, that i cant do all the things i so urgently wish to do. I really want that person to be me, the health conscious, wise young lady, who is in control of her life.


Not only is this affecting my health, my reluctance on sugary snacks scares me as i know what it can do to your health, but it has ruined my self-confidence, ability to communicate to others effectively and possibly my academic performance. All i wanted was to exercise, get in shape and lose a few kilos to suit my small frame and now it seems im stuck in battle that seems never ending. the negative thoughts are soooooooooooooo annoying as it is this reason alone why i fail. I have no problem with the food, although now i realise xtreme dieting does not help you either, as it makes life very ahrd and therefore makes dieting a very nagative experience, hence giving more room for nrgative thoughts to appear more frequently.


Guys, i really need help, i want to be happy, full of life, back to how i was when i was younger, when i had confidence and control over life. what shocks me is that i never was a person who cared for food when arounf 15-17, i rarely had much appetite for food and even though i loved sweets it was always in moderation. thats why this person i have become scares me soo much.

I hope someone out there can help me find a solution to this problem......i know Allah swt is the only one who can really help make me make a better, healthier life for myself and i just hope all our troubles are eases.amen.


i also heard that following your desires is a form of shirk...is this the case for me....if so can someone explain how to overcome this.


i would also appreciate some Islamic advice regarding my issue with food as Islam i believe is the one true medicine.


Thanks for listening guys


w.salaam to the whole ummah

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Does this help at all?


(you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetIslam-qa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/ref/6503/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetIslam-qa(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/en/ref/6503/[/url]

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I really want that person to be me, the health conscious, wise young lady, who is in control of her life.


salaam sister:

1-is it the 'barbie doll virus' that has entered your head/heart and causing all this?

2- what or how much time do you give to others' problems? like helping others or listening to them?

3-are you saying salaat regularly?

4- are you reading the quran..and understanding it?applying it to your daily/weekly sitautions?

belive me younger sister. there is so much misery and pain all over the planet(especially the muslim ummah) that your getting yourself locked in this (seemingly) 'barbie doll' dilemma is hurtful for any muslim..

please, if my expression is too blunt then it wasnt intentional...

my advice to you is, "try helping others with bigger problems...and that will help you focus less on the superstitions that the shaitaan whispers into your system..and even before that , your egularity at salaat/nimaaz ought to be PERFECT"..

salaam and may Allah help us all overcome/subdue the whsipers of the shaitaan(with each of us) amen

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is it the 'barbie doll virus' that has entered your head/heart and causing all this?


I didn't get that impression from her at all.


Also, we should be concerned about our health, I guess as men we probably don't appreciate that as much as women. Having said that, we shouldn't take it to the extreme and I do think that the sister should relax a little.. maybe another sister can advise her insha'Allah.

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habibti, this is very unhealthy and dangerous for your health which I'm sure you know. I am a dietetics major and I have seen what you're going thru before.


Dieting leads to binging (which is the cycles of overeating that you are going thru), always unless done correctly and with the help of a nutritionist/dietitian. Just like your body has systems to prevent you from fainting (like forcing you to breath if you hold your breath in for too long) it has the same effect with food and eating. If you are restricting yourself it will cause the release of certain hormones/etc that you cannot physically resist causing you to eat.


Being healthy is more than just being thin sister, the media is extremely distorted and unfortunately so are many doctors, the problem with this topic is the sudden increase in overweight/obesity (especially in the US) that is causing a lot of crazy claims to fly around. There are many people that are above the "ideal weight" that are in excellent health and a lot better health than the "thinner" people.


Please feel free to pm me for more details and I can give you my IM if you'd like to talk further about the issue.


I give you mad props for seeking help, which many females don't do and go into cycles that are much more harmful to their body.


Please let me know if you need anymore information.


And may Allah help you with this problem and help you realize that you don't need to do all that you're doing.



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