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Miracle Survivors in Tsunami disaster

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Miracle survivors in tsunami disaster

12/29/2004 2:00:00 PM GMT





A 20-day-old baby was found alive on a floating mattress, in her parent's destroyed restaurant in the holiday resort of Penang, Malaysia, after the country was flattened by tsunami, reports said. The baby girl and her family were later reunited.


S.Tulasi was sleeping in one of the restaurants’ rooms when massive tsunami struck the city on Sunday. The swirling waters swept her parents out of the restaurant, but later, they managed to claw their way back to the ruined building.


"Thank God the mattress was floating in about 1.5-meter (5-feet) -deep water and my baby was crying," the girl's father, A. Suppiah said.


Meanwhile, Zulkfli Mohd Noor, fisherman, and his wife said they have lost their five children in the tidal waves.


Zulkifli, 42, said that he and his family were collecting fish left stranded on the seabed when the sea water was ed out to sea before coming pounding back in the tidal waves.


"I did not for one moment think the dead fishes were a sign that a tsunami was going to crash into us just seconds later," Zulkifli said.


Child found alive near her dead mother


Also two-year-old child was found alive beside the body of her dead mother in a graveyard near Periyavila village, three days after the powerful tsunami struck Asia.


The child’s family thought the girl was swallowed by the devastating waves.


The child was taken to the government hospital at Nagarcoil where she was treated and her health started to improve, official sources said.


A group of people found the child when they came to the graveyard to bury the dead bodies.


13 years old child survives tsunami


Also Meghana Rajshekhar, 13, was found badly bruised at the beach on one of the Indian Islands after clinging to a door on the stormy seas for nearly 3 days, the Hindustan Times reported Wednesday.


Rajshekhar was missing when the tsunami hit an Indian air force base by the sea on the remote Car Nicobar island on Sunday.


The air force officer's daughter and her parents were swept away along with thousands others when a powerful earthquake sent tsunami crashing across the Indian ocean.


"She told defence personnel that she had cried out 11 times when choppers hovered over the ocean in search of survivors on Sunday," the daily quoted a flight lieutenant Bhandarkar as saying.


Meghna told the rescuers that she knew which direction land lay and kept floating on towards the shore.


"In the end it was the waves that washed so many thousands of others away that washed her ashore," the Hindustan Times said.


"This was a miracle in the midst of the disaster the tsunami wrought," the air base station commander V. V. Bandhopadhyay told the Press Trust of India.


Meghna also said that she had to keep an eye out for the sea snakes.


"Her parents, sadly, haven't survived."

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does anyone also know about the Masjid that was not evan touched by the tsunami in indonesia

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