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so wonderful

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assalamu alaikom all


u know sometimes a person gets feelings of being down,,and just needs to talk and share a little with someone that could help


sometimes i wish that i could go here and there and in every place i go to..to find the support and encouragement,,,sometimes with a single smile,,with a small dua..with just seeing that the ppl around me are peaceful and happy..


u know that would be like majic to my heart...i cant tell u how wonderful this can be

im just writing this to tell each and every one of u all around the world.....keep the smile sparkling on ur face ,,even if u werent happy,,just let it shine ur face,,some people might have their entire life changed bcz of a single smile u support them with


our Prophet mohammad-peace be upon him-considered the smile a sadaqa



pardon me for being heavy blooded


God bless uall

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Asalaamu alaykum,


Jazkhallah Khair sister: :( May Allah (SWT) bless you and all Muslims, ameen, and may peace and blessings be upon His Prophet (SAW), ameen!! :D :D :D :P :P :D :D Have a wonderful day!

Walaykum salaam

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Salam :D


Hey what an excellent reminder!


In fact, to extend that further the Prophet Alaislam also taught us that we should:


"Say salam to those whom you know and dont know"


A sign before the end of time is that people will only say salam to those whom they know :D


In the days of the early Muslim communities the 'salam' was said to people regardless. :D


Lets revive these principles of Islam - which are the sources of a fruitful society :D


Wasalam, duas :P

sis - in "say salam often" mode :P

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