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before the nefarious

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molerats, smolerats, aaaarrrrgggg...

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his last words

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gulped the molerats ..........


(wow this is getting very graphic now, where is the Topic started I wonder???? while we are stretching the thread in different directions, hehehe)

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I think we can put the story together now and close the topic. Perhaps start a new one or other topics in the Just for Fun section worth looking at.



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before being eaten


(the molerats were my fault, so contributing to their elimination is the least I can do. Oops, I didn't see Aamina's post. Disregard mine if it is convenient)

Edited by the sad clown

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by bigger molerats


( Molerats are awesome and I will do whatever it takes to keep them alive.)

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that shot Shephard


(mw2 character that gets a knife in his face in the end. lol)



P.S I will do anything to keep Captain Price alive.

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with explosive bang...

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...Earth boom into-a-million-pieces-noone-survived-and-cant-be-revived-because-a-molerat-ate-their bodies...

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Don't break rules...

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otherwise there's consequences

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Yeah dire consequenses!...

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like having to

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eat fifty eggs...

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(It seems that all of you have done very well with my story. I took the liberty to give a rough compilation of everything up to this point, which is almost over 4 pages worth of material! Forgive me if I use American spellings of words and if I added/deleted words or punctuation in order to give the story a more coherent structure. Enjoy, and let's continue onward!)



I was walking barefoot when a man yelled out, “Stop, look out!†Suddenly, I saw a man yelling and running towards the abandoned bungalow, where rumors say that in it, water is water.


I love water with a lemon, mixed with some substance which causes a chloride-dependent short-circuit; so I poured it into the screen of my next door neighbor’s expired suntan lotion.


The lotion suddenly starts to smell like musk oil. It is quite unfortunate that my neighbor’s dog licked the treasure map and blurred the directions I needed to go to the Island of Animals, where animals are the master’s shoes, slippers, and socks.


Say that again! Four shoes, each of different sizes. Mice, elephants, and tigers spend their days roaring and screaming because something rattled in the darkness. Mr. Lover Lover, aka Mr. Boombastic says the lion bites all the other lions and lionesses with sharp fangs and piercing eyes, which tear souls.


Allah, protect us from the evil sin of backbiting in the creation that is] equally established on justice!


Woke up now, let’s keep going over the mountain. Wombles are lurking as I journey by voyaging across the beautiful ocean.


Wombles are back, evil are they. Please, please, please leave us alone: wombles are gay and merry because they don’t exist.


Eventually, the king of the Island threw his crown clumsily at a wise old beggar who had been reaching his hands out to comfort. “I feel hungry,†said the beggar. So the king, in his arrogance, refused to give. Giving doesn’t decrease the rabbit population, which turns to evil and eats all of the carrots. I love carrots, especially when they are brown and soggy, but I like them fresh with a glass of coconut milk and many nuts, because I’m nuts.


I walked over to the airport named after JFK. Are you sure the neighbor’s dog was with me! So we flew over the rainbow to the island. Where is everyone? (Eaten by the natives?) But we’re alive in veggie stew and boiling cauldron, and the witches became God-fearing women, repenting from witchcraft about crunchy nut™.


What a nightmare. Alhamdulilah, I’m awake, going to work. “Ouch, that hurts! Oh, my my! You poor thing.†Rivers of wine, honey, and milk. Pokémon are real! Back from work, Gardens of Jannah, pure halal enjoyment, are the most pleasant to me.

All this was the neighbor’s dream. Drowsy, he awoke seeing his dog, who licked lotion and ate cream.


Back to reality (forget the dog): dogs are impure, but kept outside, unlike my cat which sleeps inside the car boot, which smells pleasant. “Meow, meow, meow,†said Spongebob’s snail while drinking milk and eating cookies at the sunrise.

Overhead flew seven famous Canadian snowbirds (Cheney shot’em down). East or west, home is best. The place to rest is not here, but the hereafter, where the best meet their Creator. Hope and fear are human nature, yet also forgetfulness is man’s habit; now, the only software to buy (download it online)!


This story sucks!

You’re telling a lie!

That’s four words!

That’s the truth!


What is truth? The Supreme Reality. Once upon a time, there was a vast desert full of camels and no rabbits and no carrots, but only bananas are for sale by the dozen (with a good discount). Under a tent slept the traveler. Under the sea slept the fishes, until the shark lost its way and found dinner, and then slept, and then woke up and started to eat again to satisfy his hunger. Greed, lowly desires; he kept forgetting what fed him. So he traveled around the ocean to find peace in any place, and found gold (old is gold; old deserves respect) to find his gleaming red Ferrari so that he could drive towards the next-closest doughnut store to feed cops their favorite snack to their dismay, only to find the doughnuts cooked for lunch.


But they escaped and got caught by ninja! himself, singing “Teenage Mutant was an Island Full of Turtles!†Oh well; whatever makes you happy should be done on the planet Mars. I found water, chocolate with caramel.


“Give me some!â€


“Mars has it.â€


Everyone loves chocolate, especially fat people (meaning jolly people, to be politically-correct). Until proven guilty, I will never, ever say never, because God is aware of my love for chocolate actions. For He took things seriously when He started His quest for survival and then search for truth for He is considered a Muslim who knows how to understand the Quran, and recite it and live with His loving family for all His bubbling emotions were a waste of tears, so He thought, “Let’s move on in search of something worthy enough.†For His sandwich, food, and water are what we think is necessary, but in reality, it’s crunchy nut that is really in my head.


But who knows the haunted castle was the resort of the king, who was hiding his fruit bowl filled with strawberries and the WMDs (Walnuts, Mangoes, and Dates, my exact thoughts)? Great minds always think alike when they work as farmers. Subsequently, handling stinky manure, and smelling the fruits.


Wanderer, at last! Totally irrelevant post; difference of opinion? Alif-laam-meem.


Minds gone AWOL! Not exactly my cup of tea? Really? Because I am not fussy, but you do understand the confusion with this tale, going in circles, not making sense. Speaking of circles, round and round goes the wheel, driven by weasels along the long, long highway, here to Paradise, my future home. Only Allah decides, because He is the ultimate Judge, who loves forgiving.


Do not despair, and strive hard for the future. But Allah is the Most High and the Most Wise, so that should help us in our quest to the promised bakery full of freshly-baked pies containing an elephant’s love of walking without getting lost while carrying logs, helping the village to build a bridge between the Earth and Moon.


We hoped to see it because the sky was cloudless and clear, but no bridge. The Invisible Bridge was invisible, and only those with the chicken lips fight it back with the truth: the Front Doorstep, Stairway to Heaven.


Did you know, Musa (PBUH) was born and came with two stone tablets? Then came Eesaa (PBUH), worried about us. He taught us to be good. Worship only Allah, He will help. He will listen to the plight of the children and their parents, and bring peace in the world.


Which seems impossible, but to God, nothing is impossible. So let’s hope for Allah’s help, and all will turn out best. A man walked through the destruction. A guiding light appeared from a beautiful, sparkling ring sitting on the highest, coldest mountain.

The eagle flew towards the light, swooped down low across profound valleys, clutched the ring, and then flew away. While flying, the sky became overcast with heavy black, thick clouds.


Suddenly, the Warrior remembered Surah 30:24,


Among His proofs is that He shows you the lightning as a source of fear, as well as hope, then He sends down from the sky water to revive a land that has been dead. In these, there are sufficient proofs for people who understand.


He then cried his river of tears. Allah knew what his heart concealed, and blessed him for his intentions. So His help is nothing; he died. But before that, he sincerely repented. May Allah forgive George W. Bush for killing me and my neighbor, who was torturing and messing up. Oh, our Lord, grant him hidayah. Thankfully, George retired.


Now the mailman had a letter, a sticky one. It was sealed; this troubled him, and also scared him (but only momentarily). Then suddenly, a great storm approached, quenching the thirst of nearby molerats, wearing funky hats. They look like rats with mole-ish characteristics.


But wait, look! It’s Mr. Blobby, the fabulous contortionist! Behind the scenes, the forgotten moles plot their revenge to kill Goofy. So he tried a cuppa chai: cardamon, cinnamon chai, laced with arsenic.


“Arsenic? Egad no!†said the molerats, holding various spices in preparation for a ‘ninja vanish’ into his chai.


“Not so fast!†shouted the merry merry mailman, singing of justice. Please release me, kill the nafs, and heat dinner. Cool the temper, fan mercy, and jog around. “That killed me,†he uttered finally. “Help me God to rescue those stolen apple pies before the nefarious molerats seek revenge!â€


“Molerats, smolerats, AAAARRRRGGGG!†were his last words. Suddenly, alligators arrived, gulped the molerats before being eaten by bigger molerats that shot Shephard with explosive bang.


“My chicken pie…!â€


Don’t break the rules; otherwise there’s consequences, dire consequences. Like having to eat fifty eggs,...


dipped in ranch.

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juicy wild berries...

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are always delicious...

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with brain veins.....................

Edited by KhawlaKhattab

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green and fresh...

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      irritated at the natural, physical messes that babies tend to make (such
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      He said:

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      This hadith is another great example of how tolerant the
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      the age-range 2-4 (who can be carried easily) climbing on to the back of
      a masjid’s imam during prostration nowadays. What do you think his reaction would be?

      Yet, Prophet Muhammad lengthened his prostration just to let
      the child continue his enjoyment and innocent play, hereby causing some
      concern and undoubtedly a bit of chagrin to the worshippers praying
      behind him in the congregation.

      Using His Hands Gently to Reprimand

      Children love physical displays of affection, and like being touched
      in a positive manner. Instead of subjecting them to long monologues and
      lectures to correct their mistakes, physically removing them from harm
      is more effective.

      Narrated Abu Hurairah:

      “Dates used to be brought to Allah’s Messenger immediately after
      being plucked. Different persons would bring their dates till a big heap
      collected (in front of the Prophet). Once Al-Hassan and Al-Husain were
      playing with these dates, one of them took a date and put it in his
      mouth. Allah’s Messenger looked at him and took it out from his mouth
      and said: “Don’t you know that Muhammad’s offspring do not eat what is
      given in charity?” (Al-Bukhari)

      The Prophet taking the date out of his grandson’s mouth himself
      whilst giving him a short explanation of the reason, deployed the most
      effective strategy of quickly resolving the situation. Which small child
      would willingly spit a tasty, sweet date out from their mouth

      Most parents today, however, keep shouting at a small child to not
      touch an object or to stay away from a dangerous area, all the while
      being ignored by the child. They then snap and give the child a harsh
      scolding in front of everyone for not listening to them.

      The lesson from this hadith about the correct thing to do in
      such a situation is for an adult to get up quickly and physically
      remove the small child from harm, warning them about the reason in brief

      The hadith below also corroborates this strategy:

      Anas said:

      “Allah’s messenger was one of the best of men in character. One day,
      he sent me to do something, and I said: “I swear by Allah that I will
      not go”. But in my heart I felt that I should go to do what the Prophet
      of Allah had commanded me. So I went out and came upon some boys who
      were playing in the street. All of a sudden Allah’s Messenger, who had
      come up behind, caught me by the back of the neck, and when I looked at
      him, he was laughing. He said: “Go where I ordered you, little Anas”. I
      replied: “Yes, I am going, messenger of Allah!” (Abu Dawud)

      Prophet Muhammad used a combination of physical touch and gentle
      reprimanding words to make little Anas realize his forgetfulness. The
      Prophet knew that it is natural for a little boy to get distracted from
      an errand by other children’s street games.

      This hadith also indicates that when a child passes the
      toddler stage, it is permissible to train them to do light, easy tasks
      for adults, but to remember that it is normal for him or her to resist
      immediate obedience and to get distracted by other children’s play.

      Explaining Concisely for Correction

      the Prophet would gently and concisely correct them and explain…
      When a child becomes older i.e. beyond the age of 6-7, he or she
      reaches the age of mentally understanding what is right and what is
      wrong. When he encountered such a child doing something the wrong way,
      the Prophet would gently and concisely correct them and explain to them
      how to do it right, without scolding harshly or making them feel
      humiliated in front of others.

      Umar ibn Abu Salamah reported:

      “I was a boy under the care of the Messenger of Allah, and as my hand used to wander around in the dish, he said to me once:

      “Mention Allah’s Name (i.e., say Bismillah), eat with your right hand, and eat from what is in front of you.”  (Al-Bukhari and Muslim)

      Little children have short attention spans, high energy levels, and
      an extremely curious nature due to which they want to explore everything
      in the world, most of which is still very new to them. However, we can
      misinterpret their natural actions and reactions to situations in a
      negative manner, unless we proactively practice patience with their
      behavior without belittling, rebuking or reprimanding them harshly and

      Because little children are a sacred trust from God, we should remind
      ourselves not to be harsh with them. God is not even writing their
      “sins” yet, even if they deliberately break a precious piece of
      crockery, or touch anything in our cupboards or drawers that we have
      kept strictly off limits.

      As parents, if we lose patience with our children and treat them
      wrong, we should immediately and sincerely repent for it before Allah.
      Parents who do not regret nor repent for the wrongs they committed
      towards their children when the latter were young, weak and dependent
      upon them, end up being faced with resentful and aloof offspring in
      their old age, because their little ones grew up with disturbing
      childhood memories that morphed into a deep grudge over the years.

      By regularly reading and studying the Prophet’s loving and mild
      behavior with children, we can prevent ourselves from treating children
      in a manner that could displease God and detriment our relationship with
      them in the long term.

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      I don't know whether this game is already there in this forum . I found it good so posted it here
      OK, so here is how you play. I will post a statement to start us off. It will be two seperate words that make sense together. (Or somewhat )
      Here's an example:
      Grape Juice
      Then, whoever posts next changes one word to make a new statement. It could be.
      Fruit juice
      The next poster could change it to...
      Smelly fruit
      And so on! Have fun and follow the site rules!
      So ok I'll start:
      White mouse