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Sabr "n" Sukr Like Clutch Control..

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SABR "n" SUKR Like Clutch Control..


Asalaaam Alaikum Waramatullahi Wabarakatuh My Dear Friends,

inshallah your reading this in the best of health,


Need A Sizzling Read To Fire Up Your Taste Buds From Bitter To Sweet; From Static To Live 'n Kicking?


Well you've come to the right place..READ ON!


"How is SABR "n" SUKR like "Clutch Control?", you ask!

It isn't I tricked you!! Kidding, of course it is.

READ ON and unlock the witty wisdom yourself ok?


During one of my driving lessons I was vrooming like a "madman" down the raving road when something inside me just clicked and made me go "hmmm isn't life like this?"..


"What on earth is he on about?"


Well for those of you who drive, drove or are driving through LOTS of lessons paying tones of money like me you know the accelator?

Yep DUH that's the pedal to the right.. *Hands over Ladoos as Prize*

Well done!


What happens as the clutch goes down and the accelator goes up?




The amount of times I've done that, subhanallah..



That answer's close. On the serious note the car or van or whatever goes forward doesn't it..

We call the motion a "paddle motion" right?

Clutch goes up, accelator goes down, accelator goes up clutch goes down..Ok ok you get the point, agree?


Life is like this, HOW?


Lets split our life into GOOD and BAD moments...


During GOOD moments we THANK Allah


During BAD moments we keep SABR (+ THANK Allah)




So let's call the Clutch SABR and the Accelator SUKR...


One goes up, other goes down, one goes up and then.....


What happens at the biting point then ay?


Ay ay ay?


Yep the car makes a FUNNY grrr noise..


The balance of SABR and SUKR is vital to DRIVE us forward through the humps and bumps of life..

Through the sunlight,

through the rain and night,

thank Allah Al-Might..


Heey that Rhymes ^


What an accident, or was it?


Jazakallah Khayr for reading...


If you take one thing from this Article it is this:




Written By Aaqib! :sl:


Walaycum Asalaam Waramatullahi

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I aint guna stall lol

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