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Hashi Al-Eritre

Purpose of this Section

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Assalaamu 'alaikom wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,


As is well known, though the internet is an excellent avenue to exchange and look up Islamic articles and fataawa and discussion, but by all means not a place one can expect to gain all the knowledge they need for the various Islamic branches of knowledge.



Books are by far the best way one can expect to acquire the knowledge he/she needs to be firmly grounded upon understanding and knowledge of his/her religion, especially with regards to the issues of Aqeedah (Belief) and Manhaj (Methodology) of following Islam.



Building an Islamic Library in ones home is a tremendous investment to make. As the Prophet sulALlahu 'alayhi wassalaam said "Whoever trends a path to knowledge, Allah will make his path to Jannah easy". Islamic books are a great asset in helping a person learn and understand how to properly believe and practice his/her religion. And not only would he/she be benefiting themself by purchasing such books but also their spouse, relatives, friends, children, or even perhaps grandchildren would also derive immense benefit from them. What better way to encourage ones family and friends to seeking knowledge and practicing Islam than to have books for them to read at their disposal. Plus, while others benefit from them, one would be recieving reward for them benefiting.



I will from time to time post books in this section as they come out in english, and i will try to only post what i know to be authentic and trustworthy books that are based on what is in Quran and Sunnah and the understanding of the companions.



Feel free to e-mail me or pm me with your questions, comments, and even criticisms. And dont forget to check back regularly....

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