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Urgent Work Required !

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Asalamwalaikum brothers and sisters,


I am currently staying in Valenciennes, North France, and looking for work asap.


My hometown is in Australia, and have travelled to France staying with my Fiancee for the next 2-3 months, I require work to afford a plane ticket back home,

I dont have a work visa, so i need a cash in hand job.


I have many skills in alot of areas such as carpentry, cabinet making, landscaping/gardening, resturant kitchen/waiter, telemarketing, sales and IT helpdesk. I can send my resume to anyone who requires it.


Please, help me find 2 months work doing anything, I am a very quick learner. I do not know how to speak french and my mother tongue is English


If you dont personally have any work available, please refer me to some people whom can help.


Thankyou so much in advance, and may Allah have blessings and forgivenes for you all !



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