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Why Are We So Horrible To Each Other?

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Assalam wa'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraakatuh dear brothers and sisters in Islam,


It seems that in this day and age people do not seem to care for one another anymore. If they are mean to a person, it doesn't hurt their heart or make them feel upset. If they swear at their parents, they don't feel remorse. Why is it that today the people have seemingly become without heed or a sense of sadness at any wrong they do to others? I will tell you that today while in an assembly in which people were giving speeches, two girls sitting next to me were backbiting the speakers and saying bad things about them. They would state "He is a retard!" or other horrible things about the respective speakers. It seems they cared little about whether or not what they were doing was mean or a sin, instead they simply continued as if they were playing some inconsequential game. Another incident happened later that day when two of my friends were backbiting my other friend in front of me. They were insulting this friend and his parents in a frightful way, saying things which I cannot repeat here. When I warned them against it they didn't listen and told me that I should stand up for myself! Even when I told them that this poor chap could hear, one replied that he wanted him to hear. This friend of mine then appeared round the corner, his voice trembling as he had obviously heard these poisonous insults. What is more he asked me a question and not the others, suggesting that he knew the mean satements were coming from them. I tried to find an answer to his statement, but was unable to. Insha'Allah he didn't think that I was complicit in backbiting him and I tried to show my disapproval when they were putting him down infront of me. Perhaps it would be of some note to say that these friends are not Muslims, Insha'Allah. What is happening to this world my brethren? Can we not love each other anymore? I love my mother and father with a deep passion in my heart, to the extent that I hate hearing other people's parents being insulted. The injustice displayed today upset me very much.


May Allah(s.w.t.) soften our hearts to an extent that we cry upon the realisation of the pain we have wrought upon others. Ameen.


Assalam wa'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraakatuh.

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Assalamu Alaykum


Such are people who live only for the benefit in this world.

They destroy akhira and they establish this world, but they don't want to go to akhira because it is destroyed.

They live in this world as if they live in this world forever.

They are competing over this world which destroys them.

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Ameen to your dua, your post is profoundly touching and carries a lot of truth. It touches me particularly because it's something that troubles me a lot. People are so inconsiderate of others, it's as though they simply do not realize that other people have the capacity to feel pain.


Arrogance is an ugly thing. The arrogance to judge people because of their appearance, their speech, or their personality. The arrogance to look down on those who do not meet their standards. And the arrogance to laugh at their misfortunes and hardships.


What interests people more than anything? Is it hearing about how someone got a new car or job? Or how someone lost their car or their job? We feed and thrive on the emotional wounds of others, nothing is better than a cup of coffee/tea and a good round of gossip. And more than anything, society teaches us that it's okay. Sticks and stones. Words are fine. In fact, words are encouraged. Entertaining ourselves at the expense of someone's reputation. It's sickening.


Everyone will reap what they sow. If nothing else, we know that much.

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Wa alaykum salaam


Reflective post.


Treat others as you wish to be treated, is an effective guiding principle under events of this kind. What you're actually seeing is a reality which exists in humans; they be horrible to one another due to many reasons, factors and circumstances - and for motives that vary. It's not the case that people don't perceive right from wrong, but most likely don't feel like being nice, they're insecure or unhappy, or simply because being horrible makes them feel good.


What you've presented in your post, brother, are people that are very self-involved and tend to be in the center of their own universe. Therefore, most if not all that matters is what they want, which isn't always necessarily bad but can be capable of being just that. It causes a lack of social responsibility upon which it's a requisite to take account of the collective's best interest instead of our own all the time.


The recommended thing to do is to know one-self and understand what's going on around you, to the extent of reasoning why things are the way they are. One can only do his/her best, and aim to reinforce the positives to their surroundings.

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