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Eyes With Its Own Purpose And Life Philosophy

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1. Protect your physical eyesight the best way you can. Avoid misuse as it may weaken our inner sight and intuitive sense.


2. It is all right to have blurry eyesight or be blind altogether, as this would only create hardship in this world. If our inner sight is blurry or blind, it would cause misery in the Hereafter where we spend eternity.


3. Physical eyesight is similar to car lights: if we frequently misuse it, the car battery becomes weak; the same is true for the physical eyesight, if we misuse it frequently by looking at the forbidden, it will weaken the heart.


4. The eyes are a part of the body with its own purpose and life philosophy. Among them are:


i. A casual glance means looking while preoccupied.


ii. A sideways glance means that there is a secret to be seen or something to be suspicious of, or the intent is to look without being noticed.


iii. Staring intently means the subject being looked at is being contemplated deeply.


iv. Eyes opening wide is a reaction of surprise or anger at the subject.


v. Looking in a particular direction for a length of time while the body remains still probably means that the mind is busy fantasizing or thinking about the past or wondering what is the future.


vi. Looking around with a wide-eyed look is a sign of being spellbounded or overwhelmed with the environment, perhaps with a feeling of strangeness, terror or disgust.


vii. Squinting means signalling someone else, perhaps to indicate interest towards the other person.


viii. Closing the eyes means sleepiness or an attempt to recall something that has been forgotten.


ix. Playing with the eyes or moving them rapidly while squinting means playfulness. This is usually used towards children.


x. Looking around wildly means fear or watchfulness over someone committing a crime, or if there`s something being searched for or if there`s someone suspicious to look out for.


xi. Devious looks, someone who likes to look at women or women who like to look at men with uncontrolled sexual desires.


xii. If the eyes are closed with a frown or scowl, this means either trying to withstand pain or sensing food that is bitter, sour or hot.


xiii. If the eyes are tired or sleepy between opening and closing, it shows someone is sleepy and wants to go to sleep.


xiv. Bedroom eyes along with a lethargic body, sorry but it has to be said, it shows that someone is already too aroused.


5. The things that we see through our eyes are able to remind us of Allah Taala, but they could also make us forget to remember Allah.


6.The things we see through our eyes are able to make our hearts feel the greatness and awesomeness of Allah or simply able to make us feel the beauty or greatness of the things we look at.


7. Our physical eyes can distract our inner sense if we see things without an awareness of Allah. However, our eyes can enlighten our inner sense if we are aware of Allah when we look at things.

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