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Why Are We Committing Sins?

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Assalamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahee wa Barakatu


Why are we committing sins?[using large font size is not allowed]


Why are we ignorant people?


Why are we so attached to this world that we fight over it and destroy our hearts and the best of treasures?


Why do we live like the people of Ad living as tyrants attacking innocent people and behaving as if we live on this world forever?


Why do we live like the people of Sodom sleeping with each other being rude and cruel to strangers/illegal immigrants and doing evil against our brothers and sisters?


Why are we leading our lives like the people of Thamud full of pride and arrogance?


Why are we like the people of Madyan who immitated the evils of their forefathers and who are corrupt when it comes to financial transactions and introduced secularism into the world?


Why do we follow their corruption in business and politics without commemorating their punishment?


Why are we living like the people of Moses and Noah just doing what we want ignoring our Creator and being ungrateful to the Sustainer and Cherisher of this world?


Why are we copying the path of Pharaoh by creating tyrannic dictatorships and monopolies or by believing that we are gods and idols?


Why do we ignore the fact that everyone is meant to die?[using large font size is not allowed]



We are ignorant because we do not really love Allah Subhana Ta­ala enough


We do not love and fear Allah because our hearts are rough and stubborn


Our hearts are rough and stubborn Because we do not know our Creator


That is why we ignore or are not aware of the fact that we all will meet our Creator


To make our hearts soft and God­-conscious Is not very difficult


Actually it is very easy to accomplish but the majority does not know


We solve this problem by learning about Al-Akhira - the Afterlife


If we know the Afterlife our hearts will be attached to it


That means that our hearts will also be attached to the Creator of the Akhira


That means we love to meet our Creator[using large font size is not allowed]



Remember, we can serve only one master either Allah Subhana Ta´ala or this materialistic dunia


Remember, our hearts will be there where our treasure is


So, if our treasure is in Paradise our hearts will be in Paradise and if we place our treasure in dunya only then we will find it in dunya and our

hearts would be attached to dunya.


The best treasure is not our family nor our money nor the palaces and rivers of Paradise nor Eternal Life.


Not even meeting with the best of creations the Prophets and Messengers of Allah


not even meeting the angels Gabriel or Michael or Israfeel


The best treasure of all is that Allah Subhana Ta´ala is completely pleased with us and tells us that He will never ever be annoyed with us

anymore and that Allah is happy with us.


So happy so pleased that we have eternal freedom and an eternal home and eternal peace. The greatest treasure is when Allah gives us without measure just because he is pleased with us


The best treasure is when Allah shows us what his names mean, when Allah shows us what ArRahman and ArRaheem means.


If we know what it means to please Allah Subhana Ta´ala, then we never want to displease Allah.


We are eager to please Allah and receive Allah´s love and protection and reward and we have love, fear, and hope of Allah and are scared not to please Allah and are pleased to please Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala ONLY[using large font size is not allowed].

Edited by Muhsinmuttaqi

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this is beautiful........i love this forum i learn so much..thank you for posting this.....

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salam alkueim


jazakallah lalah akhirun

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JazzakALlahu Khayr

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