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I think i should be taking it slow with Islam like my imam said,but i love this forum so much but i do have questions i heard on this forum that i have to shave my head and other areas?also im not allow to hug women that im not married except for family but i have a very close friend who im very close with.see im a cook and we went to cooking school together,and she is very supportive of me,which if you new her family you would be shocked.she is born in iran her family had to leave because of her family is zorostrains and thier revolution was happing.so the dad got kicked out cause he didnt want to convert to Islam. so she is a very independent thinker which i feel i very rare these days,i dont want to hurt her feelins if it is against Allah not to hug another women.she ussually goes to hug me i never go in for hug so is it still un lawfull?

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if she hugs you then you should politely inform her that it is against your beliefs to touch a woman.


you dont have to shave your head, but pubic & armpits you have to.

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