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Question Regarding Surah 6:8

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As Salaam Alaikum


Surah 6:8


And they say: Why has not an angel been sent down to him? And if we send down an angel, the matter would be decided and then they would be respited


Commentary states: The divine message was undoubtedly brought by an angel, but here again they wanted to se the spiritual reality of the angel in physical form. The presence of angels was felt by the righteous in the transformation which they worked in their hearts but the hearts of the wicked were impervious to all good, and hence the only form in which the angels could make their presence felt to them was by punishing them foe their evil deeds. Hence the coming of the angels to guilty is always spoken of in the Qu'ran as being synonymous with the infliction of punishment with which they were threatened.


My questions are:


1.) What is the name of the angel refer to in this Surah?

2.)Who is "HIM" referring to? Allah or The Prophet Muhammad?

3.)From my undestanding angels only show themselves when the infliction of punishment is present, Yes?


4.) Arent angels really messengers?

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1) The Surah isn't talking of a specific Angel with a name. It says an Angel, it doesn't say the Angel, therefore, it is general in meaning. The unbelievers, who are the people to whom the pronoun "they" refers to, at Muhammad(pbuh)'s time asked him why wasn't an Angel sent along with him to bring the Message.


2) It refers to Muhammad(pbuh).


3) Well, this is not true. Angels(pbut) showed themselves for Mary(ra) to give her gladtidings of the Messiah, Jesus(pbuh),


4) Yes, Angels(pbut) are Messengers. However, this doesn't mean that all Angels(pbut) are Messengers. There are Angels who created for various duties which have nothing to with bringing Messages such as, for example, Angels(pbut) who are only created to pray to God - they do nothing but pray to him.

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Assalamu Aleykum wa rahmetula wa barakatuhu


When I started reading the Quran, I didnt know absolutely nothing about it , but the key to believe in it is not to look at it from a basic point of view. Its verses mean several things. When you think that one verse or anything in it is wrong your wrong.

There are many educated Muslims and converts if there was a single error in it and us calling it a complete word of God there wouldnt be many Muslims today.

So be careful the way your talking about Gods words.

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he just asked four questions. the cure against ignorance is asking.

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