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On Islamic Supremacism And Sharia

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I found this (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_muslimmethod.wordpress(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/2007/10/18/on-islamic-supremacism-and-sharia/"]blog entry [/url]interesting , It was written in response to a comment by someone named 'awake'




Let me address this ‘Islamic supremist ideology’ thing. Awake I assume that you are a Christian and that you believe that your religion is ’superior’ to other religions and that only Christians will go to Heaven? I will say that that is a reasonable stance since I - as a Muslim - hold the same about Islam, but I will not call you a ‘Christian Supremist’. I may disagree with your stance, but I CAN see why you would hold that position. If you did not believe your religion to be superior, then why be in it? Do I believe that Islam is the only correct religion? Yes!


Do I believe that believing in Islam is a requirement to enter Heaven? Yes


Does that make me agree with terrorism? Of course not, so why are we mixing the issues? People assume now that a Muslim who believes his/her religion is the only truth sympathizes with terror.


Why is it criminal for a Muslim to hold that his/her religion is ’superior’? Do you not see the double standard?


Now, you have some Muslim ‘reformists’ who will tell you that the Qur’an says: “No compulsion in religion” to prove that a Muslim should not believe that his/her religion is the only truth.


I respond by saying that we are not to force people to accept Islam, but that does not change our (reasonable) stance that our religion is ’superior’ to others.


This is a totally separate argument from the debate on whether or not Islam endorses terrorism. This does not prevent us from treating all people, regardless of religion, fairly.


Are there ignorant Muslims who unfortunately will follow their desires and take things out of context and justify rape, murder and slaughter? Yes, but that is on them…not Islam


To expect that Muslims will declare that their religion is the same as others is not a fair expectation. I would not expect a Christian to believe such a thing so why do you all put this demand on Muslims?


As to the sharia question, then know that sharia is much more comprehensive than you, Mr Spencer and others seem to think it is. You all seem to think that sharia is limited to stoning of ONLY WOMEN (a fallacy that ONLY women are punished) female genital mutilation (another complete fallacy) and spanking those who drink alcohol.


The sharia also includes things like how we pray, how we fast, pay zakaat, what we can and can not eat and drink and so on. Parts of the West are ALREADY inline with parts of the sharia (there are many districts in the South that BAN alcohol and homosexuality for example) So when you have a group such as “Muslims Against Sharia” it is no wonder that the first thought of the average Muslim is: “are they crazy?” … They are essentially throwing out the religion. Without sharia, there will be no way of knowing how to pray, fast, make pilgrimage, pay zakaat or even if one should do those things or not.


So another impossible demand upon Muslims is for us to reject sharia as sharia contains how we practice Islam. If there is no sharia, there is no Islam. Get stoning and other things out of your mind. Sharia is much broader than that. So of course ‘reformists’ are not going to get very far in debating the ibn ladens of the world when they makes such an outlandish arguments. The rejection of ibn laden’s garbage has to be on IslamIC grounds and not on essentially rejecting Islam itself.


After we have established what sharia is (and is not) the question is whether or not there is this insidious plot by all of the Muslims to implement hudood (the punishments in your mind) on Westerners and force people to practice Islam? This is not true and is a wild conspiracy not unlike the “Protocals of Elder Zion”. Just because you might be able to find a person here or there who says that they want to do that, does not mean that this plot exists amongst all of us. Further, implementation of the hudood is a complex question on whether or not it should be implemented on MUSLIMS in MUSLIM countries in certain circumstances …much less here in the West. So the question is just outlandish on its face. If such a plot existed, then we’d have an argument, but it does not. To me it is a little like debating the type of defense earth would use if invaded by aliens from outer space.


To drive this point home, I have known of situations where married men have come to the Masjid and ADMITTED TO ADULTERY and ASKED TO BE STONED, but were told that WE ARE IN THE WEST AND WE CAN NOT DO THAT. If there was this staunch desire to stone people amongst Muslims , then it would be happening. However, I have never seen such a plot. Further, if some ignorant Imam in the West were to do a stoning, you would find people like me condemning him for going WAY outside of his authority


Would I like to see my fellow Westerners become Muslim? Yes I would. Am I going to force them to do so? No, and I could not even if I wanted to. Is it insidious of me to want others to become Muslim?

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Hmmm that is interesting. As a follower of Theravada Buddhism I hold that anyone who does not take life, steal, lie, engage in sexual misconduct or consume intoxicants will not only have a good life here and now but will reap reward in a future life, or possibly a heavenly world. In The Kalama Sutta the Buddha tells the kalamas that if they can accept this simple truth they have 4 guarantees in this very life.


1) If there is a heavenly world that exists after the break-up of the body they are assured a place in this world.


2)If there is no heavenly world they live happily free of hate and suffering in this very life.


3)If deeds bear fruit and bad deeds reep punishment, being that they have committed no evil, how can evil befall them?


4)If bad deeds do not bear fruit, then right here in this life they are purified in both respects.


Some people are very skillfull some are not. your religon doesnt matter. one of the most skillfull people i know is a Muslim woman. She is a second mother to me. I have learned much through her love and kindness.

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Lars, let me try to explain why some religions might consider all disbelievers to be in Hellfire. For example: Islam and Christianity.


Because we believe that Allah (God, our Lord) gave us everything. He feeds us, He clothes us, He has created us, He created this earth that we live in, He created these minds that we use to think, the eyes that we use to see, the ears that we use to hear, our limbs, fingers, heart, etc.


He created this world and He created us. Obviously, there was a reason. We understand that He explained to us the reason by revealing the purpose of life to men who became Prophets and Messengers of Allah. Their job was one and the same: to relay the purpose of life to mankind.


Allah created us, and all He asks of us is that we dedicate our actions in life to Him. We will do these actions ANYWAY. We will all live ANYWAY. We will all die ANYWAY. So why does one turn away from his Creator?


The reason why someone can't possibly make it to Paradise without believing in his Lord and His Commandments, is because the denial of his Lord completely ruins all his good deeds. It is as if a kid grows up to be a very good man, but he denies his parents. He refuses to acknowledge them or give them any credit whatsoever. He finds random things like people, idols, statues, etc. and gives the credit to them instead of his parents.

But this case is even worse. Because your parents don't do everything for you. Your Lord does.


He is always willing to accept His slaves' repentence, as long as they are living. He is Most Generous, Most Merciful, Most Kind, and oft-Forgiving. If you ask Him to guide you to the truth, He will surely do it. But you have to seek the Truth.

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That was amusing. Its kind of take-a-wild-guess religion, or play-it-safe religion, lol.

You as a creature in this life, must make a stand from your Creator. You either believe in Him, and so follow His divine words, or not believe in Him. You have that freedon. But with your kind of religion, you are not a servant of your creator now, you're a servant of some philosopher guy!

your religon doesnt matter.
Then why did you identify yourself as a follower of 'Theravada Buddhism'?. The definition of a religion is: a belief system. Therefore you are following a religion, only mad made.

Its funny some people leave the clear message sent to them from their Creator, and follow someone's thoughts and philosophy as their belief system.

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