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Increase Number Of Saved Pms For Regular Members

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I think it would be helpful to increase the number of PMs that can be saved by regular member. A few years ago I was writing an article that relied partially on PMs I had recieved a few years back. Unfortunately I was forced to delete some of the messages that would have really helped me.


Does it really take that much space on the server to save text files? It seems like this site runs pretty fast, so I'm guessing there is some decent hardware behind it.


Also, it would be great if PMs you had responded to were marked. I don't know if that would take all new software though...

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PMs are stored in our database, which slows down the site if it gets too bulky. A while back we had to delete more than 600,000 posts (mostly news topics) to keep the database nice and slim.


But you have an option to archive all your PMs, and have them emailed to your address before they get deleted. You can choose to have them archived as an excel or an html file.

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