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Salaam:[using large font size is not allowed]


My twin brother also a doctor, called me today, and we spoke over the phone….he told me how 4 of the mullahs in the northwestern province of Pakistan had declared that mullah omar was there ameer/leader and usama bin laden their hero….[using large font size is not allowed]


There was a time when I sympathized with these mullahs/talebaan….but now, after having seen these bearded muslims' behaviors and ofcourse having learned only recently that"mua'amla is deen, not salaat/prayers/nimaaz and fasting"(saying of omar razi allahu anhu…mua'amlaah = dealings)..[using large font size is not allowed]


I now firmly agree with those scholars who say that MUSLIMS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE HAVOC on the planet….[using large font size is not allowed]


If one man(alaih assalaatu-wassalaam's) ma'amla/dealings could make 1/4th of the globe muslim…why is it that these 1/4th of the globe could not convince the remaining 3/4th that Islam is salvation?[using large font size is not allowed]


Because muslims failed at dealing fairly, dealing according to the quranic code, with each other, and with non-muslims…[using large font size is not allowed]


When they did that ….non-muslims….those that were educated, decided that the code is correct, 100%true…but the muslims are crooked…[using large font size is not allowed]


And those non-muslims who were/are not informed enough, just branded muslims as barbarians…[using large font size is not allowed]


And why was it that this nation…the claimant to the BIGGEST EVER BLESSING ;QURAN….are so down trodden in this century and before it too..?[using large font size is not allowed]


Because the info in the Quran and hadeeth was for each person to analyze self..NOT OTHERS….while muslims used that info to analyze others and not themselves…[using large font size is not allowed]


This caused "hatred" to become an index to the muslim's mind's imaan…a measure for his/her imaan being the hatred he/she feels for the non-muslims, or in other words, the the hatred for the un-informed. How ironic and illogical!!!![using large font size is not allowed]


Usama bin Laden and his kind…could verily not start jihad/(what they think means only war) against the tyrants ruling in their own lands….and found the poor afghans the guineas…on which these arabs experimented their brand of Islam..[using large font size is not allowed]


I agree with yusuf abdussalaam/cat stevens…that they abducted my religion….they defamed Islam the most.[using large font size is not allowed]


May Allah guide all muslims to focus on themselves/each person on self…and may he make us all earnest, generous, honest and self-less in our dealings..dealings with each other..and that starts from our maids and drivers and servants and parents and siblings and uncles and aunts and neighbors…..ameeen[using large font size is not allowed]


And it is such honest and earnest delings that then attract the un-informed/non-muslim, to Islam…this is the real essence of da'waa/preaching….[using large font size is not allowed]


Ya Allah forgive us and Bless us with wisdom to preach through our practice(amen).[using large font size is not allowed]

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When religious principles are used by humans for analyzing other humans’ caliber of goodness or vice, (playing god)the spirit of disciplining self through those very principles evaporates and pretentions replace originality and religious rites become traditions and customs and rituals,followed out of competition/fear of other humans…..this is already a dead society by Islamic codes….and it needs awakening….

Some may be awakened by a jolt, others by a stick,still others by a bullet and still others may have to have non-muslims come into their lands and remove the multistoreyed idols/ statues of their muslim leaders….

The Absolutely Merciful Allah is showing Mercy and Grace, awakening this ummah from slumber….i testify to that here and am prepared to repeat this afterhere too.

May Allah Bless us all with preaching through our daily lives practice of Islamic principles….and those that find it hard, may Allah grant them the courage to say that they are not muslims BUT wish to be…(amen)

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