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Questions About Asking Scholars Questions.. (where Are The G

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i have major complications..


I am vigorously searching for a scholarto assist me with my concerns..


Unfortnetly there are not enough good scholars to answer questions..


We are spirutal poor in this ummah and everyoner is seeking to be a conventional dotcor of processed medicine, lawyers and such but where are are future ummah leaders??





I have a question..


Unfortunely its not for anyone on this site as i am a minortiy it seems with my opinion and i am constantly banned and locked or ridiculed for my opinions.





I have to ask the scholar my questions












The question for you all is..


Where can i find a good scholar either online or by phone as it is alot eiaser to seek knowledge online rather then in person nowadays...




1#) Im seeking a good site or number(cheap)

2#) A good scholar



Any opinion will not work


The stronget opinion must be seeked as weaker opinions will most likely be rejected...




Good examples of strong opinions are you are not allowed to post links yet Islamqa(contact admin if its a beneficial link) and other sites such as these..


Some salfi sheiks are also good examples



Unforutely not enough of them are avialble..








I need good ones that are reliable



Many scholars today are too busy to answer questions.


If a question is asked then it would take weeks maybe months if any till a response is delivered..









So if anyone knows of any that are reliable or LIVE scholars qa and/or more than one question is allowed then i would greatly apppreciate..

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Whats the question?


And try askimam or sunnipath.

Otherwise go to your local Masjid

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Try asking the scholars from Makka and Medina that give knowledge and answer questions on Albaseerah(contact admin if its a beneficial link)

Insha'Allah they will help you.

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