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Kai Thaabit

The Zionists And The Jews

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It seems from a lecture I listened to that the war between Islam and Zionism is a different war than the war between Islam and the Jews which will happen in the future.


According to the lecture it says that the Romans/West and the Muslims will fight a common enemy. Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will give the Muslims victory, but not the West/Romans/Christians. The Christians will become jealous and attack the Muslims which starts the final war between the Muslims and the Romans. The lecturer assumes that the common enemy must be israel.


However, the war between the Muslims and the Jews will happen in the time of the dajjal and in the time of the Mahdi when the Jews will follow the dajjal.


Remember, that this is about future events which are still ghayb.


These are the events in chronological order according to the lecture by Tawfigue Chowndhury:


1. There will be some peace treaty between the Muslims and the Christians/West/Romans (authentic narration: Bukhary/Muslim/Abu Dawood), according to the lecturer the peace treaty already happened between the West and the Muslim. The peace treaty will be violated by the Romans.


2. The Mother of Wars/the War of Wars will happen: The Muslims will join forces with the Romans to fight a common enemy. This war (Armageddon) will take place in the land of Palestine. This is even confirmed in the bible. This battle will last for four days. The Christians/Roman Army/United Nations? will have eighty standards/banners of war and under each banner will be 12000 men - 12000*80= 960000 soldiers. The number of Muslim soldiers is unknown.


3. After four days fighting Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala will give victory to the Muslims, but not to the West. Due to jealousy the Christians will prepare to attack the Muslim. The will be some month period between the fight between the Romans and the Muslims. It is in this time between the two wars, when three of the children of the Khalifa in Arabia will be fighting over the throne of Arabia (probably three sons of the king of Saudi Arabia will fight over the throne of Saudi Arabia). At that time the Imam Muhammad ibn Abdullah Al-Mahdi (Imam Mahdi) will emerge. The people will give pledge of allegiance to him. A Muslim army from Damascus will come to fight the Mahdi, but this army will be swallowed by the earth. Just right before the fight between the Romans and the Muslim the Imam Mahdi will emerge. The Muslims will be victorious against the Romans/West. The fight will last 7 days altogether.


4. After the victory against the Romans someone will come to the Imam Mahdi and announce him that the Dajjal came out, so the war against the Dajjal begins.


5. Imam Mahdi and army of Black Flags from Khurasaan will be cornered in Damascus in the Umayad Masjid where Eesa bin Maryam will descend and will pray behind the Imam Mahdi.


6. In a different part of the world a Muslim army will fight India and be victorious and this army will move from India to Damascus to meet and join with 'Eesa ben Maryam alayhissalam.




I don't want to post the entire lecture here, but please check the Islamic Video forum where I will post the entire lecture.




If the mother of wars is against the Zionists of israel then war between the Muslims and the Yahood will still come. The war with the Yahood will be a different conflict, a different battle, and this will be the war against Antichrist who is followed by 70000 Yahood from ESFAHAAN, KHURASAN, IRAN. And I have the strange feeling and fear that those Yahood who now protest against the State of israel will be the enemy. If they loves us Muslims then they would have become Muslim already. There might be some who are sincere, but in future I feel that this group of Jews will be our enemy in war unfortunately. Allah knows best. People might not like this situation, but this is what it looks like. However, the future events are ghayb. Therefore, there could be other possibilities. ESFAHAAN is one of the centers of the anti-Zionist Jews, but this does not mean that they are on our side. Let's see what future brings. Now we concentrate on the Mother of Wars and the War with the Romans and then let's see what happens.


Whatever it will be one thing I am pretty sure:


The war against the Zionists and the war against the Jews are two different wars that will happen in different times.


May we be ready for the Mother of Wars, because it will happen very soon.

Let us be those who give pledge to Imam Muhammad/Ahmad ibn Abdullah Al-Mahdi, radi Allahu anhu.


We think that everything is far away, but it is closer that we can imagine.


I believe the around 2012 there will be something great and scary happening.


I the Mother of Wars happen in our time then my warcry insha'Allah will be: "Shahada or Victory!!!"

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It seems from a lecture I listened to that the war between Islam and Zionism is a different war than the war between Islam and the Jews which will happen in the future


I think the war between Islam and the Jews is the war between Muslims and Zionists. After all, Zionists are behaving like ad-Dajjal for they are using false promises, lies, fairy tales, deception, false flag operations, dirty covert operations etc to slander, frame and demonize Islam and Muslims !

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The war against Dajjal begins after the war against the Romans is over and the mother of wars which are sometimes called Armageddon will be before the war with the Romans if we follow the information of this lecture.


The war with the Zionists is a political war, but the war with the Yahood will be a religious war and the Mahdi will be with us and the Ummah will be United.


The chronological order insha'Allah will be:


1. The Mother of War: Romans/Muslims together against a common enemy and the war will take place in Palestine. If the Zionists are not the common enemy the who. Yes, they are Jews but it is more a political entity.


2. Muslims are victorious against the common enemy, but the Romans aren't.


3. Between the Mother of Wars and the War against the Romans is a few month peaceful period.


4. In that time the Mahdi will emerge and he will unite the Ummah. He will unify the Arabian Peninsula and win the battle against Iran. This means under his leadership the Ummah will be united. Under the leadership of Isa ben Maryam, Islam will prevail over all religions. Yet, under the leadership of the Mahdi the internal problems and disunity will end.


5. After the Unity of the Ummah, the War between Romans and Muslims will be under the leadership of Mahdi. The Unified Ummah will fight for La illaha illallah Muhammad dar Rasulullah only without any national banners.


6. The Muslims will be victorious against the Romans and this comes after the victory against the Common Enemy.


7. After this victory someone will come to the Mahdi and announces that Dajjal is out. This is the last war which comes AFTER the Mother of Wars and After the War against the Romans.


8. The Dajjal is accompanied by 70000 Jews from Esfahan. Esfahan is now located in Khorasan, Iran. This will be different war and it will be religious war. Muslims will be united and fighting under one banner under the leadership of Imam Mahdi. Is there a connection between the Jews of Iran and the Jews/Zionists in israel?



Mother of War against the Zionists then Mahdi then War against Romans and then War against Yahood and Dajjal and then Yajuj Majuj and then Haqq Prevails over Batil for good.

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Dajjal is a single person who will come in the end of time and he is accompanied by Iranian Jews.


However. we will be victorious in all battles.


The Mother of Wars will last 4 days

Between the Mother of Wars and War against Romans are about nine months.

The War Against the Romans will last for 7 days

The War Against the Dajjal and Yahood will be until the descending of Isa ben Maryam.


Allah knows best.


May Allah let these things come as soon as possible and let us be prepared for them. Victory will arrive with or without our participation. By participating we do not benefit the outcome of the wars, but we only benefit ourselves.

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I still believe that the last battle between Muslims and Jews is actually the last battle between Muslims and Zionists because we are not allowed to kill innocent Jews. It is the Zionists who have been attacking, invading, occupying the land that belong to Muslims and terrorizing, torturing, murdering and massacring innocent Muslims since 1948 so I think that we Muslims will fight against Zionists in the last battle and we will win with Allah's permission.

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We are talking about future events so we cannot be sure how these things happen exactly. We just use these information to prepare ourselves and to remain steadfast. The information are glad tidings for us. Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wassallam informed Uthmaan ibn Affan ra already beforehand about the fitna and what to do to strengthen him when the fitna arrives.


When the fitan arrive the we know.


I am just afraid that I am sitting home while the Muslims are victorious or die for the sake of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala or that I am not in the right place in the right time. That is the scariest part.


We could also say that the war against the Zionists has two parts.


Remember, that the Dajjal is followed by 70000 Jews from Esfahaan, Khurasaan, Iran. They are Iranian Jews from Iran and they will wear a time of Iranian/Persian Clothing. Everyone who does not believe in Isa bin Maryam as the True Messiah will end up following the False Messiah.


Remember, that the Romans are probably the United Nations. According to a post of yours, the United Nations are already starting to realize the evil of israel which could be a sign that soon they will see them a the enemy and then join with the Muslims to fight against them.


I don't know what will be the reason why they decide to join with the Muslims. Maybe, our boycotts that we are starting will lead them to that decision. Allah knows best.


However, I know what I know is that if this Armageddon happens this year then Imam Mahdi will come this or next year. Unless the information of the lecture is not true.


I just want it to happen.


When I was Christian I prayed to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala that I wish to be alive when Isa ben Maryam descends. And after I became Muslim, I prayed to Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala that I wish to perform my Hajj with Isa ben Maryam. I know that Allah decides when I die or not, but I hope that both of my prayers will be fulfilled.

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