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Absolute Islam; Arrives

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I consider myself very fortunate, extremely fortunate, alhamdulillah, to be allowed this entry by circumstance.


A self-assembeled jamaat/group of 13 pakistanis, went to the elders of the tableeghi jamaat/preaching group of RAIWIND, and asked that they be allowed to travel away from their homeland, for preaching through practice, forever…..meaning that none of those 13 will ever come home again, they will continue traveling ,and as each completes his course of granted life here, the remaining will bury him and go on in their travels….


This means an ABSOLUTE copying of the lifestyles of the SUHABA(the companions of the last prophet, alaih assalaatu wassalaam)…..

The, group/jamaat was granted their wish through collective counseling/consultations and re-counseling, and the group/jamaat has already been on their course abroad for one year.


To me this meant an absolute ‘come-back’ of the absolute Islam that the holy prophet alaih assalaatu wassalaam had brought forth through his practice….and he had foretold that, “Islam came as a strangeness to humanity, and will arrive back to humanity as a ‘strangeness’â€â€¦

I am very grateful that, absolutely by my Owner’s Grace, I was/am among the fortunate ones who craved for this ….


Along with this came my debilitating lung infection….a doctor myself, and having maltreated my lungs all my life, I was aware that this would happen…


I know, cough and chest infections better than I know my siblings…so this time I know that this sudden loss of 5kg bodyweight in 11 days and an intractable infection, behaving so indifferent to the strongest medications my doctor’s mind knows, means I am at the helm of some chronicity/malignancy…


If I am right, then it is only my own stupidity of oscillating between absolutely healthy, and absolutely suicidal health regimes, all my life…I reiterate my Owner’s words that “He (Allah) is not cruel to anyone, but it is one’s own (human)willful errors that subject one to tragedyâ€â€¦(RESULTS OF TESTS, REVEALED IT IS JUST AN ACUTE EXACERBATION DUE TO THE SAND-LAND I WAS TRAVELLING IN,DURING THE HAY-FEVER SEASON, ALAHAMDULILLAH)


The jubilation I write above, at those 13’s excursion is because now the practice of Islam, with absolute indifference to material/worldly definitions of success/common sense has come into humanity’s practice …and not through the destructive practice of suicidal bombers but through the very constructive and very difficult/taxing practice of self-discipline, self-sacrifice and absolute love for all humanity as exhibited by all the prophets and especially the prophet of Islam…


This heralds the advent of true/absolute Islam for all humanity, this does also bear very bad tidings for those muslims whose practice of Islam/faith was/is subject to their comfort levels, for now the contemporary indices to ‘faith’ and ‘sincerity’ have been evidently raised to perfection by those 13 brothers…now bankruptcies and clan-wars and chaos will infest all those lives that stained the virtues of absolute Islam through false/double standards of practice,(my own infected lungs is probably just that)…


But being even a verbal claimant to Islam is fortunate in the sense, that honest self analysis does lead one to confession and self-correction(insha-Allah).


Now I address my son and daughter, ibraheem Abdullah mahmood, and aaminah maryam mahmood:(and through them, all muslim sons and daughters,insha-Allah)


My dear son, and dearer daughter,


All great men were raised without fathers..adam, ibraheem, moses, jesus and Muhammad alaihum assalaatu wassalaam…


1---So being raised father-less is actually a sign of good fortune and not a cause for self-pity..

Among the purely Bedouin arab tribes , it is still a practice to send their newborn sons away to desert tribes…desert tribes that still wear goat skins and the famous King faisal of Saudi Arabia, saw a modern day toilet for the first time when he was 14….

So; NO…being raised without a father is no weakness or handicap at all…..


2---When one is a muslim by birth, it means the person has god-given talents, that make the person capable of doing what a non-muslim(by birth) does not possess…there is no doubt about that in my scientist’s mind…..

but when we, the muslims, are raised by societies that , by tongue, claim Islam, but in practice, worship the worldly standards of success (money-based social status), then. Each of us by the age 14 or 15 years (of age), is a complete master at chicanery/being a crook.

If anyone raised in the muslim societies of the 20th and 21st century tries telling you (or you yourself tell yourself)that it is not true, then the joke is on whoever agrees/the fool is whoever agrees….because the surroundings engrave this cheating so thoroughly on our brains and systems, that we become masters at remaining thieves, and yet seeming to be muslims.


Each of us is given god-granted abilities to get rid of this thief within each of us….


No one can help us get rid of the crook inside each of us…only we can kill that thief in us, and only our own determined efforts will give us freedom from that crook who rules our hearts through the false labels of Islam (that actually act as a cover for all our, cheating and lying) coveting fancy lifestyles in reality, contradicting our verbal claims to this life being a test and the next life being the actual …


Some of us who are not affected by the money-based living standards, fall prey to the grandiosity-based ills of our surrounding society’s false-ness…we become patients of anger, and we rationalize our beast-like behaviors by judging others (around us)…


Either way and in either case, each of us has to grow out of that crook by our own efforts…


By remaining focused on ourselves…

..by telling ourselves again and again, that Allah has already given us all the powers and abilities needed to be honest and sincere slaves to Allah.

...and by telling ourselves again and again that the index/measure to/of success, honesty, sincerity is the life and the behavior of Muhammad alaih asslaatu wassalaam…


Yes you may be right when you say that a common, 21stcentury non-muslim(by birth) does not have the abilities to copy Muhammad absolutely….but a muslim(by birth) does…


If you examine yourself honestly and with sincerity to Allah, you will realize I am not wasting time and words writing this to you…


that YES , you do have that ability to be ABSOLUTELY earnest and honest…in all your dealings with other humans and with your Owner/Allah.


3--- I write here, publicly, because I wish my words to do good to not only my son and daughter but to many sons and daughters…

I also write here because you will need 15 to 20 years to understand all that I

write…the meanings are not going to arrive at your minds overnight, or in a month or a single year…


4--- I always had the choice to waste my life running after you, fighting court cases that your mom’s dad had in store for me…..but the Holy Quran, forbids to go to courts that one already knows will use laws other than Allah's to decide cases...and ofcourse you are by-now aware of what our court/judicial system is worth...


but alhamdulillah I came to this pakistani society from the arabia of 1960’s …


I knew I will never fight the raja dahirs of this land in fields they choose for war…


I have never in my life fought as my enemy wished, I always chose my own time and the place, and my own standards for war and victory…


I knew I had already won when your mother had sworn falsely by your life ibraheem, when you were only one month old…

But I could divorce her and distance myself from the poison and stench of lives lived for pleasing or in fear of other people; you could not divorce your mom.


So I knew that for you my son, and daughter, it was designed such by the Designer Subhanohu v ta’laa that you live with these people whose only focus of life is “to please others†and thus they lead entire life-times dictated by others/ in fear of others.


You had to witness their misery and their weak-cheap-sick standards yourself to decide finally (insha-Allah)that I , your father, am right and was right in letting you be the judges, and in distancing myself from that blight.


No it was not a tragedy that we lived away from each other…nor was it a tragedy that this blood-line of your mom crossed mine to make you (ibraheem and aaminah)…


This was the only way my children could have seen the truth of Allah and understood the falseness and the poison of double-standard Islam.


My father(when he was only 13)had witnessed the martyrdom/shahaadat of his parents (when the Sikhs in India slaughtered them), and I witnessed my own parents’ death at the early age of 21 and 22 …to learn the meaninglessness of a people-fearing/pleasing life or a life that judges success by material/worldly standards of comfort or wealth.


The purpose of your life and mine is not to have things the way we want them…the purpose, was/is and shall always remain, that we all see the truth and live accordingly…or at least try living accordingly/admittedly.


When you lived with me, ibraheem at age 5, you and your cousins were attacked by dogs in the park..all your cousins ran away but you did not, and when I asked you why you had not run, you had said, “jee-jee you yourself told me that if I fear anyone other than Allah then I should say’a’oozubillah’(I seek refuge with Allah) and that thing will fear me, so I said a’oozubillah and the dogs got scared of me and started wagging their tails and sat at my feetâ€â€¦


So what I intend to say here is that I did fall short of being a good father in many ways, but that can never be an excuse for you failing to be a good father , my son, and you being a good wife and then a good mother my dear daughter…


....daughters often-times copy their mothers…this is my greatest fear… I wish that my daughter doesnot make a muslim man’s life hell, like your mother tried her stupid best to make mine.


And then deprived you (her own children) of the truth and your father’s influence all your lives(exactly like a poisonous snake that eats it’s own child)…if you ever do that aaminah, I already ask Allah to punish you as severely as possible.


Remember there is no greater torture/punishment for a woman than having to raise children by herself, without a husband…so please my dear daughter, don’t repeat what your mother and her father/family did.(amen)


5---No…the purpose of my writings is not to cause hatred or anger against your mom in your hearts…she was trained to do what she did…so treat her with sympathy and respect…but do not grow to be the cowards that your mother’s family is..be brave muslims…that is all I wish for you and from you….and if you maltreat the woman who raised you without her husband, you will be cowards…give her the handicap of being, ill-/mis-informed and raised by a shopkeeper who measures all things/virtues in life with pennies.


the purpose of all the experiences of life you have had so far, and these writings I leave on the internet, is that you do not follow in the footsteps of these ‘by-name’ muslims who actually fear people and not Allah, and worship money not Allah…


like rasoolullah was born in mecca…with all the ignorance and social crimes ever possible, rampant in mecca….your mecca is the surroundings you were raised in..you can never blame anyone or make this an excuse for breaching Allah’s laws…


and if you do, you yourself will get broken..that is another of Allah’s laws.


I pray that you be good muslims, who create an example through their dealings with other humans, and lead others to true Islam…(amen).


Tears, sweat drops, happy minutes and sad ones are already fixed for each of us…we can not escape them, and we can not change them…we can only remain sincere to our Owner Who blessed us with tears so we would know happiness and with sweat/hard times so we can appreciate comfort….




(I consulted a very close friend about this entry….attached below is the feedback I received,and the answer I wrote back to my friend)


---j....someone here objected to my addressing my children publicly....

however this may be the last ever entry addressed specifically to them...

due you think i should go ahead and post it on my diary and the Islamic forum..?or should i refrain?

help me decide, please.




Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2009 12:23:36 +0200

From: j

To: hotmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link)]moodeaz[at]hotmail(contact admin if its a beneficial link)

Subject: Re: urgent/feedback pls.


I think you've trashed their mother a little bit too much in your letter. Although you do, after that, tell them to respect her.


The advice your children need is the latter ......to respect her and have the ability to tell right from wrong. What happened between you and her family is long gone - they don't need to be reminded of something they had no part of.


Post your letter it's your business if you want to do that, nobody elses.


(my answer to my friend, a Christian cousin)


i agree about the thrashing, but she and her family has kept my children in absolute darkness about the reasons for that damn arranged wed-/pad-lock …besides they have to learn

grow positive in the presence of all the truths their genes and their environment contain....THAT IS ENTIRELY THEIER OWN RESPONSIBILITY…it would be unfair and actually criminal of myself, to try protecting them from the harsh seasons/truths of life…they must learn to remain positive and grateful for whatever they have been given, in whatever way by their/my/our Creator(alhamdulillah).

yes you are right, i will go ahead and post it...

besides the letter is not meant for my children only...it is meant for almost 99% of the muslim families of the globe...so i cant hide/mask things..

thanks, i felt encouraged...maybe will attach this 'feedback' as well as my answer to you, to the mail/post


Dr.Mahmood Rafiq

Project Director: Rah-e-Rast,

Therapeutic community for drug addicts.


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