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dead man walking

Umrah 2009 Help

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I have a question to ask for you bros and sis


first of all its a pleasure to come back here




second of all- my mother and i may be planning on umrah in summer 09 and this was nearly 100% confirmed yesterday.

straight after she and my brother and sis in law had a big scene and nearly involved violence.


my brother turned around to me and said dont go.


now the question is despite her behaviour and she is really wanting to go umrah. isit wise to say no, if i say no to her she will have a go t me, am i wrong for this?

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very vague brother...it would be inappropraite for anyone to comment as we have such vague details....vetter you ask good practising brothers and give them the full details...


I pray you do go to Umrah...it is amazing!!

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