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Quran In English By Sahih International

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This translation of the meanings of The Quran, by Sahih International, is a very clear, straight forward and easy to understand translation. It uses very simple English vocabulary, (not the ancient thou-thee one!). Highly recommended.

Insha'Allah we will add a section in the forum where members can read this sahih version, while at the same time listen to the recitation of each chapter followed by its English audio, verse by verse.


To download a pdf copy click here: http://www.islamwb.com/books/Quran-Saheeh-International-English-Translation.pdf

I've made the whole translation in a single text file for those who prefer to read it offline, or use it in their Islamic projects.


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I recommend you also try this website. It gives you many useful options: https://quran.com/

You can read the sahih international translation while listening to the original text by your choice of reciters. You can also select, when you mouse over a word, if you'll get its meaning, word by word, or see its transliteration (pronunciation in English letters). This is helpful for non-Arabic speakers who want to memorize verses from the Quran.

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Learn Quran translation of this blog is very useful for those who Quran with English translation Language learning good job!

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