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21st Century Teens/faatehaa/my Dear Daughter

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My Daughter/faatehaa/21st century teens Thursday, April 09, 2009


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It is very difficult to remain absolutely neutral while writing about my Owner/Allah




The attention/fame/wealth/glamour- seeking


Part of my self, keeps trying to punctuate my writings with words that would exhibit my "dr.mahmood's" 'might' at writing




I share it here so that, now, that part of me stays away and lets ,me write freely




21st century teen agers




although tired, yet this has to be recorded for good.




These teen-agers coming as cigarette smokers, or cannabis, charas smokers,


Or even those not doing any drugs but dressing up trying to look as much like a monkey as possible..are in for a very tough haul.




I feel for them, I see my son in themand I also muse at the naivety of this(teen)age




First of all, what hits them like a train, and it is such a BIG human tragedy that we all were hit by that train the same way at some stage in our live :..


That we have all come to this planet for LEAVINGnot STAYING




Strange that even in the 21st century, education does not start with this statement, which is THE ONLY Absolute Certainty








Next the road of life in my teens1970's was not so mottled by the mire of drugs




Now the road of life has drugs scattered all over it.these young ones have to step cautiously, or get stained permanently and lose their person to a dead master/drug.




I tell them life is easier for them nowroads, cars, ceilings, fridges, phones, screens are all better..the only test they are subject to is of "self-control"




Most can not spend a single minute with themselves




I mean a teen ager will not spend a minute with himself..will reachout for the cell phone, or the p.c. or the t.v. or the c.d.player or just chatter away.this is the eye of the needle.if I can thread this eye the teen-ager gets cured




I mean, in simpler words, that if I can teach the teen-ager to spend time with himself and be content with it..the teen-ager is already cured.




Teen-agers especially and other patients invariably..each (myself included) , I tackle with one single tactic




The purpose of this therapeutic community when I was advised by my twin(another doctor) and his friend (a very staunch-to-the extent-of- being-absurd/incredible/unbelievable/irking, believer)another doctor.;




was to train addicts in starting a love affair with Allahto progressively become aware of personal flaws through the affair's growth/aging, and automatically develop an affection/sympathy, compassion, and earnest sincerity for fellow humans.




When I started this "Islam-based' therapeutic community for drug addicts, I did not know, that I was myself going to go through all the stages enumerated/mentioned above




I am surprised and amazed at what has grown from that first step the three of us talked about .and I took.(my true feeling is that I did not take that first step, I was pushed into it ..alhamdulillah)




And I share the' hat-trick' here for simply propagating/spreading knowledgemay many benefit from it here and hereafter (amen)




In my interaction with visitors (patients) here, during the course of normal, usual history taking or gossip ,day 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5.. I wield/wave around/exhibit/expose my psycho-socio-surgical tool, viz.,:




I start by suddenly asking during our solo(one person to another, without any other listeners) interview, "and where do you think is Allah this minute?"




This startles them and they appear confused and describe whatever position/distance they think Allah is at.at that given moment.




Most, usually say, "on the seventh sky/in the heavens"..




So I say, "Is He not the third one in this room?""listening to us, witnessing our conversation, rather knowing our thoughts and feelings even before we express them?"..




And they slowly understand and agree.. alhamdulillah




So then I continue, "I never waste a single moment of mine, without Him, I always keep Him with mewhen you (patient) are alone in your ward, dont waste time..talk to your boss/lord/owner/rubb/Allah.whatever you plan,think, remember, wish..keep sharing it with your bossHe is always with youmake friends with himthe only purpose of my keeping you in treatment is that you develop a relationship with our Boss/Owner/Allah..when you wish to drink, ask your Boss..share it with him , say, 'I am thirsty sir/boss/yaar/dear/paland then drink water..when you are planning to write something, tell him, 'I want to write, help me please'.. when you are changing sides/shifting on the bed.. say 'now sir/boss/lord/Allah I switch over to my other side'


but please start a relationship with the Most Beneficial Friend of all and for Ever.


.do itmake this relationship


.no one can make it for you..not your parents not your wife, not your kids.


you alone have to start this affair.and believe me once you are started


your life will change for very good for ever.".




Then during the course of treatment I explain the seven repeated lines of muslim prayersthe surat fatehaathe mother/source of the quran




I explain how He/Boss/Allah has taught in those seven lines..:




First.(in the first three lines)


His Own Nature/Entity..




1---That he is praise-worthyand all praise is for him alone, because he created everything..


even the words we use to praise are his creation


and even the senses that feel,


the beauty,


that we then express,


as praise..(6 different creations in this sentence alone)


and he nurtures/sustains/nurses/brings-up everything in creation




2---that he is Absolutely Merciful and advantage-giving


meaning he never does anything else but practice mercy and gives advantage.




Sometimes we may not see the mercy in the slap that a mother gives her child's hand when the child keeps trying to touch the fire in the stove




But the slap is a slap of mercy..to prevent the child from getting hurt by fire..,,,




3---Then in the third line of the faatehaa..He tells us an even Bigger Blessing that He has granted all creation,


"maaliki yaum-ud-deen"the Owner of the moment/minute/day/time of result




I explain that this is the Most precious of all favors He has done to all of creation:




That he has kept the result of every and each endeavor/effort/exercise/struggle/wish/desire/will.in His own ,Absolutely Just and Absolutely Merciful and Absolutely All-Knowing, All-Regulating, hands




This law of His naturethat He did not give the right to choose a result of (a created being's)own liking/choiceis the Biggest Favor Allah has done to all creation




Patients very easily accept that yes, had the results been in their hands, they(the patients) had already killed themselves a thousand times..and their families too




Or a neighboring enemy of one country would not let the sun rise/set for the enemy..




.like with such examples as, "when you wish to light a cigarette, you take it out of your pack..you take the lighter outbut now will you manage lighting it or notis upto Allah , because, suddenly the bell may ring, or you may see your dad, or you may feel like pulling your trousers up or shirt down, or you may simply cough or sneeze.or the lighter may not light at your first 'click'.




Even this conversation that I am having with youthe results of my words, the meanings that you are understanding of whatever I am saying are 'those that Allah wants, and not those that I, dr.mahmood wants"




Patients understand the point I try to make..i hope readers do too




Then I explain the 4th line of the seven repeated lines of muslim prayers..




4---"iyyaaka na'budu, v iyyaka nasta'een"..


extremely superficially,the literal translation is, "we are slaves to you, and You do we ask for help"




I explain that the word, "na'budu"..comes from the Arabic root.."a'bd"..




Pronounced with a glottal 'a' and connected to 'bd' where the 'd' is pronounced as the "th' in mother




A'bd in Arabic means "that dust, which has been trampled upon so excessively that it's particles have lost friction against each other".that they remain solid in state/appearance, but their ease of sliding over each other is like fluids




So I explainthat this phrase, "we are slaves to you"..means that we are so choice-lessly bound by His Controls over our ,




""eyesight, listening powers, sense of touch, breathing, heart's beating, intestine's working, liver's functioning, kidney's filtering, muscles of arms and leg's moving, skin covering and remaining free of filth, the earth's gravity pulling us down, the air's pressure pushing us down, the sun cooking our crops, the rain watering our lives and the trees refreshing our atmosphere""




that being his slaves is not our achievementit is actually our status.




and we are as powerless in this slavery to Allah, as the dust particles that have lost friction against each other due to being trampled upon so excessively/frequently/permanently.




I explainthat the sounds of my words are being carried to your ears through the waves my voice makes in air


the airwaves then move your ear drum.


.the ear drum pushes the fluid in the choclear tubes of your middle ear cavity(lying next to the ear drum...the drum acting as the curtain covering those tubes)


as that fluid moves in those tubes, there are fine hair growing from the ceiling of the tube. downwards, into the cavity/bore of the tubeso as the fluid moves, it touches those fine hair, hanging above the fluid from the roof/ceiling of the tube


the louder the voice..the farthest down the tube are the hair that get shook by the waves in the fluid caused by the moving air drum.




This movement of hair is then conveyed by electrical impulses that travel at 100 meters/minute to your brain's 'auditory/listening centre"there the strength/intensity of the current & the fluctucations in it..are all registered and sent to your 'memory' centre through still more electrical impulses traveling through still other nervesthe memory centre then translates that word for you and the meanings are conveyed to your consciousness/mind/person/awareness/knowledge.




And neither I am doing it, nor you..it is Allah who does it,has done it, will continue doing it..that is how ENSLAVED we are.




Next I explain, the second half of the 4th line.."iyyaaka nasta'een"


Translated as, "and it is you that we ask for help"




Why do we ask Him..?




Because He is the Creator/sustainer/nourisher/of all Creation


and because he is Always Absolutely Merciful and Advantage-giving


and most of all ,


we ask Only Him ,


because all results are only ..ONLY in His Just/Merciful/All-Wise/All-Knowing/All-encompassing/All-Controlling Hands




Then I tell myself and my audience/patients/friends/nephews/listeners..


In the last three lines of the seven repeatedly repeated lines of muslim obligatory prayerssuraa faatehaa..




The Absolutely Merciful Master/Lord who loves each of us more than 70 times a mother loves her child.




Tells us what to ask of Him..


what to aspire for in this creation


what to yearn for in this life


what to live for on this space ship called the planet earth


He tells us..




5---"ihdina assiraat al-mustaqeem"


guide our thoughts/sentiments/focus/feelings along the vertically straight path




not horizontally straight path, but vertically straight path




because when we, the humans on this planet see along the horizontal axis/direction we see our own kind and roads, walls, trees, bushes, troubles, fears, posters, salesmen,.all creation/created beings/things.




And if we mistakenly remain focused along the horizontal axis/direction, we start believing that whatever is happening and will happen in the next minute , is arising/originating and will arise/originate from around us(in the horizontal axis).




While in truth all that happens, originates from the vertically above point..from the Controller Subhanohu-v-ta'laa




He Controls each moment and whatever happens in it..has Controlled, Will remain in Control for ever




An example I quote here is from the life of the holy prophet Muhammad alaih assalaatu wassalaamwhen he was once resting in a trees shade, and an enemy touched muhammad's adam apple(the conical bulge in the throat of males) with his sword and awoke Muhammad..




The enemy then asked Muhammad.."who will now save you from me?"..


Then ,at that moment, anyone who was used to focusing along the horizontal axis would have started shiveringbecause death was as close as the adam's apple(in the throat)but Muhammad, like all prophets was always focused along the vertical axis..so he calmly replied,"He will save me Who owns you ,me and everything"




The assailant/enemy started shivering, the sword fell from his hand( definetly, the atoms of the steel of the sword, must have shivered /writhed out of the assialant's handssince Allah is The Owner of each atom, or whatever is smaller than that too..meaning..all creation)




Muhammad picked the sword and smiled at the assailant/enemy, who then testified, "I testify that there is no entity except Allah and you(Muhammad) are His slave and messenger"




So I quote this example to tell my listeners and myself( and I am a very very stubborn primate myselfhave said this for years but practice it so rarely),


that all the troubles and problems and disputes and quarrels we see around us are because man has focused along the horizontal axiseach has thought/feared that the next moment with it's results will originate/depend on someone /something in the horizontal plain/axis/direction




Had mankind focused along the vertical axis, like the birds and the fish and the plants donone would have quarreled or felt scared .




So , He tells us in the fifth line of the seven repeatedly repeated lines, what we are to aspire for,


ask for,


live for,


yearn for


That our focus not deviate from the vertical


that we do not become scared/affected/by whatever is happening around us in the horizontal plain..


that we trust our Boss/Owner/Allah,


that He will remain the Absolutely Merciful, Just, Kind, Advantage-giving, Generous and Absolutely in Control of everything in the next moment/minute/hour/day tooas He Has Remained for centuries.




6-&7--Then in the sixth and the seventh lines He Elaborates/Explains the difference between those that remain focused vertically above, and those that remain focused horizontally ahead




Those that focus vertically above, believe that the Absolutely Merciful,


Never erring,


Absolutely Just,


All Knowing,


All Owning, King, has not created all this for nothing/waste


but with the purpose of choosing from among the most intelligent/superior of His creation(humans), neighbors for Himself


Neighbors that He accommodates in the joyous environment of heaven/paradise,




And they are there for the infinite journey of getting closer, knowing better, the Infinite Entity of The King/Allah.




And these wise humans ,due to their vertical focus, start recognizing heaven and heaven's environment during their worldly life.




That journey commences already from this life, on this planet, because every instant/moment, some aspect of The King's Nature is being exposed to their sensesin this worldly life




These are people, who may be in rags but remain rich,


may be starving but remain energetic/agile,


may be wounded but remain healthy/steady,


may be old but remain young.


for them, each arriving moment, along with the situation that moment brings, is a blessing because it discloses some new aspect of The King's Nature/Mercy/Generosity/the"99 attributes of The King" told of in the Quran..




Thusthese are those for whom, this entire existence, together with it's evils and darkness and ignorance and cruelty.is a blessing.(the negatives mentioned in the sentence above, only brighten the positives).




And those that sorrily remain focused along the horizontal axis/plain/direction


for them existence is very very taxing..there is a rush of created beings and their created


Creations.every nook, corner, turn, curve, shadow and sentiment is glued to a 'fear'


these define wisdom as the ability to foretell/foresee hazard/dangerto prevent harm before it happens/arrives


to save for the rainy day,


spending the dry day saving for the rainy.


these wisdoms waste:


lifetimes, human resources, human sentiments and precious moments of this worldly life where they themselves are granted kingship over all creation(temporarilytill death)














scheming, and sleazing




and at the end of this narration, He Teaches us to say ,




"AMEN"which in Arabic means,


"I repeat/affirm what I said/asked above"




My mind was fed this entry through my thoughts for my dear daughter, aaminah maryam mahmood..


(aaminah was the mother of Muhammad alaih asslaatu wassalaam, maryam/mary the mother of jesus, and mahmood is an attribute of Muhammad)




I am certain, she , like all muslim daughters(insha-Allah) will be an asset for all humanity and that she will make me and my father and our spiritual father, Muhammad rasoolullah, proud. (amen).




Teen age is dangerous




I think those that come to me are lucky because they have me full time


I tell them things no one told me when I was 19


And I tell them that too




I hope one of these teen-agers who lived through my treatment , will carry on the work I was used to start


And do it much better than me..(amen)



(you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetopendiary(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/entryview.asp?authorcode=D154508&entry=20167&mode=date"]<< : ABSOLUTE Islam, ARRIVES[/url]

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