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22 Yr.paki,muslim Girl's Feedback

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Orya's Genuine feedback Saturday, April 11, 2009


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I am posting/pasting below, my neice's letter, feedback about my recent post/entry about the "faatehaa/source of quran"…(this child, has scored a gold medal in her "a" levels from Cambridge…I always felt she was extra-intelligent, alhamdulillah…like me , at that age, she is always laughing(may she laugh always, all her life).


She, i.e., Orya,& my twin's daughter, Aayat, and my own daughter, Aaminah…have the same physical and facial structures/features…one would think they were real sisters…Orya and aaminah would actually be suspected as twins…Aayat is taller so she stands out slightly different..


Anyway…Orya and aayat had both answered the same way to that sudden question I mentioned about Allah's whereabouts in my last post/entry…


I was surprised and pleased that our children have that sense of Allah's Omniscience and Omnipresence////my nephew..the 13 year old hafiz of quran ,had also said the same thing as his sisters…


I quote this letter with a purpose…the letter follows:


just read ur e-mail. i really enjoyed reading it.


till the first half (before u started explaining the surah),i was felling proud of myself as since childhood ALHUMDOLILAH i always considered Allah to be my best friend.when i use to have a fight with my classfellows or friends i would cry about,that no friend is there with me,then i wud think who out of all those is actually my friend who stood with me in all times,listened to my ideas etc and the only answer i would have,was and is Allah!




As he is always with us no matter where v r,what are v doing...always there to listen to what v have to say,always ready to give what v ask for of course if it is good for us{he knows better},that day when u asked me.. Where is our maalik(owner) (Allah)? and i replied (wo to humesha sath hi hota hai=he is always with us)... after talking to u i asked this question again to myself ..Allah kider hai?(where is Allah?) and i answered to myself -wo to humesha sath hi hota hai(he is always along with us) infact if i m going from room 1 to 2 he is with me in room 1 and is waiting for me in room 2 ,is following me through the way and is actually leading me the way.and after that i started crying for that i didn't know what else to think or say next.






in ur mail then where u wrote (spend time with urself) i enjoy my own company the best :sl:.In the morning wen i get up till the time wen i sleep at night i have Allah with me who i m talking to the most than i talk to any1 else.....mostly my sentences start with "Allah G"......every night before going to sleep this is a must for me that i recall in my mind { this is a talk with myself and my best friend Allah}-1.what good things happened today,2 what bad things happened today,3.what good deeds i did today, 4. what bad deeds i did today _and




{ may be it is human nature to over look the good things in life and focus on the bad 1s , wen i eventually started this self assisment , my list of "good things happened" would always be smaller than the 1 of "bad things happened",(because i would look at even the tiny little bad thing and would not even consider the good things in detail)Allhumdolilah i realised my mistake and now i think of every thing good in detail + my good deeds of the day, and also look at the bad things in detail + the bad deeds ( not to think how pathetic my life is, with nothing good but , look at it so that i see where what was wrong, what was my mistake in that and how can i stop such thing to happen again... ) ALHUMDOLILAH now my list oF "GOOD" IS LONGER THAN OF "BAD"..... ALHUMDOLILAH








then where u started the explaination of the surah.. i started crying and to read the next line i wud clear my tears...firstly i cried because of just thinking how GREAT Allah IS. after going through all of that...i talked to mysefl that Allah says "ASK FROM ME and i will give" ... i was thinking Allah has already given every thing ALHUMDOLILAH,i m meantally normal , i have all my body parts normal and working ALHUMDOLILAH i have my parents with me,,my brothers n sisters with Me ,Allah IS ALREADY THERE SINCE FOR EVER.means there is nothing that he has even left for us to ask for (except for forgiveness that too,V know Allah IS THE MOST MERCIFUL). SUBHANALLAH he definately love each n every 1 of us more than the love of 70 mothers.






if all of us think to ourselves that this life is a test,syllabus is what is in QURAN, teacher is the PROPHET and our reward of passing the test is being closer to Allah .... every 1 would be working to get a distinction than a mere pass :sl: INSHALLAH








(as ami told u i just got my books today,till yesterday (although just a month left in exam) i was thinking that Allah is testing my patience,and my ability to work harder when/if i get my books) plus another thing when ever i start studying or praying for my papers i pray to Allah that m working hard,please give me good grades so that my parents are happy with me{eventually Allah will be happy with me if my parents are happy) and so that my parents know that their hard work (in bringing me up) has also paid good.






Time for me to start my hardwork :no:, nice writing you this mail. remember me in ur prayers,take care .SALAM










The purpose of posting this was to make it very clear to all my young readers:




The biggest trick that our fame/glamour/attention/pride-seeking part does is that whenever we make a mistake…it whispers to us, :




and the next mistake , it makes us commit is to get disappointed with ourselves,,..and that state of hopelessness with ourselves is when we make more mistakes/hurt ourselves/forget to remain grateful to Allah, and ignore the blessings we are endowed with,and often misbehave or are rude to those around us..or just discourteous, indifferent and cold…






when I make a mistake, and my "perfectionist-part" whispers to me,




"you are zero"…I say to it,




"yes , you are right, I am zero…that is exactly what is meant by . "laa ilaahaa il-Allah….there is no entity except Allah"..




we are humans…we will definitely make mistakes…




in the quran Allah states that,(not accurately translated, )"if these people did not make mistakes and then ask for forgiveness, I would create another race that would make mistakes.."




because…it is in asking for forgiveness…it is during that moment of begging/repenting, that our belief/faith in the unseen God/Allah is maximal…


so I advise all patients/young men, friends..




never ever let a mistake, pull you down or disappoint you…




just keep moving ahead…




you made a mistake…ok..learn from it..and move on…




do not get disappointed…do not feel pity for yourself..just move on…




thank god for letting you realize your mistake..and decide to not repeat it…




but do not let ungratefulness..EVER creep into your mind/thoughts/feelings..




every moment of this life is a blessing..every second of it, every color of it and every shade of it's mood




My dad (Yarhamhullah=may Allah bless him with mercy)used to say, when you make a mistake…be prepared for the results..then when the results arrive, you wont lament and cry like a child, but face it like a man…




So mistakes are actually what we learn from…it is the medium that teaches….dont let your teaching syllabus disappoint you..







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