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Paintballing 2009

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I pray everyone is in the best of health and eeman.


Brothers and sisters I am planning to hold a paintballing event for muslims in London. This event will be held in and around July/August, insha'Allah and is only for brothers(so sisters can pass on the message to your brothers). One has to be at least 12 years old and the cost will be £30 for 500 paintballs and 8 games. The venue can hold upto 400 people and I have been there nearly each year for the last 5 years and have some experience in organising something like this on a smaller scale.


I am hoping this event will be big and we can get 400 people to come over...all muslims and also pray together in the fields, which is an amazing feeling! Alhdumdullilah it is really fun and it would be good to go with your brotehrs and fathers to increase the bond between families. It would be great to tell all your friends too...


Now before this post gets dragged some where else...This is not a confirmed event and I was wondering how many people would be interested...these are the key points...


1) Must be over 12 (Legal age to paintball)

2) Cost is £30 whether you are an adult or child

3) Venue is in Essex (Theydon Bois on the central Line) and then you will be picked up the paintballing company or you can go there by car

4) Payments must be made two week before the event date

5) You will get 500 paintballs and 8 games lasting the whole day, insha'Allah.


So please post whteher you will be interested and may be even how many people are in your group, i.e. father, brothers, cousins, friends, etc.



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lol...it would be if you had to pay more after you got there! Alhumdullilah everything will be paid for in this event all for £30...you also get 500 paintballs...normally there are these offers where its "free" and then you have to pay for paintballs when you get there (100[at]£6-8), then you have to pay for gas and then overalls...this means that you end up paying over £40 and normally upto £60 before you realise enough is enough!


Trust me akhie it is FUN and it is cheap at this price!! Everyone that hasn't been before...you need to go...once you have gone...you never regret it...unless you got hurt badly (i.e. someone using all 500 paintballs at you...on target!)!

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Inshallah it will be a success. Just warn all that they will have bruises afterwards. Ouch!

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I and and a few brothers might be up for it.

Let me know when you get a definitive date.



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