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Universities Offering Distance Masters In Islamic Studies

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I am planning to relocate to Saudi late summer and figure that while living there I'll be doing a lot of reading on Islam in my spare time. I thought maybe if I can find a suitable program I could turn that reading into a Master's degree.


I don't speak Arabic, I am a non-Muslim, and I expect to complete the degree in English. I suppose most programs at Saudi universities are conducted in Arabic, but if someone knows of one that is not I would be happy to hear from you.


Two distance programs that I have found in my searches are:


Centre for Islamic Studies

Department of Theology, Religious Studies & Islamic Studies, University of Wales, Lampeter



Open Study Islamic College

openstudy(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/?p=index.html


I would be happy to hear about any reputable degree programs (located anywhere in the world) offered through distance learning.


Thank you for your time.

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