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Sacred Freedom

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Assalamu alaikum


Sacred Freedom

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"I have read Sacred Freedom (in Arabic) and found it to be beneficial and effective

in dealing with its subject matter, particularly for non-Arabic speakers. Answering

the thoughts and beliefs of those he is addressing, the author manifests the realities

of Islam while clarifying the error of those he is replying to."


Shaykh Muhammad 'Umar Bazmool (Ph.D.) Professor,Umm al-Quraa University, Makkah





"Oliver has done an exceptional job of highlighting the flawed logic in use in religious

arguments today on all sides of the issue of faith."


"In this slim, well-written volume, Oliver presents an Islamist view of the world

that should be read widely by people of all faiths for a greater understanding of

Islam. Oliver has used passages from the Qur’aan to illustrate points of view that

are poorly, if at all, understood by Westerners; his careful work has resulted in an

excellent book, eminently readable and clear."

- Marlene Satter, ForeWord Magazine


"Sacred Freedom: Western Liberalist Ideologies In The Light Of Islam by Haneef Oliver is

about conflict between Western attitudes and Islamic thought as manifested in the

illusive ideologies of the democratic constructs of Western philosophy. Introducing

a fascinating examination of atheism, humanism, pluralism, democracy and secularism,

Sacred Freedom thoroughly grasps the wisdom of the Islamic faith and its way of

life through many quotes from the Koran, as well as an extensive progression

through the pluralistic and material world of the west. A welcome addition to the

reading lists for students of Islam, Philosophy, Sociology, Middle Eastern Politics

and Culture, Sacred Freedom is a very strongly recommended and informative addition

to academic and community library Islamic Studies reference collections."

- James A. Cox, The Midwest Book Review


"Sacred Freedom isolates a number of broad themes within what we can call the

Western tradition, and then questions them from an Islamic standpoint. The authority

for Haneef Oliver's critique comes, as one would expect, from the Koran.

Oliver correctly identifies passages from the Koran that appear to answer the

points raised in his critique."

- Nick Fielding

Senior Correspondent, The Sunday Times



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