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Sister Sara

My Ms Protocol Based On Faith

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Salam Alekum,


This is my protocol I posted some months ago and since then one thousand and forty five people have viewed it and it was the reason I was given my own health forum. From there I got a black seed forum and from there I was made moderator of the Islamic Support Forum, from there I opened up a blog called the Crescent Moon shines on us all and from there recently I opened two more blogs called Sara's Famous People and sites recipes and Longevity- Make the right choice to live healthy. Now this is all from Allah saving a little girl from the hellfire. Someone who had faith that even though she was all alone in a strange country and absolutely no money, that he would heal her and indeed he did.


I believe the more religious you are the more test you have so with that in mind, I will tell you what happened to me.



As many of you know, I have posted many diets I was following and many things that I tried but it was thru trial and error that I became successful. Needless to say I do have some bad days as I did last week but what I found it is based strickty on stress. If I have a stressful day, I relapse. So what does that tell us is that we will be in a constant battle to stay clean and healthy. It is not a diet for a few days but for the rest of our lives. All my life I had abused my body as my mom always said "eat something" no matter whether we were sad or happy or celebrating it was always "eat something". So I did and became very fat.


So when the doctors told me that I could die soon from cancer and MS, I got serious and lost 21 kilos and got below my healthy bmi. I reduced all my blood test, cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. My blood pressure was low and so was my sugar count. I had a perfect heart and blue eyes, so I was in great shape. I did everything right. I did juices and budwig and cut out all the wrong fats and the ultiimate ice cream. Then one day I got diagnosed with MS. Well how was that possible, I was in great health? It takes more than just diet, it takes a whole lot more. So, I spent the next few weeks trying to find a cure for MS. For Allah, swt sends a cure with every disease. But in order to find the cure you have to have faith that Allah,swt will give you the cure. So I could talk all night about the many diets I tried and the many supplements I experimented with but I think the best way is to tell you exactly what worked.


I tried to think tonight about why I am saved and it all comes back to my faith. Allah saved me for a special reason and not for sure why for surely I am not as smart as many that I read on this forum and I can't tell you so much technical terms but I can tell you what works. Well, what worked for me. I use to pray every night for help. I asked Allah,swt over and over again to cure me and he did.


My story is very sad and no for sure I do not want pity. I am just telling you what happened. I live alone in Jordan so when I got sick no one was here to help me. I struggled all alone but I was patient and felt all along I would be saved. In fact my friend CC told me I would be cured and would be much stronger. Hey CC if you are reading this, right on!!! I could not talk, I could not think, I could not walk hardly. So people came over and said "Tish, tish, tish" What are they doing I thought. I would forget to turn the water off for over an hour, I could not remember where I was and what I was doing. I would go off and leave money and just terrible things. In my mind I was good but when I talked I was not. People pitied me and it was terrible. I did not want any pity from anyone, I wanted to be well. So I had to quit working and just get well. Then I got diagnosed with early onset dementia. I thought, what? You got to be kidding. I am not that old. The doc tells me that it was either Parkinson or Alzheimers. I said wait, I have MS and Parkinson or Alzheimers. This has to be wrong. They did a cat scan and walah, I was indeed sick. Ok, now I had to really make war. If any of you are going thru what I went thru then know that it is war, not a play game. You have to be dead serious about this and attack this like you would any enemy.


So no matter what I tried I always came back to Budwig. I left it a couple of times but my body felt bad. As you read alot of diets about giving up dairy. I can't live without Budwig.


These are the things that worked for me. And as you will see they are very inexpensive things.


1. Budwig kousimine diet. Which is 1/2 cup of drained yogurt, juice of 1/2 lemon, 2 T. of raisin granola, 1.5 T. of ground flax seeds, 1/4 t. of cayenne, 1/2 t. of pollen, 1 crushed bananna, 1 additional fruit. This once a day.

2. Budwig regular with 1/4 cup of drained yogurt with 1.5 T. of flaxseed, 1/4 t. cayenne. This once a day.

3. Lots of juice, at least one large veggie juice and 1 large fruit juice per day

4. One cooked meal a day only. Like a large salad topped with beans.

5. No meats of any kind and no fish.

6. Turkey added after one month.

7. I made my own bread with baking powder, yogurt and olive oil and a mixture of grains. 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 brown flour.

8. I limit the cheese to goat cheese and parmesean cheese only.

9. I did have eggs sparingly.

10. lots of soups

11. Almond milk exchanged for milk

12. I loved green smoothies and top them with flax seed.



I cannot live without lecithin. It is a real must but if you cannot get a good quality of lecithin, take 1/4 cup of olive oil before sleeping.

1 take 1 cap of kelp, 2 cap of grape seeds, 2 caps of tumeric, 2 caps of ginger, 1 cap of fennel, 3 caps of olive leaf, 2000 mg of vit c, merck b complex. I take 2 b12 injections a month. (as my b12 is very high from the flax), ginkoba I used but found it did not help that much.


When my brain was real bad I used this alixir.

1/2 cup of yogurt,

1/2 cup of water

1 T. of olive oil

2 figs

1 sprig of rosemary. Put all in cup in frig and the next day put in blender and mix well and drink.



I got rid of toxic relationships

I tolerated the less fortunate

I did as many good deeds as I could

I prayed more and read more of my Quran.

I did EFT (emotional freedom technique) but not as much as I should.

I learned to do what pleases me and to always think good of others

I apologized even when I was not at fault just to feel good at the end of the day.


At times I was explosive and it helped me. We need to let off steam and I found quickly who was my friend and who was not. My friends understood I was sick and it was part of the healing so they were patient. If someone is your friend they are with you thick and thin. Anyone who abandons you is not your friend and I don't need them in my life. It took me a long time to realize that one.


I invested in a real good juicer, blender and I got rid of all gas appliances and heating out of my house. Yes, that is right I live in an all electric home. It is expensive but it is mandatory for someone who wants to get well. I also got rid of all aluminum cooking ware. I also do not eat anything in a can. I make everything fresh. Everything is homemade or I don't eat it. It is a rough lifestyle and expensive at times but I am a survivor.


I did many herbal parasite cleansing and the best is the pumpkin cleanse. I juiced an entire pumpkin and drank the juice in a small amount of time. Some called it sedistic but it works. I took many other remedies including pineapple and papaya and found the pumpkin the best.


I did several Colon Cleanses from dr. Schultz to the 3 day watermelon cleanse. I did a 4 day pumpkin and pineapple cleanse but it was not as successful as the watermelon cleans. I did 3 liver cleanse too. So you can see this protocol included many things. Your body cannot be clean unless you clean the colon and a sure fire way to keep the colon clean is with juices. Meats and rices plug up your colon with toxic materials and you will remain sick.


I have to admit maybe I was blessed more than most and maybe Allah, swt sent a cure to me because I am alone and worked so hard on the Islamic forum to pass on the words of our religion. Not everyone agrees but Allah, swt knew my heart was there. I was so trying hard to please Allah,swt so he would want to please me and he did. So where is my cure, in Allah's,swt hands. I give all credit to him and I want to thank all those who helped me along the way. I will never forget the kindness of many and the many letters I received from many well wishers. It meant so much to me and kept me strong.


Is my battle over, no way. I must keep fighting my whole life to make sure I stay well but I am up for the battle.


What has changed with me? First I can climb mountains now. Before I was so out of breath and could not climb a simple hill and now I can walk all the way up without stopping. I am more calm, well most days. I take things in better strive, My complexion is in good shape, My bones are stronger than ever, I don't have any pains and I feel happy. It is amazing what happiness can do for you. I spend my nights writing to who I can trying to help who I can. In other words pay it forward. I am not sure if I covered everything but I think so.


The simple approach is better. You don't need to spend an arm and a leg on the protocol but you do have to have your mind in the right place. You have to believe with all of your heart and to have faith. You have to keep your environment clean as your body and you have to get rid of all gas out of your home. Ok, maybe that is the expensive part. I sold all of mine and I used the money to replace my heaters with. I have investigated about the cooking part and the over all concensus is number one, people with brain disorders should not be cooking anyway so I opted to buy a two place hot plate and I am happy with that. Many doctors have stated that if you are not willing to get rid of the gas you will not get better. Immediately, I removed them and I got well.


Ok, how long did this all take, not years for sure. Only a few months. People are astonished at how quickly I recovered. Today I visited my friend and she was flabergasted at how much I had improved. She told me you are cured, she was right I am cured!!!


The end.

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