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The Policy Of Victimhood

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Ever watched the movie (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetimdb(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/title/tt0291341/"]mean machine [/url](this is the English version there are other American versions)? If you watch it you'll find yourself identifying with the prisoners and wanting them to win instead of the guards. I find it interesting that people will like the criminals who are imprisoned for very ugly crimes istead of the guards of the prison. I think the reason for that is that the prisoners in this case are seen as victims because of the off handed ways of the warden and the guards whose actions are criminal also but they are in a position of authority. Most people stand with justice and abhor the abuse of the law or violation of it so anyone in a state of victimhood or even seen in that position is empathized with even if he/she is a criminal.


The idea of victimhood from this movie lends itself to the world's political scene. How do you explain then that with all the horrid actions of the israelis ranging from genocide and ethnic cleansing to petty harassment of Palestinians are defended by many people other than israelis because they view them as victims? For example, people excuse many things done in Gaza because it is Hamas’s fault for launching rockets or the people who voted for them. Another example is the large murder of Pakistani and Afghanis is justified because according to the coalition they are harboring Taliban and their soldiers are under attack.


Another form of exploitation of victimhood is when you apply it to someone else to justify a military or political action. We recently saw the sympathizers with the protests in Iran because the protesters were seen as victims and even all of the Iranian people. Though no one can justify the generalization and I find it funny when the Iranians protests and hold “down with America” signs for example they are terrorists yet political interests call for putting a victim label on them now. This label is used to further political policies and is accompanied with the demonization of the ones against those supposed victims. The same issue happened in Iraq, Saddam was used as a pretext for the invasion by victimizing the world first fearing the WMDs then the Iraqis themselves.


The policy of victimhood is best utilized by the israelis and I don’t think anyone surpasses them in that department and they justify anything in that light. This policy is not only horrid because of the actions that stem from it but rather it erases the real victims around the world from the sick and hungry who are now a billion to the victims of war who don’t have anything to do with it and are in the millions.


When you form an opinion about any world event know the far reaches of the issue for there are so many lies running around it is easy to be deceived by them.

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If you have ever been in an American jail or any jail you too would sympathize with the worst cut throat there is. My husband was in jail for being an illegal alien although we could prove he was working on his papers. The INS came to our home and confiscated all his paperwork so we could not continue. While he was in jail he was treated worse than any criminal you can imagine. They had some lifers attack him and they cut him so bad as to kill him. They hid him away on the eighth floor so no one could see him. When I saw him I almost collapsed. They moved him from state to state to break him down and wanting him to cooperate with the feds against fellow Muslims. He refused and finally they deported him as he wanted. We were told not to press charges on the guards until he was free as they would kill him. But as they well know once he was free he would be in another country.


This story of ours is common and it has happened time and time again. I know a man who had his private organ threatened with a knife and was raped repeatedly and when he finally got free on parole the parole officer treated him so bad he filed charges against her. For that reason she cancelled his parole and he is back in jail now and being beat daily for daring to charge a parole officer with a crime. Sympathize with guards, NEVER!!!!


Look at our fellow brothers in Guantanamo. They are put in open dog cages and even the snakes are allowed to crawl in on them. They have no heaters or protection from the elements. They are tortured daily. Sympathize with the guards. NEVER!!!

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La hawla wala quwata ila billah, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband sis Sara :sl: may Allah SWT keep all harm away from you and him, ameen.


Of course no one sympathizes with this kind of guards! They belong in jail. My point was about sympathizing with real criminals versus bad guards and your husband alhamdulilah was innocent of any crime which puts him in another category because injustice happened to him.

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Thank you sister, it is just a raw subject. My husband is dead sister. The injustice that was done to both of us is inhumaine. Him because he was a Muslim and me because I was the wife.


Allah knows all.



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