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Dr. Henry Bieler's Broth For Curing All Diseases

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I have been writing very much about Dr. Henry Bieler in the last couple of days. I was given this info by the goodsamaritan, thank you so much. He healed people by making this broth or soup and juicing. So while I am doing my watermelon flush, I am adding this soup. My version, OF COURSE, very delicious.


Bieler's Healing Broth


Bieler's Broth

The Original Healing Soup


Uses: The original recipe was developed by Maverick Physician Henry Bieler to heal a variety of illnesses. Many times the soup was used as a fast or a general detox.


Dr. Bieler's Health Broth

Adapted from "Food is Your Best Medicine" (see below)

Wonderful for a Fall or Winter Detox

· 3 stalks of celery

· 3 whole zucchini

· 2 cups of string beans

· 1 cup of (Italian)parsley

Dr. Henry Beiler created a vitamin and nutrient rich soup to heal his patients. Bieler's broth,(Beiler's broth) contains zucchini and string beans, which are rich sources of organic potassium and sodium. The liver and probably other organ's use those elements to clean and revitalize the body. Occasionally, when you’re sick, the best thing to do is not eat. See step one, contacting your inner wisdom for help with seeing what is right for you. Dr. Bieler’s famous health broth recipe for energy, weight loss, and cleansing

Put 1 cup of water into a stockpot. Put the string beans in first and steam for about 5 minutes. Then put celery and zucchini into the pot and steam for another 5 - 7 minutes or until tender, but still crisp. Do not overcook.

Then put the vegetable water and the cooked vegetables together into the blender. Blend until liquefied. Add a teaspoon of raw unsalted butter and a large handful of parsley. Blend again until parsley is liquefied.

Dosage: Drink 2 cups a day of the broth/soup



*Optional add 1 clove of garlic.




***What I did was:


equal parts of zucchini, celery leaves and stalks, and green beans. 2 clove of garlic, 1 cup of water, 5 basil leaves, 1/2 cup of watercress or equivalent for taste and 3 green onions.


steam this for 30 minutes after the water comes to a boil.


remove from the fire and with the lid still on let it set for another hour so the mixure can envelop the juices.


I placed all in a food processor along with a big handful of parsely and 1 T. of ghee or clarified butter. Mix well. I then transferred it to my blender and pulsed it 4 or 5 times to get a finer mixture but still chunky.


Placed all in a big jar to refrigerater and took enough out for a small bowl and added 1/3 cup of water, salt and pepper. Heat to serve.


It was really delicious.




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that broth is good to keep up health

but maybe can't do anything from infectious disease and cancer


just say it's a food that's healthy and maintain health

if you want to prove it can cure,

pass these trials


pra-clinic assay (in animals, get the toxicology data, make sure it's not poison for the animal)

clinic assay (there are 4 phases)

these pra-clinic and clinic assay are the reason why developing new medicine is expensive

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It is necessary fox the physician also to know what psychic events are, how many there are, and from where each kind stems. If he does not know these, then he cannot preserve them in their natural condition and drive away the non-natural. It is said that you should know that man has a power by which he distinguishes and thinks, a power by which he is angry and enraged, and thirdly, a power by which he desires and lusts for pleasures. Man completes his actions and work by these three powers. The ancients called them the deteriorating powers; they recognized that characters and physical events are different for each of these three kinds of power of the soul.

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