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Does Obama Really Mean Well?

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Here's an interesting topic I think some Muslims should ponder upon. I notice that many Muslims seem to see Barack Obama as the light for America, or even a personal hero, bent on maybe helping the spread of Islam.


As you can see in Dot's previous thread, Obama had addressed the Muslim world recently, giving much due "respect" for Islam. Though I think we need to look through the veils, has anyone seen what Obama stands for?




1) Is a Zionist

This is extremely offensive to me. Something Muslims keep mistaking is that they believe Obama is actually Pro-Palestinian. He's not. you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetbarackobama(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/pdf/israelFactSheet.pdf view this. They will not help us in this battle against the Muslims and Christians dying and being oppressed.


2) Supports the Culture of Death

Obama is an outgoing death extremist by supporting a Haraam action, and that's Abortion. Obama constantly makes abortions avaliable for women, as well as supports Planned Parenthood, an organization that is geared towards pressuring women for abortions, pressuring men to use condoms, and pressuring the world to find this as "a woman's choice", when in fact it doesn't just kill an innocent life, it hurts the woman severely. We need to realize that Obama is sending support money to KILL our brothers and sisters trying to come into this world, and above you see he sends support money to brothers and sisters already in this world.


3) Supports Homosexuality

I don't hate homosexual people, but we all know that it is Haraam in Islam to allow such a thing. I need say no more.


4) Repeats that he is not Muslim



Listen, I can go on and on, and if you want more send me a personal message, but you get my point.


We need to understand that what this man supports is NOT seen as righteous by the most Gracious most Merciful. We need to understand that as Muslims, by supporting Obama, we support: ZIONISM, Abortion, Homosexuality, and so on. Have you heard the saying "that if it leads to haraam then itself is haraam". Supporting Obama's views to destroy innocent Palestinians, destroy Innocent Children, support perversion of nature should be HARAAM.


Understand that

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Woops I accidentally didn't finish, and I can't edit yet lol.




About number 4- He denies that he is Muslim as if it were a problem if he was. He denies Islam in a defying manor.



and so on, Understand that Obama's views are everything against Sharia.


We, as Muslims, can't support this. It's Haraam.



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Well Thank God for this post. I agree with you. He is denying Islam and his roots so he talks a big stick but his actions speak louder. I never liked him from the beginning and I like him less now. Promising to close Guantanamo and now it is all changing. Our brothers are there and anyone who offends my brother, offends me.



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