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Turning Away Frm Islam

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i am muslim but i am turning away from my religion, i dont pray, fast and i dont like listening to quran recitation or anything Islamic. now i am confused because i dont want to leave Islam but.. then why do i feel like this?? my family is very religious and i have been forced to go Masjid etc and all of the rest of it for the last 11 yrs(i am 15 btw) and i am just sick of it now, its like theyre forcing religion down my throat and it doesnt seem like there gonig to stop, i cannot leave Masjid till i have finished hifz and i have pressure coming in on every direction, to make it even worse my uncles are always sticking their oar in and if say for eg my mum thinks that maybe she should lay off a bit, they convince her that im `bad` and tht i need a male figure of authority or whatever (my parents are divorced and i havent seen my dad since i was 2)and what shes doing is right when all shes doing is what they want her to do. theyve also made my mum remarry and stuff, and because of all this i now hate them and i hate even more the fact that i am being forced ot go to their Masjid so its not like im gonig ot be able to leave because theyll convince her otherwise. so i just end up rebelling sgainst everything.

i dont want to turn away from my religion but to make it even more confusing i dont agree with half the stuff , sigh, i suppose im just a v.confused person lol. any help on anything would be appreciated and i dont want advice like talk to a imam or soemthing because it took me a lot of courage ot even write this to people i dont know as i normally just bottle everything up and i have trusting issues , and even if i did try talking t osomeone my family would find out and theyll be even more drama. so just written advice please. im sorry for the long post and that it doesnt make sense sorry thankyou

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Rebelling isn't good, nor does being unspoken.

There's a saying a proverb which goes like, "A wise man is one who makes a firm foundation with the bricks that others throws at him".

I read it almost 7 or 8 years a ago and remember it till now. In your case it is the same, you feel pressurized due to your maternal uncles interferences, and as a result you get annoyed and a feeling of rebellion. But for a moment think from your head, it really doesn't matter anybodies inteference until and unless your upto doing something good, like being hafiz, which is a best of knowledge and a most prestigious education and also for inshallaah to open the doors of Jannah. Your feeling of turning away from Islam is due to these annoyances and interferences from uncle, so you need to ignore and forget it, and just remember that whatever you are doing is good and will reap you benefit in future. And remember make dua, as dua will make you closer to Allah.


Hope this helps you.



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Praise be to Allah (The Glorified and Exalted).


In order to accept Islam as the truth, honestly one needs to be older and more experienced in life. As you get older and your mind develops and you experience more of life, you will see the wisdom behind Islam and its Laws. Now, as to increase your faith at your young age, you may go to the following website: (you are not allowed to post links yet)"you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetislamreligion(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/"]you can't post links until you reach 50 posts_you are not allowed to post links yetislamreligion(contact admin if its a beneficial link)/[/url]


As far as dealing with family is concerned, many persons have difficulties with their family members, the least of which involves Uncles forcing them to go to a place of worship, I hope you understand what I mean. Allah (The Glorified and Exalted) could have placed you in a worse condition, such as people who have things happen to them from their family members, that cannot be mentioned without affecting the mental balance and psyche of others. You must have patience, like all others. This life is a place of trial and tribulation and the Hereafter is the place of vacation, rest, comfort, and peace of mind.



And Allah (The Glorified and Exalted) Knows Best.

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I think you have realized it for yourself that you are in a dangerous situation. The best thing to do is to continue reading the Quran. Those who live in the western countries often feel this way at a certain point in time because their friends, family members, or people who they surround themselves are not from the Islamic faith. This causes you as a human to question the truth. Simply surround yourself with muslim friends, and in the future move to a muslim nation or else you will suffer. Those that are born into the great religion and decide to abandon it are far worse than those born in families that do not practice Islam. May god help you, surely he is the most gracious, most compassionate, and the most merciful.

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Salam alaykum "peace unto you"

I personally understand that you are going to Period in your life "teenage one"

issue is not really religious one.

you need Balance your life because Your family issues You are mixing them with Religous ones...while The Religion is one thing.

but your personal relationships with others is another :sl:


Please do explain what you do not agree with less discuss that and if you wish you can also Visit my channel of the same name "truelightz" and we can also debate there and discuss religion :sl:


there is No compulsion in religion and you stated yourself you did not want to leave..but your Social issues with that particular Masjid or your family are not Overall picture of the buetiful religion of Islam :no:

Wonderful that you Wrote that message i admire your courage and it was not long at all.


Sister mia....Your mother...being alone you should think about her also....

its not fun being unmarried...might seem like it when you are young..

but do you know how lonely it gets especially when older


Remarrying is always difficult thing in Families That divorced and New STep Dad comes...its famous Problem :j:

Dear Sister do understand your mothers position..do you want her to Live Lonely without a Husband when you move out ?

Do you think you will stay at her house till 80 years of your age ?

Ofcourse not one day you will move and then your mother would be lonely at home and this would lead to Depression.


So remarrying might have been GOod thing For your mother who might be Still Dealing with her past divorce.

it will give her a boost in life to Forget that divorce...

even if she might not show it to you it might have effected her in a big way...mostly does.


Peace be with you sister :D

YOur relationship with GOd is personal...

have patience Sister and explain all your issues you have concerns with lets discuss those :D

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