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Asalaam Alaykum,


I had a question i hope someone can answer.


I understand that people who are sick are exempt from fasting due to health reasons.


However, if that person still wanted to take part in Ramadan, what could they do??


I am asking on behalf of a friend of mine who is diabetic.


Thank you.

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Feed the Muslims and obtain the reward for their fast?

Complete the Quran in the Month? Or in a week? or in three days?

Clean the Masjid?

Purfume the Masjid?


Lots of dhikr and salawat?

Make dua for this needy poster :sl:

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Assalamu alaikum, If your friend is a Diabetic and cannot fast then she should make arrangements to feed or pay a needy person for 2 meals (Sahoor and Iftar). This is in compensation for her not Fasting.


She should make her Taraweeh prayer, because it is a special Salaat for the month of Ramadhan and every Muslim should try to do it unless they are travelling.


Like brother Aussie mentioed she can make extra Nafl Salaat and do more Zikr and try to help the needy.


Assalamu Alaikum.

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Assalamo Alaykom Wa RahmatuAllah


She should make up the fasting days by giving money to charity plus do everything else that others do. :sl: She can contact the masjid near her to ask about the amount of the money. Or she can of course prepare the meals too. But if it's difficult for her to find poor and needy, then she can give money in to charity.


If she wants to try fasting, she should talk with her doctor and if the doctor says no, then she should not even try it. Or she can "fast" so she can get the feeling of doing something different during this Holy Month. And she can eat very plain food, no chocolate, ice cream, cakes etc. Just plain food, and as little as she can. It makes the difference although she is not really fasting.


InshaaAllah this helped. :sl:




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