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How Much Do You Love The Prophet, Peace Be Upon Him

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Asslamu Alikum



Many of us do love prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, but do we try to follow his steps in ourlives in everything?

Do you know the colors he likes? the foods he prefers? ...


the Prophet said:


"None of you believes until he loves me more than he loves his children, his parents, and all people." In another hadith in Bukhari he said: "None of you believes until he loves me more than he loves himself."



Do you die to see his face and hug him??


Do you love him more that your family, your kids and yourself?


Amr Ibn Al-######, says: No one was more loved to me than the prophet “peace be upon him†nor loftier than him in my eyes, and I could not tolerate to fulfill my eyes from him glorification to him, even if it was said to me: Describe him, I could not!!


Ali Ibn Taleb when he was asked: How was your love to prophet Mohammad “peace be upon him� He said: Prophet Mohammad “peace be upon him†was more loved to us than our money, children, fathers, mothers and more loved to us than the cold water on thirst.


And listen to the love of Zaid Ibn Al-Duthna, and he was one of the citizens of Macca, he was brought out of Al-Harm so that he would be killed, then Abu Sofyan told him (he was still polytheist): I ask you with Allah, Zaid …would you like Mohammad to be here instead of you to kill him while you are among your family? Zaid said: I swear of Allah that I don’t like Mohammad wherever he is sitting now to be hurt by a thorn while I am sitting here among my family …Abu Sofyan said: I have never seen someone loves Mohammad as the companions of Mohammad.

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