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Living Without A Heart

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Asslamu Alikum


Since I have no right to access the sisters room, I posted here. I hope all sisters could see my post and help me, at least with a little advice. I was born In Islam and I live in an Islamic land but I have a problem, I hope you can help.


I love Allah sooooo much more that any words and all words but I feel that my heart is dead.


I don't focus in my prayer. I don't feel of Quraan verses. I don't worship Allah hard in Ramadan. I feel my heart is a very hard stone. I tried to do istegfar but I still feel I am lost.


In past, I used to pray an night, I used to cry when I read Quraan. I used to be a true Muslim. But now I feel I am USELESS.


U hope you got what I want to say..


May Allah be pleased

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Salaam sister,

May Allah's peace and blessings be on the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) and his family ameen!

Never give up!!! Keep praying, keep good company, focus on Allah's blessings!!!

Iman fluctuates, its human nature


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Saalaam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu habibti

What you're experiencing is normal, normal in the sense that our iman increases and decreases as life goes by. Its not easy for us to maintain your level of iman but what I believe we can do as indivduals is strive harder.

-Your salaah, strive in learning more surahs for when you recite or learn the tafsir behind the surahs you know.

-Pray your fardh prayers and sunnahs.

-Try and get up for tahaajjud

-Do acts of kheir in secret

-Seek taubah and istighfar

-Visit the sick, feed/clothe the poor (sadaqah or zakat)

-Remember about death and prepare yourself


These are just the few things we can do I know theres more but I cant actually think of them. Inshallah stay around your sisters in Islam who are strong, you'll get through this

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