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fog fills the open space memory at point blank

buh still she gives thanks

gratitude for lifes accomplishments mishaps and mistakes

they use to gather for events now not any of them cooperate

years have gone by since this conflict had took place

to comprehend the meaning causes too much storms and bad brainweather to intake

again-her memorys at point blank

at times Id see her sit htere and jus cry tears of unxplainable feelings

sobbed out

fatique in her voice

no feeling of choice fuel of spiritual devoution gives her heart full hope to rejoice

but still-shes in smoke

fogs of untold stories, lies of trusted kinfolks

inhaling toxic of letters verbs and words

automatic mind set of calming the soul with blurbs

a story never clearly heard

a broken wing'd bird wanting to fly but directions arent known

lost in the wilderness

distorted figure-all alone

grieving at home prayers for remorse

forgiveness before what creation was made from covers her corpse

supplication to the King

a supply of lifes support human kinds living source

on her right side they file a daily report interferring her lifet side pulls her towards the smoke

trying to exhale but like a rope for exile she starts to choke

a gasp for air as her heart spoke

-Ya albi you were dreaming, wake up you were only sleeping

another chance another day

to fight this beautiful world in disguise

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