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Death Of Baby Peter Connelly

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since i cant add links here is the story:


The full litany of horrors inflicted on tragic Baby P will chill every decent human being to the core.



Sickening new details totally DAMN the little boy's wicked tormentors and expose the staggering extent of FAILURE by bungling social workers and doctors who let him die alone and terrified in his bloodstained cot at 17 months old.



Through the eyes of a key prosecution witness who actually discovered the body we expose the sheer brutality meted out to Baby P by his evil stepdad and covered up by his callous 27-year-old mum.



The 15-year-old source lived at the family's filthy, flea-infested north London council house with human excrement smeared across the walls and a putrid stench of stale urine that choked your throat.



Still racked with guilt that she felt too terrified to act at the time, the teenager told how the stepdad:



SLICED off the tot's fingertips with a Stanley knife and wrenched off his little nails with pliers.


SMACKED his private parts with a shoe.


PRESSED down on his windpipe so hard he turned blue.


BIT the tot all over to 'train' the family's vicious dogs to attack.


DROPPED him 6ft onto the floor.


GRABBED him by the throat and tossed him into his cot,


RAMMED a bottle into his mouth so hard it cut his lips.



Of all the vile cruelty the girl witnessed, the most horrifying scene was the one that crippled Baby P, leaving him paralysed from the waist down.



His warped step- father, a 32-year-old Satanist-convicted of allowing the child to die along with the mum and a paedophile lodger-was watching the Jeremy Kyle TV show with Baby P stretched across his knees.



The witness said: "He sat smirking on the sofa, smoking cannabis and playing with Baby P like he was a rag doll. Then I suddenly heard a loud crack that echoed through the house as the baby's little backbone snapped in half.



Monster cut off Baby P's finger tips, pulled out nails with pliers, wrapped him in blankets to dehydrate him, smacked him between the legs with a shoe and trained rottweiler to bite his head

"He let out a gut- wrenching scream. It was so loud I got up and went into the garden and put my hands over my ears to block it out."



Incredibly the terrible injury went unnoticed by social workers AND paediatrician Dr Sabah Al Zayyat. The doctor also failed to notice eight fractured ribs and two missing fingernails.



The 15-year-old then revealed what finally sealed Baby P's grim fate in August, 2007-a night of constant crying that disturbed the awful household. She said: "He was wailing and wailing in his cot. He just wouldn't stop. But he'd been lying in his urine and faeces for days.



"Then the stepdad came down and said, 'I'll sort it.' He went into the room, slammed the door shut and suddenly the crying stopped."



The defenceless tot had been punched so hard in the face he swallowed a bottom tooth. It was later found in his stomach. The witness added: "I discovered Baby P dead in the cot at around 9am. He'd gone a funny colour, a pale blue, and was stiff. I told his mum he wasn't breathing but she waited until 11.30am before dialling 999 for an ambulance.



"Meanwhile the stepdad got away, taking off all the stale, blood-spattered smelly bedclothes that hadn't been washed in months and dumping them in a cemetery to try and hide the evidence."



Fearing she would be a target too, it took eight months for the 15-year-old to summon the courage and reveal her shattering story to stunned relatives. She told them: "It was disgusting and perverted what went on in that house. It went way beyond cruel, it was sadistic.



"The stepdad would shake Baby P, punch him, swing him around by his legs and spin him round on the computer chair until he came flying off and hit his head on the floor. Then he'd pick him up and do it again. He put his thumb down over the poor mite's windpipe until he turned blue and stopped breathing.



"Then he just laughed, let go and pushed it in again even harder to see how much he could take.



"He'd pinch the baby's little fingernails and squeeze them until he screamed.



"And he lanced off the tops of the tot's fingers with a Stanley knife like you would a boil. He said it made it easier for him to then use the pliers to grip onto the fingernails and rip them off. It makes me shudder.


"He made Baby P kneel in front of him, with blood oozing from the ends of his fingers, and hold out his hands for more punishment.



"Not content with that, he'd hold him above his head and then just drop him on the floor."



The boy's head and body was covered in marks and sores from when the stepdad bit him-to train his Staffordshire bull terrier and Rottweiler to do the same.



The teenager said: "The stepdad laid Baby P on his back in the middle of the room and bit at him and growled in front of the dogs. He bit into his head, his arms, his body and his legs. Then he'd get the dogs to copy.



"He also hit the baby on his genitals with a shoe and wrapped him tightly in blankets, leaving him for hours in his cot to dehydrate.



"Every night before bedtime, instead of a story like most children get to help them to sleep, he was picked up off the floor like a rag doll and tossed into his cot.



"At night I'd hear him crying and head butting the wooden bars on his cot. It went on for hours."


Just days before Baby P died-but after his spine was snapped-the girl went for a walk with him and his stepfather in Chingford Woods. The toddler couldn't stand and kept falling down.



She told Baby P's stepdad she thought his back was broken and never saw him walk unaided again. On the last full day of his life, August 2, Baby P was left alone in his room all day.



At 11pm the stepdad told her to watch as he squeezed the boy's fingers really hard. The toddler could not even find the strength to scream, she said.



He had no strength to sit up and kept falling, looking really ill and sweating. The stepdad hit him on the head and it appeared as though Baby P couldn't feel it. The lodger, Jason Owen, said the child looked as if he was dying-but the stepdad replied that he was fine.



The girl said Baby P's stepdad, a 6ft bodybuilder, ran the filthy house with an iron fist. He spent all day smoking dope and watching television surrounded by lager cans and junk food, the source said.


Neighbours complained the TV blared all day and seven children in the house ran wild like a pack of animals. Baby P's scrounging mum, who cannot be named for legal reasons, claimed thousands in benefits and slept in most mornings.



Instead of looking after her four kids she frittered away her income support playing online poker. She ignored Baby P's constant cries and spent hours in internet chat rooms. With no hint of shame, she even boasted online one of her favourite things was being a mum.



But in reality screaming Baby P, who was found with more than 50 terrible injuries, spent up to 23 hours a day caged in his cot, locked in a small, dark room with curtains shut. Sometimes he wasn't checked at all- left to lie there alone with no toys.



The stepdad, a domineering control-freak, who moved in when Baby P was three months, banned everyone from going into the dingy room or even changing P's dirty nappy.



His mother even had to ask permission to FEED him. But the witness said: "The mum ignored all the kids and let them do what they wanted.



" She was scared of her partner though. We all were. Day after day I heard screaming coming from Baby P's cot. But I didn't dare go in there. His nappy went unchanged for so long his skin just rotted away. His bottom was red raw, blistered and covered in sores."



All this should have been spotted by social workers from Haringey Council -the same authority that failed tragic Victoria Climbie in 2000-who called to see the baby SIXTY times because he was on the "at risk" register.


The witness said the mum lied and lied to them, and family friends, to cover up for her boyfriend's barbaric abuse. "She explained away pus- filled, infected cuts all over the baby's face with a string of rubbish that was simply accepted by professionals paid to look after Baby P," said the teenager. "She's a despicable mother, total scum. She told them he was clumsy and kept falling over and bumping his head. It was all lies."



Visitor Laura Swaby (who is not and has never been a health visitor) watched on one occasion when Baby P sat in the back garden shovelling fistfuls of dirt into his mouth.



She noted he had a large bruise on his forehead and seemed quiet and withdrawn. But the injury was explained away, like so many others, with a far-fetched yarn about him falling from his toy car.



"I couldn't believe these social workers kept falling for it, said the girl." Four days before he died, and with his face covered in bruises and lesions, Baby P received a final visit from social worker Maria Ward. The teenage witness said: "He was in such a state his mum was worried.



"She actually said the social worker would have to be an idiot not to notice there was something wrong.



"So she melted chocolate in a saucepan and smeared it over his face to cover the injuries.


Then she laid him in his buggy because he was too limp for the high chair and put a chocolate biscuit in his hand. He had head lice anyway so she put cream on to cover up his bleeding cuts.



"The social worker didn't spot a thing. The mum couldn't believe her luck when she just had a quick look at P in his buggy and said, 'Hello little fella!' That was it. He was pushed into the kitchen. Door slammed shut. That was the last time he was seen alive by anyone outside the house.



"The heartbreaking thing is Baby P smiled at the woman. Sitting in that buggy with his back broken, eight broken ribs, fingernails missing, toenail missing and a nappy full of excrement and he still managed a smile.



"If she had just taken a second to look properly, to pick him up and look at him, she'd have realised there was something gravely wrong.



"All the social worker said before she left the house was, 'If you're taking him out later, make sure you wash his face.' It's a disgrace."

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