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Praying At Work

Prayers at work  

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  1. 1. Do you pray all your prayers on time when you are at work?

    • Yes, everyday
    • Yes, most of the time, sometimes not, because it is veru difficult
    • No, I gather the prayers after work or on a break
    • No, I usually miss prayers because of my work

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Assalamo Alaykom


Just wanna know if you find it difficlt to pray at work!


Also: suggest how the situation could be better at your workplace so you'd be able to pray on time.




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Assalamu alaikum, I have no personal experience about making Salaat at work, but I know my husband had talked to his Manager that he would need about half an hour on a daily basis a an hour on Fridays to make Salaat and that he would make up fo the time each day before leaving.


Alhamdulillah the Manager was understanding and Okayed the request. My husband would make up one hour every evening just to be on the safe side even though except for Friday on the other working days he wouldn't spend more than half an hour.


Assalamu Alaikum.

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Assalamu alaikum

Alhumdulillah i pray usually everyday. I work in a government department, and i pray whenever i want that is due to flexible hours and i have to complete 38 hrs everyweek between 6am-6pm.

It is easy to pray if you have flexible hours, if it is factory process work, then i think it would probably be hard.

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Dear brother in Islam


Prayer or Salath is one of the most important act of worship. It is the act which differs a muslim and a nonmuslim. Every muslim should perform this worship and should never neglect on it. However, there are 2 reason for not praying on time and those are

1- If a person was sleeping and

2- If the person forgot about prayer.




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