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The Gawaher 3 Word Story

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I was walking barefoot when a man yelled out: "Stop!" Look Out! suddenly i saw a man yelling and running towards the abandoned bungalow where rumors say that in it water is water. I love water with a lemon mixed with some substance which causes a chloride-dependent short-circuit so i poured it onto the screen of my next door neighbour's expired suntan lotion starts to smell like musk oil.

It is quite unfortunate that my neighbour's dog licked the treasure map





Do you want me to continue?

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Sure, it's quite gripping so far.

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Part 2 of the gawaher story


...and blurred the directions i needed to go to the island of "Animals" where animals are the masters shoes, slippers, socks. say that again !! Four shoes each

of different sizes Mice, Elephants, Tigers spend their days roaring and screaming because something rattled in the darkness. Mr lover lover

Mr. boombastic say the lion bites all the other lions and lionesses with sharp fangs and piercing eyes which tear souls. Allah! Protect us

from the evil sin of backbiting in the creation that are equally established on justice woke up now let's keep going over the mountain...




Im continuing later, now i gotta go

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