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World Of Gawacraft

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Hi! and welcome to WoGC! If you want to participate you have to read the rules first :sl:


WoGC Rules:


-Only 2 Characters a member.

-You can only make TWO posts an hour, and let a member post before you.

-For each post, you gain a Level. MAX Level = 40, with each expansion it will increase

-Dot aint allowed to ban this (just kidding :sl:, dot help me with cheaters please :no:)

-You can IN-GAME talk, or fight evil monsters or Anti-Muslim Dudes, for every ten kills, you gain a lvl

-For every kill you lose 10 hp.


You start with 50 HP, and 50 Prayer Points + Extra! 50 Imaginary In-Game $ called IIG$ in-game.


Prayer Points is like skills that you can learn in-game, like Sword Parry, Block or more


Hp is health points, when you lose them all, you die, and have to restart,


There is PvP here too, if a lvl 10 attacks a lvl 9, he dies and he have to create a new character (just kidding, i aint this cruel, but you lose your sword,

and gain a damaged one)


PvP (Player vs Player) is only allowed one time a hour.


This is the Create A Class Post, you have to do the same




Enter Your Name: Name Here


Choose a class:


Human Warrior

Human Rogue

Human Thief

Human Imam (The guy who is reading Quran in masjids), gains 100 Skill points and cant fight in PvP, but can help other players with giving them Health Potions,

Or reading the Quran over dead bodies.




Now ill create a character and demostrate.


Im a GCGM (GawaCraft Game Manager)

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Create A Class:


Name: GM|Flash


Class: Human Warrior


Because im a GM, ill start at LvL 40.


Im thinking of a new expansion for the game, but the description is coming soon.



i forgot this:




In a land destroyed by Anti-Islam, The Year 2015.

Anti-Muslims is raging the lands of Earth, and is killing all muslims...


You were born in a small house in a forest, The countrys has lost their names.

Anti-Islam forces is searching for each muslim on earth..


You hit 18 years. You decide to become a Hero, even if it means you dies and becomes a Martyr..

You joined a Rebel force that is prepared to save Islam.

You and a rebel force is just starting their Quest!


The rebel force consists of the Gawaher Members.

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Quests you can accept as a LvL 1:


Take them in any order you want.


- Join The Rebel Force (Requires 5 Skill Points) - Rewards: 20 Experience (100 Needed to level up to LvL 2)

- Talk to the a local Imam (Requires 10 Skill Points) - Rewards: 50 Experience

- Train your Sword Skills (Requires 20 Skill Points) - Rewards: 30 Experience


If you take these quests, you will level to LvL 2.


LvL 2 Rewards: Max 100 Skill Points + Full Refill, Max 100 Health Points + Full Refill, 40 IIG$


LvL 2 Quests:


- Train your Weapon skills (Requires 30 Skill Points) - Rewards: USP 45. Pistol, Iron Sword (+4 Attack +3 Defense), Iron Shield (+10 Defense), 50 EXP (500 Required to LVL Up to LVL 3


- Pay The Game Creator 10 IIG$ to recieve a full Refill of your Skill Points or Health Points - Rewards: Skill Token (redeem once you have 0 Skill points for a full Refill. 100 EXP

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Welcome to the shop.


By LvL 3 only for example, of course i mean, LVL 3 AND HIGHER!


What do you want to buy today?




-Health Token (refills your health) 10 IIG$

-Skill Points Token (Refills your SP) 15 IIG$

-Level Up Token (Only One per day) 30 IIG$

-No PVP Token (Only Lasts a day) 20 IIG$


Weapons And Swords


Swords, And Shields



-Iron Sword (+4 Atk +3 Def) 50 IIG$


-A rebel's Shiny Sword (+8 Atk + 6 Def, LVL 4 Only) 70 IIG$


-Ulti-Steel Sword (+20 Atk +15 Def, LvL 10 Only) 100 IIG$


-Golden Sword (+100 Atk +30 Def LvL 15 Only) 350 IIG$




-USP.45 Pistol (Instant Kill On A character two levels below you, half health lost for people one level below you) 50 IIG$


-Glock 18 (Instant Kill On lower level characters) 110 IIG$


-Dual Berreta's (+25 ATK +0 Def) 140 IIG$


-Throwing Knifes (Instant Kill on any level, requires 100 SP, LvL 5 only) 200 IIG$


-MP5 (+30 ATK +0 Def LvL 3 Only) 175 IIG$


-Dual MP5 (+ 60 Atk +0 Def, Includes ONE Throwing Knife LvL 7 Only) 200 IIG$


-P90 (50 Atk +0 Def, LVL 4 Only) 180 IIG$


-Dual P90 (100 Atk + 0 Def


-Ump 45. (+30 ATK +0 Def LvL 2 Only) CHEAP! 50 IIG$


-Desert Eagle (+50 ATK +0 Def LvL 3 only) 70 IIG$


-AK-47 (+140 ATK +0 Def LVL 20 only) 350 IIG$


-AK-74 (+80 ATK +0 DEF LVL 10 Only) 150 IIG$


-Famas (+90 ATK +0 Def LvL 15 only) 180 IIG$


More Guns Coming Soon


More Swords And Shields Coming Soon


Weapon Modifications


-Acog Sights (AK-47,FAMAS,UMP.45. Increases Attack By 40) 150 IIG$


-Sniper Sights (Coming Soon)


-Red Dot Sights (Coming Soon)

Edited by Captain Price

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...Human Thief

Not only that, but certain characters wouldn't have any hands to perform the haram magic anyways.

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More Shop Items!






-PSG-1 (+200 ATK +0 DEF) 500 IIG$ - Sniper Sights (+50 ATK +0 DEF) 100 IIG$ (OPTIONAL)


-M21 (+250 ATK +0 DEF) 700 IIG$ - Sniper Sights (+50 ATK +0 DEF) 100 IIG$ (OPTIONAL)


-M24 (+150 ATK +0 DEF) 300 IIG$ - Sniper Sights (+50 ATK +0 DEF) 100 IIG$ (OPTIONAL)


-Flashbang (Kicks a player out of the PvP match so you win) 1000 IIG$


-M4A1 (+250 ATK +0 DEF) 600 IIG$ - Acog Sights (+30 atk +0 def) 50 IIG$ OPTIONAL - SILENCER (+100 ATK +0 DEF) 200 IIG$ OPTIONAL

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Salaam, is this supposed to mean something? Should this be in the Just For Fun section, I don't find anything funny in there, it seems like something very very serious from the Alien World or something that belongs in some Political Room, lololol.


Anyways, best of luck to all, Adios, Good Bye, See you later in some other post, hehe.


Have fun, Salaam.

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Lol, I did... several times! Still don't know how to play. Oh well :sl:



Create a character like this:



Name: ****** you choose


Class, one of them from the list up there, im going to start

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